Gassed out: Neo-Colonial petrol station headed for demolition

First, it was the Tavern, which closed its doors in December. Now there's an another place falling into the dustbin of Emmet Street history: the Barracks Road Shell, a full-service gas and repair station that closed on Friday, September 7, with the building slated for demolition.

"Our lease was not renewed because the shopping center wants to do something else with the space," says the Shell station co-owner Diane Ramm, who's operated the business surrounded by the massive parking lots of the Barracks Road Shopping Center with her husband, Scott, for 20 years.

"A lot of people are going to be upset," says Ramm, whose facility was one of the few, in addition to purveying petroleum, to offer a full range of auto repairs and even full-service pumping. She says she'll move the operation west to Ivy, at the Ivy Exxon.

As for the neo-Colonial brick structure at Barracks, it dates to the 1960s, says Ramm, noting that the original owners reportedly traveled to Williamsburg for inspiration on the design, which includes a slate roof with dormers, large gables, and detailed trim work.

After 50 years, the structure needed repair, according to Ramm, noting that the firm that owns the property, along with the rest of the shopping center, is Federal Realty. A telephone call to the company for comment went unreturned.


They could put ANOTHER Chipotle right there and it would do just fine, judging by the constant lines at the current Chipotle.

Does the Ramms' move to Ivy Exxon mean that they will be sharing with Roger and crew (absolutely wonderful, very compentent mechanics and all around good people) or is Roger selling to the Ramms? Clarification would be appreciated; I won't have a chance to stop by and ask Roger myself for a while.

Roger officially retired last Friday. The Ramms are bringing their own employees. Don't know what is going to happen to Roger's crew.

Little by little Cville becomes more like NoVa. People moaned that we didn't have the big chain stores, well that's probably exactly is what is going in the place of this ~45 year old building.

The Barracks road SunTrust still bears the neo-Colonial brick structure.

Shame on Federal Reality for not thinking of a way to use the Shell station building. This is far to nice a building to just be demolished. After a years renovation Barracks Rd Shopping looks all new and updated, with the exception of the few free standing buildings, which seem to have been forgotten by Federal Realty, With the renovation of McDonalds and now the demo of Shell, makes one wonder what the game plan is for the Arlington Blvd end of the shopping center?

Thank you so much, Betty! I had no idea this change was in the works. Good for Roger - all the best! - and hopefully good for JB and the crew and for Ivy.

The bank building close to Arlington Blvd isn't going anywhere - City considers it to be historic structure. mean that fake mini Rotunda?

It is to the Rotunda as (former) Kluge's miniature fuel-co bug zapper is to the Pavillion.

I always thought the Kluge Fuel gas roof looked like a diaphragm but then my mind's in the gutter.

Well, the economy is changing. Out with the old and in with the new. Another pay day and car title loan company in that spot would fit the brave new world beautifully and enhance comparisons with NoVa...