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Big taste
It's the go-to-restaurant for D.C. bigwigs, movie stars and regular folks celebrating life's big moments, but is dinner at the Inn at Little Washington worth the g-astronomical tab? The Hook investigates. (And eats and eats and eats...)

Breaking up
When you're the perfect couple, how– and why– do you split up? Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg tackle that question in Celeste and Jesse Forever, a poignant rom-com that Roger Ebert is pleased to report features strong performances and avoids clichés.

Muy deliciouso
Sometimes the best food is found in the least expected places. Such is the case with Las Cavañas, a Crozet convenience store that offers authentic Mexican fare that would please the most discerning diner.

Idol or idiot?
Ayn Rand is an idol to many of today's conservative political powerhouses, and a figure often mocked by liberals. Essayist Cathy Young says both sides would do well to take a second look at the philosophy espoused by the author of Atlas Shrugged.


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