Sunday night rites

Some people think that they can park for free on Sundays; others simply overstay their welcome.

Whatever the cause yesterday, the owner of this white Volvo likely paid a price: a loss of dignity and at least $100 when the vehicle was towed by Collier's Towing Service off the lot owned by Keith Woodard behind the Wells Fargo building downtown. There were 21 cars in the 75-space parking lot at the time.


Getting towed may be the least of your worries - ask singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur

What exactly does the final line in this silly article suggest? That somehow because the parking lot wasn't full you shouldn't have to pay? If you boarded a half empty plane should you get to fly for free? If you purchase a ticket to a movie and are the only person in the theater should your ticket price be refunded? I feel sorry for anybody who has their car towed but the signs are very visible and clear at the parking lot. Are The Hook writer's really that simple or do they just need space fillers in their trash rag?