Sprucing, pricing credited for fast move near Barracks



Michael C. Sadler to Sandra G. Beeler, 134 Turtle Creek Road, Unit 11, $112,000

Octopus Property LLC to Edward F. Sims, Jr., 300 Riverbend Drive, Unit 3A, $127,900

William D. Tucker, III & Yvonne T. Griffin to Dianne M. Postnieks, 2191 Dudley Mountain Road, $179,000

 William W. Clegg, III & Sarah B. Bates, Trustees to Kelli E. Palmer, 101 Westminster Road, $251,000

Lindsay C. & John R. Snoddy, IV to Stuart C. Munson. TM 130A2, Parcel 51A0, Lot 9, Scottsville, $260,000

Calvin S. & Doris S. Calvin to Faith & Grace Christian Fellowship, 3917 & 3935 Rock Branch Road, $280,000

Christopher Todd Johnson to Dennis John Reutter, 1090 Ramblewood Place, $280,000

Southern Property LLC to Diana C Gomez Manjarres & Luis A Salazar Ortiz,1567 Newcastle Court, $282,295

NVR, Inc. to Kevin & Jennie Geiger, 5580 Summerdean Road, $287,580

Elsie B. Tindall to Jin Wang, 128 Deerwood Drive, $295,000

Grant C. & Robin K. Bullock to Nathan A. Ostheimer & Margaret G. Hess, 1729 Lanetown Way, $358,000

NVR, Inc. to Bradley & Nicole Teschner, 1670 Wickham Way, $364,449

Donald & Rochelle L. Remaly to Gary Dean & Susan Kelly Senechal, 5385 Markwood Road, $425,000

Sheila Marie McMillen to Steven K. & Janice F. Pfund, 250 Ipswich Place, $475,000

William C. & Karen K. Kennedy to Mark L. & Terry P. Metcalf, 250 Buffalo Hills Road, $520,000

Old Trail Creekside LLC to Robert R. & Dana H. Hannah, 7115 Bradbury Court, $575,488


William D. & Julia Lee Mawyer to Christopher S. & Mary Bruce B. Celella, 2298 Stillhouse Creek Road, $132,500

Donna M. & Robert L. Mason III to HSBC Mortgage Services, Inc., 1609 Townwood Court, $145,000

Holland B. & Virgie P. Garth to Elias & Margareta Nyberg, 4998 Watts Passage, $146,000

Robert Michael Broad to Stuart R. & Aurore M. Hutter, 836 Harris Road, $292,000


Woodbriar Associates to NVR, Inc., 4553 Briarwood Drive, $87,000

US Bank National Association to Kenneth S. Arlene R. Buynak, 3720 West Drive, $162,199

Angie Hogan & Kevin J. McFadden to Stephen R. & Kristine K. Bakos, 175 Jordan Lane, $195,750

Ray P. Mccauley, Jr. to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1789 Thurston Drive, $209,642

John B. & Nancy H. Gregg, Trustees, The Gregg Family Trust to Georgia Lee Joyal, 1275 Branchlands Drive, $210,400

Esther A. Gavurin, Trustee to Meghan Elizabeth & Robert John Holub, Jr., 1030 Wildmere Place, $259,900

Kevin C. Hazen, Trustee, Kevin Hazen Living Trust to Peggy D. & Joseph L. Byrd, Jr., 1120 Raintree Drive, $280,000

SHR9 LLC to George P. & Laura H. Mentore, 1085 Farrow Drive, $419,235

Maurice J. & Elizabeth Davis to Karen E. & Ashish K. Singh, 6338 Hillsboro Lane, $514,500

Old Trail Creekside III LLC to Steven P. & Barbara J. Geiger, 6951 Windmere Lane, $562,132

Geraldine Baer to Bella Vista Farm LLC, 3924 Slam Gate Road, $710,000


James F. Kettrick to Dan O. & Nancy B. Bauer, 1507 Bremerton Lane, $380,187

Stanley C. & Miranda C. Trent to Sean T. & Michelle W. McCarthy, 2740 Jasmine Terrace, $378,500

Kahlil N. & Cynthia R. Hamady to Daniel T. & Susan L. Berigan, 656 Broad Axe Road, $375,000

Southern Property LLC to Andre D. & Kristi Lynn Stoken, 2486 Winthrop Drive, $365,969

Cindy Abbott Kyle to Fernando Ruiz & Araceli E. Santiago, 3624 Millington Road, $340,000

Ragged Mountain Partners LLC to Marie Anne Carrozza & Lawrence W. Smith, 2.94 acres, TM 74-5B, Lot A11, Ragged Mountain Farm, $276,500

Ellen & Joseph W. Smith, Jr. to Federal National Mortgage Association, 855 James River Road, $253,108

Ragged Mountain Partners LLC to Sonnia Jacob & Bradley William Kesser, 4348 Ragged View Court, $190,000

John Ainsworth to Susan M. Gutshall, 142 Hessian Hills Circle, Unit 1, $120,000


This is a terribly good price on that particular home. Americans continue to loose the shirt off their backs in this economy. Five or six year ago that home would easily have sold for $325,000 to $350,000.

GSOE, I would argue that is an appropriate price for that home.

The inflated prices of 2001-2007 do not reflect real value, vis-a-vis incomes in this area.

Great Buy, I'm jealous

You have a good point, NRT. The inflated prices were born as localities taxed people to death so as to maintain their levels of growing spending year to year. But it was what it was.

It's not so much the burst housing bubble that's killing people, the city and county are responsible for people losing the shirts off their backs now when they inflated prices for self serving tax assessment purposes back then.

I have a house in the same neighborhood for sale, and I am looking at a $75,000 loss over what I could have sold it for back in 2006 or 2007. At this point in time I couldn't care less if I sell it or not, I'm sure the city and county will over inflate tax assessments again as soon as they can get by with it.

@NRT, $251,000 is a great price for this house that is within walking distance of Barracks RD Shopping Center, near the Law, Business and JAG schools, and in a county school district. "...vis-a-vis incomes in this area. A long list of people making over $100,000 a year at UVA was recently posted in The Hook. When you combine that list with those at NGIC, DIA, and GE there are a great deal of people that can more than afford this home at that price especially since it has been refurbished.

Isn't this neighborhood directly adjacent to where the Western ByPass is going ? Maybe that explains the price. Sadly any house in the vicinity of this road will suffer.

The general neighborhood has been adjacent to the 29 by pass since the dawn of time. To this particular house I don't think the new by pass will be any closer than the current one. A large sound barrier should have been put in for this neighborhood against the current 29 by pass.