What should UVA president Sullivan do?

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That's what she should do. And you too!

She need to get someone some PT!

Grow a sack?

Sullivan should now learn something about managing a very large financial program. She is a mediocre manager. Focusubg on the frills and not the heart of the matter. She surrounded herself with a bunch of flauncy dilletantes. Can them and get a few good turnaround specialists.

President Sullivan knows what to do and I have the confidence that she will continue with what she does BEST. If you are not familiar with "Sullivan's Laws", here you go:

Web Site: http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/education/teresa-sullivan-the-ousted...

Doniel de Vise, Jenna Johnson and Donna St. George, Published:
The Washington Post, June 25
TITLE: Teresa Sullivan: The ousted UVA leader who may regain the post

‘Provost on the prowl’
“Teresa Ann Sullivan, 62, came to Charlottesville from the University of Michigan, where she held the No. 2 job. She was known as the “provost on the prowl” for her habit of visiting the university’s many schools and colleges.”

"She was known as the “provost on the prowl” for her habit of visiting the university’s many schools and colleges"

"Sullivan's Laws."

"Never surprise an administrator. Never punish the messenger. Don’t hide bad news; meet it head-on. People and time are our greatest resources; don’t waste them. When dealing with a difficult matter, don’t leave anyone out, or else be prepared for fallout."

That's leadership, my friends, SULLIVAN's leadership, enough said!

Criticizing Ms. Dragas because she prowled around ath the school's various colleges is an obscenely stupid criticism. She is paid to oversee everything!! And by the by, it's called "Management by walking around." Great CEOs and managers do it as a matter of course, unannounced. The so-called "leadership" described above is a recipe for failure. Managers routinely are deceptive because they are trying to protect their jobs and their a$$es. CEOs cannot hide - for long.

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What part of previous post was being critical of President Sullivan?
I know it's early but did you misread the post?

Note: I've provide more information and a web address in my original posting.

Ms. Dragas prowled, Ms. Sullivan did what she knew how to do - which was not much, apparently. Ms. Sullivan was NOT the Provost or the Rector. If you do not know how to be explicit, then you need to go back to to school for lessons.


"Criticizing Ms. Dragas because she prowled around ath the school's various colleges is an obscenely stupid criticism. She is paid to oversee everything!! "

You do know that nobody on this board is actually paid a salary, right?
If not, "then you need to go back to to school for lessons".

she needs to hire a personal trainer and get in freaking shape!

Stop Whining

UVA President Sullivan has LOTS to do!

Source: The Dailey Progress, August 17, 2002

TITLE:: BOV talks UVA governance, but not leadership crisis

“Sullivan also informed the board of three priorities she intends to start on without waiting for the strategic planning process: faculty salaries, faculty hiring and a quality program at the medical center”.

It’s ABOUT time a discussion appears on the horizon for a quality program at the UVA Medical Center. The “smoke and mirrors” saga will not work for smart patients. Rumor has it that the Medical Center NEEDS IMMEDIATE ATTENTION!

Could it be that the CEO, at the Medical Center, is not aware of the real problems facing our medical center? Well, here’s a hint: the place is falling down around your ears….oops, I meant, Limo ride.

Our perception is our reality! The center LOOKS beautiful and clean; nice wall hangings, paint jobs, new furniture, informative signs, etc, but how about the professional staff shortage, phones calls going unanswered, doctors failing to return phone calls to their patients, and then there is the emergency room dilemma.

I speak for me, as well as my neighbor’s account, of their experiences at the Medical Center. My first experience was absolutely great; the doctors and floor nurses were exceptional but that was 19 years ago; my second experience was about 7 years ago and again, superb treatment. My last experience was embarrassing to say the least; the intern, who visited prior to my doctor’s visit, failed to read my chart, and to make a long story short, next time he WILL read the patient’s chart BEFORE he enters the patient’s room.

My neighbors (in their late eighties), a retired Doctor and his wife, waited in the UVA emergency room for SEVEN hours before anyone saw them; on another matter, the same senior neighbors have been waiting for a phone call from their UVA cardiologist and UVA primary care physician for TWO or THREE months. These doctors have have been called THREE times. A concerned neighbor, who is also a UVA Nurse, contacted the patient representative THREE times and, TO DATE, no reply.


Is this the manner in which our SENIOR patients are now being treated at UVA?

Is it true, that the MBA’s are cutting staff positions because the numbers are not hitting the “metrics” of the MBA charts? Next time, I enter the medical center; will I have to take some cash in my feeble shaking hands to obtain the basic services (a meal served and/or having an attendant empty my bedpan?

Could it be that President Sullivan IS AWARE of the problems and will be making her move SOON!

Help Warren write another book so she can be the biggest joke in academia. Close enough now but there are miles to go before affirmative action sees victory.

@Heresy - Ms. Dragas cannot hide for long. However, a long vacation in Turkey might help reveal her true place in the soul of the world.

What is the job description? That is what she is paid to do.......

She needs to clean house, especially the ones closest to her, starting with Susan Davis and Nancy Rivers. Get a new Chief of Police and a new VP. And hire an independent agency to vet anyone she is even considering to hire.

@Simply Said

Excellent post. Get rid of all the hacks. Add Lampkin, Groves and Eramo to that list.

She has had two years to get her act together and she failed! Why all the excuses. Tuition has gone up the most in history for a two year period. There are less classes available to students than there were 2 years ago. A real leader takes charge and commands respect. Dragas would never have been able to do her thang if the presidency was strong. They smelt weakness and pounced. I thought what they did to Sullivan was cowardly and wrong but Sullivan has much to answer for if she claims to be a reformer. I wonder sometimes how much power she actually has to affect change.

She has no power. If she did, her anger would have spurned her to use it by now! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned: Dragas 101.

... "her anger would have spurred her" might be what you mean, Simply.

thanks...correction appreciated!

My real question is: What are the qualifications that you require for the BOV? To be the yes girls for Sullivan.? You all are the real hacks. What you know is, well, nothing.
Your continued shrieking about Mrs. Dragas continues to drag UVA through your swine pens and permanently damage the long-term image of UVA. Everyone knows you are a bunch of nasty fools.

@heresy LOL are you for real?

How about having tenured faculty, retired professors, alumni from the business community known for their service and not because they donated to the Governor's campaign and reputable members of our society that have proven themselves to be non-partisan and sensible. Anyone seen to advocate private interests using their seat should be terminated/asked to resign for family reasons.

At least attempt to have a BoV that is independent.

We donated to the Governor's campaign and after the election received an email from his campaign offering us a multitude of opportunities to serve Virginia. I thought at the time it smacks of nepotism. No-one offered us a UVA BoV seat but then again our donation was less than $5k. In fairness both parties do this to reward donors and its WRONG.