Opposition: 'Oust Obama' rallies Tea Party

On the same day President Barack Obama swung his campaign through Charlottesville, the Jefferson Area Tea Party hosted an "Oust Obama" rally in Lee Park. Some 150 citizens gathered to show their support for not reelecting the President.

Correction September 13: Steve Janes was misidentified in the original version.


Sure, get rid of President Obama, that will solve all our problems. Wake the hell up.

Better than an "ambition of poverty." Ne c'est pas? Throw the poor under the bus and tie the middle class on top, and let's go on vacation.

"Everywhere there's little piggies, leading piggy lives"

Only thing I can think of (from the Beatles white album) that expresses how we would have regarded people like the Tea Party back in the day.Oh yes, we had them then-out supporting Tricky Dick and Spiro!

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His real father was Frank Marshall Davis, radical communist revolutionary. "Frank" from Dreams Of My Father. The truth is out.

The John Lennon song "Imagine" was a sarcastic satire of the utopian ideal of communism. And he was murdered because he spoke out against population control and socialism things which his mostly-liberal fans now advocate thanks in no small part to his post mortem silence on the issue.


Yes, his mamma worked for Timothy Geithner's grandaddy, not sure where the world trade federation came into the mix but you're on the right track, Mr. Silk.

General Lee could knock a libtard off their high horse from a half mile away in light winds, and the Stone Wall could do so from a hundred yards any day of the week

Some folks are a little off in the head. Other folks are downright crazy. But holy smokes! "Somebody" is nuttier than a ***house rat!

There is not one thing the GOP can make a case for this year.
Geez! Unemployment's around 15%, and a Black guy's in the White House,
and they STILL don't have a chance!

Hmmmm... it seems they were pretty badly outnumbered...

After the demonstration, the tea-tards went down to Bank of America and cashed their social security checks.

Funny how, after 3 1/2 years of miserable Obama failure, there are those who STILL are clueless. Smacked up the side of their heads by the 2x4 of reality and it doesn't register in their mini-brains. Fortunately, there won't be enough of them on Nov 6th to save the day for President Downgrade, the failed Food Stamp President. One and done.

Aldous Snow's post reminds me of the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats sign the back of a check and Republicans sign the front.

@Aldous Snow: "tea-tards" cashing their social security checks? Cashing a check you've earned is, in my book, morally superior to the Obamabots waiting for their latest government handout stolen from the producers in society. Or as Obama might call them, "those who didn't build it".

Wow Stuart. Guess you haven't been talking to GM workers. But do elucidate the components of the failure...facts always welcome (hint: Kenya birth? not a fact).

@ Dolemite: Re GM, that was a payoff to the UAW. GM stock would have to double for taxpayers to break even. Normal bankruptcy rules weren't followed and bondholders (inc pension funds and Mom and Pop types) were TOTALLY shafted. A normal bankruptcy would have resulted in GM facilities being bought by other car manufacturers who would have increased production and hired new workers as a result. Even the hundreds of millions wasted on cash for clunkers simply sped up car sales which would have happened anyway. Then, of course, there were the billions wasted on crap like Solyndra, which paid off Obama campaign donors. Given the truly miserable economic stats (first ever U.S. credit downgrade, record high unemployment, record home foreclosures, record food stamp eligibility, exploding national debt, etc) it's hard to imagine any sane person, other than a partisan hack, trying to defend Obama's miserable record. Even Obama doesn't have the nerve to do it. That's why he's busy attacking Romney, engaging in class warfare, and name-calling. Of course there's always the old standby used by his surrogates, i.e. calling opponents "racists" for telling the truth about the Obama record.

Are you all kidding me!!! Unless you can say "What have you done for me lately"? I just think he took my share and split it and gave it to someone who doesn't work--HUM!!!

I just cant stand the thought of another rich white guy buying the presidency

It is interesting to me that I would vote for Govenor Scott Walker twice and yet I can't stand the thought of Mitt Romney as president.
I guess I believe that problems can still be solved on the state level,
The federal government is hopeless.

I appreciate the mostly factual, specific item approach Stuart. The basic Obama defense is: Lending practices in place before he took office, two wars, TARP already in progress, and tax breaks reducing revenues greatly. This is all factual stuff.

Can you be more specific about this?: "Then, of course, there were the billions wasted on crap like Solyndra, which paid off Obama campaign donors."

@ Dolemite:

Re Solyndra,
Here's something specific. Steven Spinner, a former Energy Department official linked to the failed Solyndra solar enterprise deal, continues to raise campaign money for President Obama. Note that there were loans which were approved EVEN AFTER THE GOVERNMENT KNEW THE COMPANY WAS GOING BANKRUPT.

Yea, well, we got away with it with Haliburton so what!!!

2The End Is Near, "Aldous Snow's post reminds me of the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats sign the back of a check and Republicans sign the front." Until the bailouts supported by Bush and Obama. Now everybody's feeding at the trough. That's why Dems and Reps alike feel so threatened by the Tea Party, as well as many of the middle class and of course those looking for other forms of government welfare. Obama's message has been that government should do more for the middle class so his supporters are ideologically opposed to the Tea Party's message of self-sufficiency.
@Stuart K., you're headed down the right road. Don't forget that the program where people who had already bought a house a year before was eligible to receive $6500 from the government. If they had already proven that they could afford to buy a home why did the government wish to give them anything? The buying of the middle class and making them the dependents on the government. Romney wants to support his friends who have invested in oil, Obama wants to reward his friends who iwill invest in wind and solar. It's all about who's going to benefit from government largesse and at whose expense. Throw them all under the bus. Does anyone know what ever happend to the half billion dollars that Obama gave to solyndra? It hasn't been forgotten. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/30/solyndra-bankruptcy-government-...

Seems to me that if you all were farmers, you'd starve to death. You never scratch the surface, dig into the soil of facts and plant ideas that are more than an inch deep.