The week in review

Most second-degree murder sentencings: Francis Panal Quiros, 40, gets 25 years August 28 for the brutal December slaying of Amy Holden, his brother's sister-in-law, in Shipman, according to the Nelson County Times. And former UVA lacrosse player George Huguely gets 23 years August 30 for killing Yeardley Love.

Worst conflict-resolution plan: Chancey Ramsey, 31, is charged with arson after a fire is set at a Monticello Road residence August 30, NBC29 reports. Police say Ramsey had a fight with a family member before allegedly torching the house. 

Worst driving accident: A 16-year-old plows into two adults and five children walking from the neighborhood bus stop in a Verona subdivision August 31, killing 17-month-old Kate Beagle, the News-Virginian reports. The unidentified Jeep driver is charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Worst car repair accident: An improperly placed jack kills Ruckersville resident Mark Simpson, 64, while working underneath his Land Rover September 3, according to WINA.

Biggest snatching: A ski-mask-wearing man grabs the deposit that an employee of a nearby business was trying to make at the Bank of America on East Rio Road around 10pm September 1, according to NBC29.

Biggest traffic jam: President Barack Obama's August 29 visit grinds rush-hour traffic to a halt between downtown and the airport.

One factor in the delay? After the rally, Obama has a 40-minute AMA– ask me anything– session on Reddit, a presidential Internet first. Graham Moomaw has the story in the DP.

Most locals at the Democratic National Convention: Ten Albemarle police officers go to help with security in Charlotte, and Supervisor Chris Dumler is there as a delegate. 

Most teachable moment: This summer's unpleasantness at UVA has become a fall course– "Documenting UVA's Future; Oral History of the Ouster and Reinstatement"– and a UVA Faculty Senate/Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures September 12 panel discussion– "The June Events and After: The Future of the University."

Most long-awaited move: City Manager Maurice Jones closes August 31 on a house in Charlottesville, a requirement for top city officials, Moomaw reports. Jones was given a year to move when he took the job in December 2010 that now pays $173,400, and City Council extended that deadline another nine months.

Most underwater: Jones paid $393,000 in 2006 for his  Earlysville house, now assessed at $315K.

Most intriguing forgery case: The mother of former Culpeper cop Daniel Harmon-Wright, who shot unarmed, 54-year-old Patricia Cook in a church parking lot, goes to court April 13, the Star-Exponent reports. Bethany Parr Sullivan, 55, a former employee of the Culpeper Police Department, is accused of trying to purge her son's personnel records.

More bears: A decade ago, hunters killed about 1,000 black bears a year, according to the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. That number has doubled, the News and Advance reports.

Latest school scandal: Donna M. Tinsley, 40, is charged with one felony embezzlement count August 28, the News Leader reports. An investigation began when a fundraising vendor complained about not getting paid after an event last school year at Ware Elementary in Staunton, and the police chief says the amount missing is in the thousands. Tinsley, the former president of the Parent and Teacher organization, is free on a $10,000 unsecured bond.

Best sign Virginia is for gun lovers: The number of nonresident concealed-carry weapon permits for the first half of 2012 is 1,632, compared to last year's 1,321 nonresident permits, according to the News Leader. There's no corresponding increase for residents, and some suggest that Virginia's online gun classes may be spurring the increase.

Biggest buzz: Publishers Weekly has picked Henry Wiencek's new book, Master of the Mountain: Thomas Jefferson and his Slaves as the fall's #1 history book– and a top pick in all genres. American History magazine has it on its cover, and Smithsonian Magazine is putting it on the cover in October.