Siriusly: DMB Radio launches

Joining the ranks of Elvis and the Grateful Dead, the Dave Matthews Band will now have its own radio channel on SiriusXM– at least during September.

The limited-run channel coincides with the release of the band's newest album, Away from the World, which will come out September 11. DMB Radio kicks off with a live concert at the Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington state September 1 at 11pm.

The channel will feature a playlist of the band's entire catalog, introductions by band members of each song on the new album, as well as stories about the music and the band's 21 years together.

"We're excited that SiriusXM is making it possible for fans everywhere to hear our September 1st show at The Gorge," says DMB in a statement on the SiriusXM press release. "We're also looking forward to sharing our new songs and some rare materials from our archives on Dave Matthews Band Radio."


Great! Go DMB! They're as good as the Dead and Frank Zappa too.

The cult-like obsession with this band is mystifying, though probably just another common case of group think -- like people from Dallas who root for the Cowboys for no other reason than out of some misplaced sense of obligation to the home team..

DMB is one of the most overrated groups in rock-music history, fronted by a barely competent guitarist with grating vocals.

Go Sirius. Give the people what they want, which is clearly mediocre music.

i agree dmb is shrill drudgery for sloppy drunk or drug addled sloths

I like the music and enthusiasm of DMB. This sounds like a great move. However, I don't have Sirius XM or any other XM for that matter so I will miss out. I just listen to radio music online.

I don't understand how you can call their music 'mediocre'. Have you seen them play live? The amount of talent spewing forth from this band is crazy. Barely competent guitarist? Dave Matthews has written and played countless riffs that require more skill than other bands of today. I find it really hard to believe that this band is 'mediocre' when they can play sold out arenas and put out great music after 20 years of touring.

Lady Gaga plays sold-out arenas and she sucks, too. No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American people.

And touring doesn't mean jack, in terms of musicianship.

Good God. The time it takes to 'splain all this.

I wonder how many of the "critics" writing here have actually been to a live DMB event.

I have and I wouldn't bother again. It was kind of dull. I went expecting much more and it was supposedly a "great show."

De gustibus non disputandum

Well, to put the Dead and Frank Zappa in the same sentence is a stretch. The Dead: "the world's worst rock band." So you think Sirius had some empty channel sitting there unused that coincidentally got occupied by a band who is releasing an album this month?

Matthews's music is not for included. DMB is another in a long line of "jam bands," musicians who think eighteen minute extended and overindulgent improvisational jams is entertaining. I'd not go far as to say he is a mediocre ax grinder (well, acoustic ax) and his voice is certainly distinctive (which means a lot if you want to sell CDs)

I do know enough about Matthews to understand he is a keen advocate for the environment. So he had each band member in their own separate bus in Chicago, each spewing out their own diesel exhaust, dropping poop into the Chicago River. And his management certainly has made positive contributions to the local environment; I think "Jefferson" whenever I amble down to the pup tent at the east end of the Mall.

But, alas, this "world class" city would be negligent if they did not routinely publish free adverts for local powers-that-be. Thus, this article.

R.I.P.: Frank Vincent Zappa

Dead / Zappa / DMB - great original and improvisational bands for their times although Dead's vocals and musicianship were never first rate, probably because of all the vitamins they were taking, and Zappa spent a lot of time being the Spike Jones of Rock. ("Jazz isn't dead, it just smells funny." - FZ). I knew the world - not just I - had changed when the Dead's bus passed me on 29 between Danville and Lynchburg. Suggested reading: "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" by Tom Wolf.

The constant haters on this site, Liberlace being a big one, are just angry people with little good in their lives. If they experienced joy or love they wouldn't feel the need to spew so much negativity in these comments every day. It's best if you just leave alone. The only reason people like this continue is because you feed them what they crave by trying to reason with irrational, hateful people. It's not a Dem/Repub thing, it's not an old/young thing, it's just plain mean spirited and vengeful with no attempts to solve any of the things they constantly complain or whine about it. Leave them be so they can die they way they intend to, all alone and sad.

I don't even like DMB all that much, but you certainly have to respect their knack for the music industry, and a big credit to Coran Capshaw for helping them see it through. And 18 minute improvisational jams can be a thing of beauty.

@to the haters, you're the only one that has used "hate." Since when has not liking a particlar band evidence of hate? That sounds so much like middle schoolers.

@Cville Eye...the term "haters" as used above seemed to originate in the hip-hop world, as in "Don't be hatin'" from that funny movie with Jamie Kennedy called "Malibu's Most Wanted." It is ironic that an art form that trumpets money over everything, misogyny, drugs and "pimpin'" likes to throw the word hate at anyone who disagrees with them or does not like their, uh-hum, "art."

Did anyone find it odd that, in a tribute to a supposed lost friend, Sean Combs could not even write an original song? He hijacked The Police to pay homage to Christopher Wallace. Now that's art! And I be hatin'!

R.I.P.: Tupac

Thanks for the explanation. I don't know enough to appreciate that genre of art.