Presidential visit

It takes a village to protect and coordinate for a Presidential trip.
Commentator Bill Emory puts up a new photo nearly every day at

(ONLINE BONUS #1: More Bill Emory pix from around the event: here)

(ONLINE BONUS #2: Tom Daly pix from inside the event: here)

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Complete with rooftop snipers! Great shot (so to speak), Bill!

Unfortunately this type of security is necessary with all the hate and threats being directed at him by fascist swine.
They even posted a picture of a billboard of armed SEALS saying that they removed on threat to America(bin Laden) and now they need to remove another.
In the first place, that is disrespectful and insulting to our military saying they should engage in a coup or assassination.
Though I did not support him I was just as sad and horrified when President Reagan was shot as I was when the 60s assassinations occurred.
Its fine to call for voting a President out of office, or impeaching him, but violent threats go far far beyond what is acceptable in a free society.

You want everyone to have guns you pay the cost of protecting our president.

HollowBoy, every American president has had numerous and serious threats. This is nothing new and aimed only at the Obama presidency. Security is needed for all presidents..... past, present and future.

But even so, the fact that Reagan was shot from such a close distance proves that all the security in the world doesn't seem to work very well. I hate seeing any President walking along shaking hands with people in crowds. I'm sure the Secret Service hates it too, it's probably the worst part of their job.

How much safer would the world be if only the criminals had access to guns?

Who knows who the criminals are. Well, after they use their guns we do.

@HollowBoy...To quote a great president--Ronaldus Maximus--"Well, there you go again." This delusional, self-important liberal idea that, for some reason, this president is hated more than--shall we say--Bush 43--is ridiculous. Where were you when commentators on TV actually showed a picture of our former president with a target on him?

All presidents have threats against them on a daily basis. Wherever they go, there are both overt and covert security people all over. He is--or should be--the most powerful person in the free world. (Did I just say that? Smack my knuckles for being an exceptionalist!)

Your use of the word "fascist" amuses me. That is the word most commonly used in comedy sketches when squatters are being rousted by authorities; libs use it like race merchants use the term "racist." At least the crowd there Wednesday can feel good knowing they can ride daddy's health care plan until they are approaching 30 years of age.

If anything, that photo captures the essence of the abomination that is Capshaw's ARB-Compliant Pup Tent.

R.I.P.: J. Edgar Hoover

Outstanding photo. Love the guy on the right looking right at the camera! Those guys are really trained well to notice every minor details.

A village that want to waste a lot of our tax dollars.

And have nothing but strong disapproval of those putting a target on Bush!
The difference between the anti-Obama extremists of today, and most of the 60s peace protesters(yes there some that wanted to emulate Mao and Che) is that the latter never showed up armed at their rallies. I was at a few peace rallies in those days and I know. Anyone with a gun would not have been welcomed.People believed in the message of Gandhi, King,and Baez as the way to bring about change.
And we had a sense of humor.Listen to Country Joe McDonald singing about "Superbird"(LBJ) and Tricky Dick.
Yes, many of the positions of the extreme right today do resemble fascism, the attacks on gays and feminists a prime example.The Republican conservatism today is not that of Barry Goldwater.
Perhaps though the most ludicrous attacks on Obama have been those that compared him to Hitler. A member of the Nazi movement would be insulted, seeing what they would regard as a member of an "inferior, mongrel race" being compared to their beloved Fuhrer

How could he have come on Wednesday of all days , speaking to the privileged people of Charlottesville and the privileged students of UVA , on this absolutely beautiful summer afternoon ? When there was a hurricane bearing down on the gulf coast. People were drowning, homes flooded, levees overflowing, and he wasn't there...oh ! that's right.....he's gets a pass....he's a Democrat.

@hypocrisy ... really? And what size was the party in Tampa? It didn't get postponed.

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@simply said

It was not and indictment of Obama - it was an indictment of the media and the "reality" the media makes.

@HollowBoy...Yes, silly comparisons of Obama to Hitler are uncalled for. Actually, there is a stark difference: Hitler believed in Aryan supremacy at the expense of the rest of the world; he was a strict and delusional nationalist. Obama is the polar opposite: he believes all should receive equal benefits and the his nation (the U.S.) has no exceptionalism and wants a more equal international community at the expense of our country.

As for Goldwater...yes, the party is quite different today than in 1960. However, it is clear that the Dems' party is much different than JFK's or Truman's Dems in the middle of the last century. It's funny, but if you read about Rep. versus Dem. in the late 1940s-1950s, they did have the same arguments. For example, when housing was at a shortage after WWII (the "big one," as Archie Bunker called it), Dems favored more public housing while Reps favored less government influence on home building and the supply of homes in America. Same kinds of arguments today.

I think both parties have radicalized somewhat for different issues. Like the guy on FoxTV--Napolitano--said: both parties are for big government. Dems for goodies for the lower classes so they can insure their vote; Reps for goodies for business interests.

R.I.P.: Tony Snow