Your advice to George Huguely?

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Lift weights and convert to Islam

In a pinch, a belt makes a great noose.

Don't drop the soap...

Deke beat me too it. I was gonna suggest he hit the gym, get some hardcore tats, watch "The Wire" and "Sons of Anarchy" a lot and try and lose the country club edge.

Mostly he should just spend a lot of time thinking about the life his drunken rage ended. He should think about that a lot. Like all the time.

Put whatever education you managed to acquire in between lacrosse games to use and study law. Particularly criminal, constitutional and civil rights law as well as appellate procedure, with an eye to becoming a writ-writer. Nobody lays a hand on the person they think may be able to get them out...
finding some sort of faith wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Bring plenty of vaseline.

Don't go away mad....Just go away...for a long long time....

Think deeply about why you are there. You violently murdered a vibrant, wonderful woman. While your penance and reflection will not restore her to life, it may bring you some modest enlightenment.

My favorite tv series to watch when I'm in jail is "Dr Katz, professional therapist". Also, polevaulting would be a good hobby. Nobody messes with a polevaulter in prison. Wait, that's "pole dancer".

Get a haircut.

HERE ya go, readers: another crass careless, attenion-grabbing headline by the Hook, though more idiotic and CRASS than usual.

Find God. You will need him..

ice dog, become a priest next.

amazing, how merciless the commenters are. What inner reages they must have. I feel pity for them. Not a shred of compassion. Amazing. They seem to be the ones that need medical help.

George - Rot in hell. The world would be better if you had never been born. You should seriously consider the advantages of ending it all.

NEVER drink again.

Remember that tossed salad isn't a dinner choice

Forter - Two lives ended the night Huguely beat Love to death, hers and his. She had no choice, he did. I feel tremendous compassion for Love and her family and little to none for Huguely. I grew up around people like him, entitled, wealthy and unconcerned about the impact of their behavior on others. He was clearly a time bomb and I hope that time brings him some peace but not without real penance for the crime he committed.

You see I have a daughter and if an animal like Huguely injured her he would be praying for the safety of a jail cell.

@stavros -- me too and: amen to that brother ....

Have Morgan Freeman smuggle a tiny pick ax to you and say its for making chess pieces. Then get in good with the corrupt prison warden and when the time is right, steal his money and clothes.

The loss of one life does not mean another needs to be lost. Remember Yardley, grieve her loss and your loss of freedom appropriately in your own individual way. Explore the puzzle of factors that could have lead to her death: intimate partner domestic violence, effects of alcohol, anger control and/or other factors that entered in. Try to pass on what you learn in many ways so that others may not have to go through what you are going through. Use the time and tools prison offers to learn and to expand your ability to excel in your chosen field and as a human being.

Keep your head up, Georgie. Eventually the truth will come out about Adderall, and it might happen in the next 26 years. I mean in the mainstream media, which I get my reality from.

Oops, I meant to say eventually the truth will come out about mixing Adderall and alcoholic beverages which may have contained caffeine as well but we'll never know because an athletic department physician testified that all Adderall using atheletes had normal heart rhythms, and they all came to their checkup drunk.

Change your tastes from hot little, silver spoon, pill popping lax chicks, to large, hiv+ black men. I'm afraid you won't find many of the former where you're headed.

@ rick rude -- I am amazed that, in this day and age, people like you now consider it as a normal, accepted matter of course that a prison sentence for a young white male inevitably and inexorably includes the cruel and unusual punishment of being sodomized by "large, HIV+ black men" -- to use your own words. If you want some clear data on the world our daughters inhabit, read Breanne Fahs' book Performing Sex: The Making and Unmaking of Women's Erotic Lives (SUNY Press), which is based on very detailed studies and broad ranging interviews that may possibly give you a much clearer and better-informed view of how bad things still are for America's "liberated" women. There is still so much violence against women commonly accepted in our society that it is possible to say that Yeardley Love's tragic murder by a drunk college athlete was just "more of the same old story." A Black girl beaten up by her boyfriend at Norfolk might not attract the same media frenzy. It is possible, though rather unlikely, that this was the first time Huguely ever hit a woman. It is certain, however, that in any given year there will be quite a few American woman -- mothers, daughters, wives, grandmothers, girlfriends, dearly beloved and casual lovers and total strangers in America who are beaten or coerced or cowed into submission by the threat of violence from a man they know very well ... or scarcely at all.

Does that faux feminist routine of yours ever work in getting you laid?

I am sure that for you, Rick, it might work no better than anything else you have tried. Facts are facts -- the facts favor Fahs' analysis. Read the book, especially if you have a daughter or if you love or ever have loved any woman. It might help you understand the world our women live in. Or don't live in any longer.

But, really, Rick -- if you need help, try to keep in mind the old Pennsylvania Dutch adage: "Kissing wears out. Cooking don't."

Thanks, Christian. That reaffirms what I've always known: women love a man who knows his way around a kitchen. I cook for my girlfriend on most evenings. We've got a good thing going. I prepare the meals, she cleans up the kitchen. Simpatico.

As for our earlier exchange...

"A Black girl beaten up by her boyfriend at Norfolk might not attract the same media frenzy."

Maybe not... though a "black girl" gang raped by a Division One lacrosse team certainly did. I wonder what your initial opinion on that matter was. I wonder what it remains.

But just so we're clear, I think what this piece of sh!t did was reprehensible. I don't condone violence against women (or any other innocent people for that matter). But I'm a firm believer in what goes around comes around. Karma will do this punk in, and do him in good. He was a spoiled and entitled bully and a big man on campus who never heard the word "no". Now he's a cute little country club kid headed to state prison. Good luck, Georgie Boy... don't drop the soap!

I know that any undue pain and suffering he may endure behind bars (and he will) can never bring back the life of a beautiful girl cut down in her prime, but you can't tell me that the thought of it doesn't bring just a little bit of peace and pleasure to those loved ones she leaves behind. Were she my own little sister, I really can't tell you I'd be that broken up over little Georgie being turned into some prison gang's nightly glory hole. I've no sympathy for that punk. None whatsoever. Enjoy that rectal prolapse, Georgie!

Good talking to you, Christian. No disrespect to you, sir. I support your right to your opinions. I hope you can support mine.

...we're using this to sell books now?

Rory...this is the stupidest column the hook has ever posted. It's mean, hateful. It's a public lynching. I just don't see the point of doing this? Let's move on!!

My advice to George is to read the book "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. His soul just like everyone else's is on a journey of experience, growth, and evolution. This stint of his journey has been painful and difficult for both himself and those hurt by his actions, but he can still find connection to God/Spirit if he seeks. This will make all the difference.

How about this for advice? Hey George : it's over. Now you can go to hell.

@Joe ... my notion of hell might include being cooped up forever in a small room with everyone who has commented on this post without any sense of Christian spirit. Vengeance is mine, saith this crowd.

phoReal, and even if the warden is a WAY shorter man, make the clothes and shoes magically fit.