Where do you get your groceries?


Harris Teeter @ Barracks. Cheaper than Whole Foods & Less people who have no spatial awareness, but still better quality produce/meat/seafood than Food Lion/Kroger/Giant.

I do go to Giant @ Pantops to get some cheap stuff from time to time, but What's up with $20.99 for a case of Yuengling? Thats about 5-6 bucks too expensive, guys!

Retail Relay

I shop at Kroger Rio Hill, I really like Harris Teeter at Barracks Rd as well. My absolute favorite is the Charlottesville City market on Saturday morning...fresh produce, eggs, homemade jelly & sauces, no bull burgers! Great place to shop and experience so much of what local farmers and small business' have to offer

I go to the world's best market: Crozet Great Value. No kidding. Small store (compared to the big chains) but decent selection and excellent prices; especially on meat. A very substantial selection of organic foods, plus bakery items and veggies from local sources. And a decent number of basic items for just a dollar, whose branded competitors cost 2 or 3 times as much. The wine aisles have a good selection, too, and, yes, you can "make a deal" on case lots. And the service? Beyond belief. The checkouts are staffed by baggers who have it all ready to go and in your cart in a moment or two after you pay; often BEFORE you pay and, yes, they'll take it to your car. And it is the same staff, month after month, year after year. And if anything is not right, the checkout clerk handles it on the spot; no need to go to a "service" desk.


What's the most authentic grocery store in town?

Whole Foods, and Giant up at Pantops primarily. As far as mainstream grocery stores go I like Giant because they carry organic brands and have a section of all natural/gluten free foods.

But yes, Whole Foods is way expensive. They need to tone down their prices. Useful tip: Shop there on Fridays. They always have sales on Fridays. So on Fridays you can buy things at normal prices. ha

Reids on Preston


Walmart, Zion Crossroads

Well, Gasbag, you did it now. In this world-class city full of elitists, you uttered the "WM" word. I can hear the snickers now! They will be spewing cognac all over their collar-up polo shirts over that comment!

I get wonderful steaks, lobster tails and crab at Sam's Club. I really could not care less if the cows are eliminated by any which way; they taste great.

BTW, this thread is guaranteed to elicit tons of responses. I never lived in a town with so many people obsessed with where to buy food, what kind of lighting stores have, how the personnel is, etc. It is food, for Lord's sake: buy it and eat it.

Speaking of great customer service and local stores, I know a lot of the snobby pony-tail-through-the-ball-cap crowd go to Harris Teeter in that abomination called Barracks Road. Isn't that where the serial rapist cut and sold meat products?

R.I.P.: Bob Crane

Starting in November, I'll be spending a lot of time and money at Trader Joe's. Also like Harris Teeter.

The woods, were I hunt in my socks and sandals for granola eating liberals. They can be tough to find because they blend in with the trees they are hugging, but if your quiet, the quiet sound of humming "kumbaya" gives them away every time!

Alas, they dont taste very good. Too much White Whine flavors and cheesy political facebook posts.

But on the bright side: every one caught and eaten is one less B.O. bumper sticker on a car that does not know how to merge into traffic.

We don't sing "kumbaya" anymore, we sing "wagon wheel".

And we don't think we're better for shopping at Whole Foods. We're better for not drinking Yuengling.

Ah Liberalace, we care about service because it is so RARE!

I will get meats and organic produce when I need it (I garden) from Whole Foods - and stock up on things on sale or go to Farmer's Markets for items too. I am not loyal to any one chain grocery store though - and absolutely despise the customers Whole Foods has - Jimi Hendrix - please go there - easy pickings! Target those with the SUVs and "Planet Earth" bumper stickers, please!

I am considering buying half a cow to freeze though and perhaps shot the deer from my deck to keep them out of my garden and fill the freezer. :)

Reids on Preston Avenue is the most authentic grocery store in CVL. Its been around for decades and has always been locally owned.

We're really lucky to live in an area where so much is available
locally--fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs etc. The Mennonites have
excellent produce as well as pickles etc. For other shopping I just
stop where it's most convenient. Whole Foods for buttermilk only.
The shoppers there are so wired it jangles my nerves. Just a guess
but probably liberals AND conservatives--wow.

There's nothing wrong with Yuengling, it's a great daily drinking lager, as it has been for 100+ years. Certainly better than the Natty Light they drink on campus.

We have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to having available choice in beers here, but I'll be damned if I'm going to pay $10-$14 for a six pack of really good beer on a regular basis.

My biggest gripe about Whole Foods (And the Harris Teeter) is the number of inconsiderate people who don't have any idea of personal space and think that the store exists for only them. i.e. leaving their cart in the middle of a walkway while you walk an aisle away to get your organic gluten-free fad food of the year. Seriously, it doesn't take much effort to realize there are others around you trying to do their shopping. Get out of the way!

@buzzbomb...regarding inconsiderate people, it is Cville, after all!

R.I.P.: Dack Rambo

Oh wow! I thought I was the only one who noticed the spacial issues with people at WF! And GOD FORBID-I should say "excuse me" to get by-oh and-let's not forget the moms talking really LOUD to show how involved they are with their kids.........UGH! *desipe this-I still go there and detest every minute of it-

Retail relay will solve all those spacial issues problems. They carry almost all Whole Foods inventory as well as inventory from Reids as well as fresh fruits and vegetables from a number of the local producers. Oh and the baked goods from local bakeries. Did I mention those?

I agree with jsgeare - Great Valu in Crozet has great local produce, meats, locally baked goods and down home friendly service.They opened even without power after the derecho to help folks out.

Kroger at Rio Hill, Cville Market for produce, occasionally farmers' markets. And I go to Sam's for $4 huge tubs of organic salad greens and spinach.

Whole Foods -- aka Whole Paycheck -- is not only an extremely irritating place to shop, it is also extremely expensive. Gave up on it long ago.

Also at WF prepared food isn't that great. Better
soup at Revolutionary Soup. Better pizza and pasta
at Mona Lisa. Salads are easy! Do them yourself!
Still WF has the best buttermilk.

just out of curiousity... Is there a downside to using RelayFoods? I'm willing to give it a shot, but I've never used a business / grocery aggregator like that. And I generally don't buy into the whole "organic" movement, though i do like extremely fresh food.

Buzzbomb the only down sides are that you have to make a list (though you have until midnight on the day before your pick-up to do it), that you have to be available sometime between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. to pick up your groceries, that you have to buy $50 worth of groceries -- though, alas, that's getting easier and easier to do! and that you can't see for yourself or touch the products you choose (just photos but you can read the labels of packaged products on the photo). (If you really don't like an item at pickup time, you can refuse it and get reimbursed. But of course if you really wanted it, that means a trip to a store to get it! I've used them for most of my shopping almost since they started operating and I love the convenience -- and the constant attempts to improve their service and make their customers happy.

I've stopped eating food until Wegmans opens!

I shop at Whole Foods with supplemental groceries from Pantops Giant, Target, or the Teets. The only rival to WF quality produce is the Saturday farmer's market.

Reids..If they don't have what you want, they will order it. Meats custom cut, very good.

I also agree about Crozet Great Valu (or the IGA as some still call it) I even came in one night 5 minutes after they "closed" and they let me run in and replace my rice that I managed to burn for dinner quickly, no complaints and with a smile. They always ask me how my day is, and smile even when the day is dreary or gloomy. I've asked the meat department before for more cuts, or thicker steaks, and they've always obliged graciously and quickly -- and do large orders quickly and way more cost effective than anything else. The Mission home fresh bread (trust me, the Ciabatta will knock your socks off) and the local produce sold equal or LESS than produce that the Harris Teeter less than 2 miles away sells for is delicious! And I also agree with the bagging comment. They're a great bunch over there in Crozet.

Whole Foods also known as Whole Paycheck! I notice no one mentions the Integral Yoga store on Preston Avenue. These days I often shop at Trader Joe's in Short Pump - it's a bit closer than Charlottesville for me. 29 North still seems a disaster, and I have to wonder what genius thought up that location for Trader Joe's in Charlottesville. Wegman's evidently had a clearer notion for their 5th Street location -- it will be closer to the Interstate and the Bypass, and not really that much farther from the southern end of 29 North. I used to shop at 7-Day when they still hung sides in the meat locker and it was the only game in town for exotic foreign groceries. And I used to shop at the Carriage House when Mr. Maupin purveyed the best Italian sausage in town. I'd like to remind everyone that the supply of groceries and wine in Charlottesville has really gotten much, much better since the '70s and '80s. And the local restaurant scene now has a lot to offer. I guess that fits in with America's general love of food these days. I hope the Wayside Takeout manages to re-open after the traffic hassles and that it continues to thrive. Most of all I hope everyone will take thought about how to ensure that no people still go hungry in Region 10 between now and Three Kings Day. Perhaps we can encourage Charlottesville and Albemarle County to loosen up some on their "chicken rules" ... and allow three or four hens without a rooster; this could help many families meet their daily protein requirement without bothering the neighbors, even in suburban settings.

Reassuring Christian Wayside has been open and doing business all during the work on the bridge (which I live just a block from so I know). And the bridge work should be coming to an end in September so if you're to --ahem -- "chicken" to deal with the traffic, you'll soon be able to go back.

They were closed for a while -- maybe just the day I tried to stop there? Thanks for letting me know ...


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Foods of All Nations....owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Reids, Market St. Market, Cville Market, Whole Foods for 365 basics

Steal groceries from your parents as long as possible. Then from your girlfriends roommates.

Our good friend John Ruvalds, who was a Physics professor at UVA, often used to bring fried chicken from the Wayside Takeout to Wednesday Night Supper at Biscuit Run.