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Giant problem?
The loss of its anchor grocery store might be seen as a huge problem for any shopping center. However, as reporter Courteney Stuart finds, the departure of Giant isn't the biggest news at Seminole Square. The shopping center will soon get a makeover thanks to its willingness to let a new road bore through its center.

Scary dude?
The jury didn't like what Jeffrey Kitze did: slip into a home and send love-lorn letters to a young woman at the helm of a peace group. But as the jury foreman in Kitze's recent trial tells reporter Lisa Provence, the stalking law just wasn't written to re-jail the convicted rapist.

Star Crossed?
With Dean Maupin's recent departure to begin taking the helm of the venerable C&O, Keswick Hall's Fossett's restaurant has found a rising start in the culinary world in the form of 29-year-old Aaron Cross. Reporter Dave McNair finds that Cross is savoring the summer's bounty, but what will happen in the fall?

Today's teens just aren't clamoring for driver's licenses like they did in the motor-happy generations. What's driving them to abstain from this American rite of passage? Hint: face-to-face socializing has been interrupted by a certain social network.

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