What did you think about Obama's visit?

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While the speech was a typical political event, I did enjoy seeing him live for the first time and appreciated both his passion and delivery. Obama has a quick wit and uses this to warm audiences.

The political event was so-so, but the overall experience rocked. The Secret Service was absolutely fascinating to watch! I was on the front line near campaign headquarters and watched them set up for his visit. They were kind, courteous, thorough and authoritative. After the President left I struck up a conversation with one of the 'suits', who had a great sense of humor and seemed to truly enjoy the awe and excitement of the crowd. I also got some cool photos of the president and the security folk in action, which made it all the better.


Never heard of him, but he sounds like my brother!

I thought it was great that he was in Charlottesville however the roads that were closed was excessive. What normally takes one hour home took 2 hours and 10 minutes. I think it was over the top closing the roads like they did. Do they close the roads in DC when he travel by car????

Did he say anything new or just make the same failed promises from 4 years ago ?

I still don't know why he came here. The freaks in this town will vote for anyone who is a democrat. I guess he wanted to be told what a great job he was doing and what not for a change. This time next year he will be forgotten and his presidency compared to Warren Harding's or Herbert Hoover's. Well at least we got the social experiment out of the way.

This whole feature is kind of silly...you feature three people on the Downtown Mall. What kind of answers did you think you'd get? I am just glad the Bedwetter's Ball is over for this year!

R.I.P.: Morton Downey, Jr.

Apathy, thy modern name is Democrat.
The tea-party is serving kool-ade and too many people are drinking it down: the election is going to be close.
So, Democrats, take 15 minutes to register now, then, in November, a half-hour to stand in line, followed by 10 seconds to vote.

I would like to vote, but it was taken from me by the Charlottesville Registrars office. Their willy nilly way of leaving our info on laptops that were stolen from Washington Park a couple of years ago force me to give up my voting rights and be taken from the register. God knows what else they do with that info, besides jamming you for jury duty. It is a shame that I have to tell my children I cannot vote due to the negligence of the registrars office. I am a veteran so don't chastise me. I am just sick of the way they treated my personal info.

He should have stayed home and finished packing...

@ggg22901: The White House staff does the packing. The week before Obama’s second inauguration will be a paid vacation for them.

@Randy Travis: I’m not chastising you, but I don’t see the connection between a C’ville government staffer’s incompetence and the loss of your voting rights. Just go re-register.
A side note: I’d be honored to be asked to serve on a jury.

Surly, why would you want to encourage someone who isn't capable of the level of thought that it takes to solve simple problems for himself to vote?

Seemed like a pretty sleepy event, based on what people told me. I'm not much for going anywhere just to see someone. I suppose if Jesus came to town I'd go. Or Billy Joel. The check-out clerk at the supermarket asked the shopper ahead of me if she was going down town to see Obama. The reply was, "I've seen quite enough, already." Judging from the heads nodding and the chuckles from the others nearby, it seemed as if everyone really had something better to do, that day. Me? I had a sock drawer that needed serious organizing. Come to think of it, that might be something Obama could do.

@b17...Consider what Surly is asking people to do: Sixty days before a major national election in the most powerful country in the world, with the most at stake, he is asking: "Democrats, take 15 minutes to register to vote." Now, what type of citizen do you think is not registered to vote yet? Engaged...intelligent...versed on the issues?

Surly has summarized the Dems in one post: useful idiots, not yet registered to vote...we need your ignorant, disinterested, self-absorbed, me-only vote in November so we can elect the candidate who panders to the ignorant, self-entitled, me-only ask-what-my-country- can-do-for-me constituency.

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apparently his speech touted the importance of education, but they shut the schools down early to accomodate the visit. brilliant.

@Liberalace: I notice that the Republican one percenters have made sure that all their "engaged...intelligent…versed on the issues” followers; e.,g., birthers, racists, evangelicals, Norquistites, trickle downers, and on and on, are all registered.
All done so these one-percenters can reduce the Middle Class to a size that can be conveniently drowned in a bathtub.

Trickle down seemed to work well in the 1980s after Obama's first term from 1976-1980. I just started working in 1985, and have a wonderful beginning to my career thanks to that economy.

For every fringe "rightie" group you cite, I can counter with a "lefty" group on the fringe (occupiers, gay radicals, the 1% group in Hollywood).

Factually, Surly, it is hard to argue that most adults not registered to vote less than 60 days before a critical election are not engaged, and are probably lazy or intellectually devoid of common sense; otherwise, they'd be registered, wouldn't they? With the ease of voting in this nation, that is just a fact. Therefore, I am pleased to have them stay away from the polls.

Finally, notice that most of the "register to vote" campaigns originate from lefty groups (starting with that wonderful "MTV Rock the Vote" decades ago). That is because Dems are trying to court the stupid vote: apathetic students, undereducated recipients of entitlements, the Beavis and Butthead element of our country. And that is why the president appeared at so many college campuses: from a sheer civics, constitutional and political knowledge perspective, these 18 to 22 agers are some of the most brain-dead citizens in the country.

Don't forget to get those dead folks registered, too, Surly.

R.I.P.: Billy Carter

I think Liberalace refers to, umm, what was his name? Ah, yes! Jimmy Carter.

But I thought it my duty to inform all readers of this comment section that Muammar Gaddafi and Bin Laden have now been confirmed as, without trace of a doubt, dead. This is owed to the fact that the Chicago voting rolls, recently released, show them both as now registered there.

Fauxahauntis is due to give her triple down lies before Bill gives his speal about going backwards . Kind of confusing as the Dems don't know which way to turn ,forward or back ? LOL . Liawatha sums this boreathon up . She is the highlight of the lowlights ...

I think he's a homo. And 'Ol McDonnell is another one.

see how long the above comment lasts... I love the juvenile crap on here... pretty fitting for this "paper"