Confederate canon... ready for inaction

One of the pair of Confederate cannons on the grounds of Albemarle County courts complex aims out at passersby on a recent August day.

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Whole lotta slave-breedin' make for a righteous land o' liberty.

Yassuh, and freedom ain't slowed 'em down none, eithuh!

Give them to John Douglass, the Confederate re-enactor who, in Rebel officers garb and under the Confederate "stars and bars" flag, drags his own cannons into mock battle. The irony? He's the Democratic candidate for Congress in the 5th District. His black voter base is not amused.

And the problem with that is...?

Oh, and if in your hallucination the so-called "stars and bars" is in the shape of an "x", you have no idea what you are talking about. By the way, do you disdain all reenactors, or only the ones who wear gray?

Seriously? Do you all have middle-schoolers doing your writing and editing? I believe 'cannon' should be spelled 'cannon'. Oh wait, you spelled it correctly at least once....