Hoo d'etat: Top UVA alums demand BOV answers

In a strongly-worded letter, a group of 14 prominent University of Virginia alumni are urging the Board of Visitors, a minority of whom recently engineered a temporary ouster of President Teresa Sullivan, to finally come clean with the reasoning behind their actions which created a governance crisis that did not end, the alums say, when the president was reinstalled in late June.

"It will not end until the Board acknowledges publicly that UVa suffered a significant failure of corporate governance; and it will not end until Board members finally explain candidly, to satisfy common sense, what really motivated them to act so precipitously."

The group took particular note of a recent open letter from resigning faculty member William Wulf, the alleged incongruity of Rector Helen Dragas' public statements on UVA's perceived and actual technology offerings, and the fact that President Sullivan’s "crucial 12-page strategic memorandum," a document dated May 3, was not shared with the full board but only with the Rector and then Vice-Rector Mark Kington.

"The question remains," say the alums, "whether this was a tactical complement to the Rector’s isolation of Board members through serial contacts."

The letter follows by just a day the resignation of a top UVA administrator whose emails seem to reveal that he possessed at least four months of foreknowledge about the planned ouster of his boss. However, University spokesperson Carol Wood notes that events in Baltimore included a properly noticed meeting that even included President Sullivan.

The release of the alumni letter followed by about a week the release of a letter from the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate calling on the BOV to engage in rigorous self-examination during the upcoming Board Retreat which occurs August 14-16 in Richmond.

Starting in the fall semester, UVA will actually be offering a course on the 17-day debacle. Entitled "Documenting UVA's Future," the class, will be taught by professors John Alexander and Walter Heinecke.

–developing story; updated 12:03pm Monday, August 13 with four final sentences–

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The hammer drops.

So deliciously scathing.

Very thoughtful and well considered.

, a minority of whom [were busy etc] recently engineering a temporary ouster of President Teresa Sullivan,

The letter is a devastating critique of Helen Dragas' leadership and, by extension, Governor McDonnell's. It shows quite convincingly that the attempt to paper over the egregious errors of the Board cannot stand. At an institution where Honor is a core value, I find it astonishing that Ms. Dragas has failed to acknowledge and accept responsibility for her leadership failures. Unless and until she provides the open accounting and atonement called for in the letter, all who care about the University will remain unsettled.

John Herrmann, absolutely.

As a fellow alumnus I add my voice to their letter. I dont think this is closed until we hear a lot more about why this was done, and why it was handled in the way it was. The whole incident was quite embarassing to all of us. Im sure Helen (Dragas) is a wonderful human being and all, but a bit of expalanation should be forthcoming if she is to retain her position. How about it, Helen?

I'm curious. For those of us who watched the BOV meeting, to reinstate President Sullivan, did anyone notice how the VISITORS walked around the table smiling, shaking hands and patting each other on the back? (for what?) Did this behavior bother anyone else?
Personally, if I had been a BOV member and had participated in this charade, I would have had my written resignation in hand, immediately sat down, kept my mouth shut and stared into space. Upon Sullivan's reinstatement, I would have apologized for my ineptness of the situation and submitted my resignation to the Rector. Even then, if any one of them had had the b*ll$ to request for Rector Dragas to resign, I would have had forgiveness in my heart. Instead, what did the BOV members do? They shook hands, patted each other on the back and walked out with a smile.
How disgusting!

Look to the Governor for the answers...the BOV will never tell. @UVA Invisable - yep, I thought the same thing.

McDonnell is taking a beating for the Dragas reappointment and it may even cost him his political future. I still would like to know the truth about why he put himself in such an unfavorable position. If there are hearings in the General Assembly can he be put under oath and asked if he knew that Sullivan was being forced to resign before the one week or less notice he claims to have been given by Dragas ?

Can she be put under oath and asked if the Governor knew about the plan weeks if not months before he stated he was told ?

I believe hearings and sworn testimony are the only way to bring closure to this matter and regain the public's trust.

The behavior of this Board is despicable and if they believe there will be business as usual they are in deep denial. The staff of the Cavalier Daily got it right when they asked that the entire BOV resign.


Isn't anyone considering that it easily could have originated with the governor and that Dragas was doing his bidding? She must have felt she had complete impunity to follow his directive, and perhaps that is why he reappointed her. He could easily have been the one who made her step in it.

There is evidence in the released emails ( sited above) that Strine knew of the plan to oust Sullivan months in advance. If one reads the emails released so far carefully one learns that several board members were cheering Dragas on, but no indication that any of them hatched the plan, not even Kington or Kiernan, who claimed in his email that he was brought in to assist.

That leaves open the distinct possibility that McDonnell was in on the early stages, or coaching others who were ( the 2 mentioned important alumni in the Kiernan emails ) . After all, Dragas claims, " I will be bullet ridden " after the announcement of the resignation, which I read to mean she was doing the bidding of others who originated the plan - not the BOV.

The only way to get to the bottom of this is hearings, and I would like to know if they Governor can be called to testify under sworn oath before the General Assembly ?

If it is found that the forced resignation was his plan all along and he lied about his involvement, then he should be forced to resign along with Dragas, and all the other BOV members that were involved or appointed by him.

Early on in the process, when Sullivan's ouster looked like a done deal, the lead political reporter for the Times-Dispatch wrote a column which, in essence, said if you don't think the Governor had his hands all over the move, you're an idiot.

Nonetheless, some in the media seem to want to give Governor Bob a pass on his role in the whole sordid affair. . .

I've been searching for the actual TEXT of the sworn oath that slick McDonnell uttered when he was sworn in. The BOV text would be helpful too!
Research experts? A beginner needs assistance! Thank you in advance.

The Guv is a slime ball.

If McDonnell wasn't in on this pigs will start to fly around the Commonwealth. Dragas owes the taxpayers an answer as to why this hoo d'etat took place. The lavish expenses of the BOV point to them feeling that they are above the law. The Virginia Legislature needs to vote Dragas off the island.

Too many of the players in this mess are part of the 1%. They have not a clue about the 99%. They operate outside and around the law. They have legions of lawyers to tell them how to do what they want and PR types to spin it all for them.

The two largest law firms in Virginia Beach are populated by lawyers making high six and seven figure salaries. Unlikely that they are being paid those amounts to not have their clients prevail.

Dragas do the right thing, resign!

The excellent alumni letter explains painfully lucid how the corporate governance standards of due care were breached by the board, including "significant failures of substantive decision making". Helen Dragas and her co-conspirators are now under intense scrutiny and have profoundly underestimated the consequences of their actions. Another "substantive mistake" on their behalf.

In order to go forward trust must be reestablished. Why should the president trust the board at this time? Nothing has changed. They are still operating as if they have nothing to account to the tax payers or the university for. Just reference Wulf's letter. He is entirely correct. There is still insufficient knowledge on the board to manage a complex multifaceted organization like UVa. A good start would be to take to heart the suggestions of the faculty senate. This would be a good faith beginning to reestablish trust and make clear the intent to be transparent in their proceedings.

Clever headline: "Hoo d'etat". Very original. How'd you think of that one?

WooHoo ... first use of "Hoo d'etat" I saw was by Waldo Jaquith of cvillenews.com back on June 24. Is there a priority dispute over who deserves credit for this coinage? I agree it is clever.

I wonder where the signatories (or the BOV) stand on offering a version of this for academic credit:


Awesome video of the grand opening of Tudor Jone's yoga studio especially his maniacal smiling and arm waving dance halfway through the video

@Mula Bandha - no wonder the BoV must keep their decisions secret. Unbelievable.

Quite perverse that Jones' have such pull at UVA.

Credibility of the University is the priority, and this video tells me otherwise. Very sad that the UVA has allowed this type of infestation of corporate dollars into higher education so that people like the Jones' can have a tax write off on the backs of the 99%.

Also, I understand the majority of UVA graduate students come from India? Am I wrong?


Wonder what his fraternity brothers (SAE?) think of him wearing a dress while wreaking havoc on the University they love.

The strangest part of this for me is, on the one hand the Jones are promoting peace and love through Yoga and wanting to bring that to UVA, with their 12 million dollar gift - on the other hand Mr. Jones was likely an instigator of all the havoc, chaos, stress, and distrust that has become the UVa experience of late - go figure.


Check again. This about the Jones's wanting to leverage UVa's historic reputation to 'transform' all of higher education though implementation of 'yogic sciences':

@Nancy Drew - Peace and Love existed at the UVA prior to this so called gift. There was no need for this ostentatious tax write off.

I would like to know the cost of maintaining this Jones's Yoga venue on the backs of tax payers and the students.

This "gift" was to leverage the Jones' view of how the University should be run.

correction: Jones'

@UVA Fan - I agree. The Jones' have attempted to usurp the UVA for their singular benefit, hoping that their contributions will gain them a voice in all matters regarding the U.

Any credible board, corporate or otherwise, would have treated this covert operation differently. Maybe what is being said among citizens of the Commonwealth is true; there is no credibility at UVA? UVA is bought and paid for. Thank you Jones, Dragas et al.

I expect the Assembly will act. Otherwise, McDonnell should be recalled.

The University has a voice.

If memory serves me correctly, there were quite a number of support statements for President Sullivan's reinstatement BUT not one peep from Craig Littlepaige and John Oliver, UVA CO-Athletics Directors, AND R. Edward Howell, CEO, UVA Medical Center. Any public record?

@ Mula bandha - I had no idea that 2 people (Jones) opinions regarding how Yoga transformed their lives, equals the value of a scientific study. And, therefore, should be taught at the prestigeous UVA. Absurd at best (I wound up in the ER with a torn ligament after Yoga but that was on my dime).

Personally, I would have appreciated millions in scholarships to US citizens seeking graduate studies at UVA. This is nonsense!

Dubby Wynne. Dubby Wynne. Master Virginia Beach moneyed who personallyhand selected Helen Dragas to be appointed to BOV. Dubby is Helen mentor and taught her every trick in the Virginia Beach book

Dubby Wynne handpicked Sullivan. A bit like a bull in a china shop.
There's nothing wrong with Contemplative Studies, but one can't help but think better stewardship by the development/engagement staff would have steered that donor's interest to address a more screaming need.

What is slimy here is accusing someone of being a part of a conspiracy when there has been not one iota of evidence presented.

The Helen Dragas saga gets scarier and weirder, and this one involves Lady Gaga. She is worried about a first year writing course called "GaGa for Gaga: Sex, Gender and Identity" because, in her words: "the title of the course and the headline of the article "- by the Heritage Foundation!- "probably aren't helping us justify funding requests from parents, tax payers and legislators". Via WP http://tinyurl.com/dydhx4p.
It appears now that she single-handedly defaced the intellectual standing of Uva by her illegal actions as rector, and therefore caused the school to lose significant $$ in donor pledges. How ironic. It also seems evident that she doesn't understand how university culture requires spontaneous, intense, and far fetching intellectual pursuit, and at all cost, needs to be protected from political micromanagement. One more ominous quote from her meddling in the Gaga course: "Opinions will, of course, vary on curricular content and direction, but there must be some internal arbiter of what is appropriate. I don't purport to know what that is, but it is clear to me that others do (at least purport to know), and that those people can influence our future. We should be mindful of that, in my opinion".
Who are those people she's talking about? And what about those people who will judge her for what is appropriate? Because you sure don't purport to know what that is.

@CvilleEye plenty of circumstantial evidence and enough to convince this juror.

@CvilleEye did you read this ? I agree he doesn't say - I was one of those you have to thank for ousting the president, but he comes close, and with the sources the Hook quotes I think that is plenty of evidence .


OP-ED: Aspiring to achieve greatness

By: Paul Tudor Jones II | The Daily Progress
Published: June 17, 2012

“God forbid should we ever be 20 years without such a rebellion… It is lethargy that is the forerunner of death to the public liberty.”

— Thomas Jefferson (1787)

The recent resignation of President Terry Sullivan from the University of Virginia has created a great deal of uncertainty in the Virginia community. Change is never easy and often quite messy. But here is one thing on which you can rely. The spirit of Thomas Jefferson, the first rector of the University of Virginia, is cheering this bold action by the Board of Visitors. Jefferson was a change agent, a man of action and a perfectionist. To paraphrase him, it is time for a revolution.

It has been proven in settings far more important than this that there can be no reconciliation without truth. This false harmony that seems to highlight the approach to the way forward is a shallow pr strategy, not a way toward true shared governance. The more everyone puts on a fake smile and says all is fine and we are ready to move ahead, the less anyone believes it. None of the players in this drama have stupidity as a weakness--hubris and insularity perhaps, but not dullness.

The action on Strine seems to be necessary to move forward--the next step is an actual review of the incident--not phony accord.

PODCAST: conversation with Richard Marks, one of the "Concerned 14" who co-signed this letter to the Board of Visitors. http://bit.ly/P9q7kl

I'm surprised that this crowd hasn't taken offence at the label "elite alumni." What makes these 1%ers questions special? Entitlement? And an open letter" Puhleeze, no different than Facebook postings.

@CvilleEye even though Mr. Jones was clearly a fan of Sullivan's ouster, the inexplicable reappointment of Helen Dragas to the BOV, after the tsunami of opposition, points to only one person as the true power behind " the project" to oust Sullivan - Governor McDonnell and I admit there is no hard evidence.

The truth will come out eventually, and it'll make a damn good "made-for-TV" movie!

On second thought, Grisham needs to write the novel "The Visitors" first and then the screenplay.

What does that Jones crap have to do with Gov. McDonnell? Yes he re-appointed her, probably in the hopes that it would help to dampen the controversy. Remember, he threatened to fire them all if they did not behave. He also appointed Leonard Sandridge to keep her under control. I don't see any circumstantial evidence. Why not accuse the governor who appointed her in the first place? Maybe he was at the root of the conspiracy.

@Cville Eye -- it doesn't make sense to suggest that the Governor reappointed Dragas to dampen the controversy. His office was being bombarded with phone calls, email, letters, and tweets imploring him NOT to re-appoint her. His decision to go against the great weight of expressed public opinion shows he did not care that Dragas was unpopular. It's also completely unfair to shift the blame to former Governor Kaine ... McDonnell was the one in position to evaluate Ms. Dragas' role in the "recent unpleasantness" and he alone is responsible for retaining her on the Board despite her contemptible handling of the situation.

@Lift August 10th, 2012 | 9:58am
It is what it is, folks! It’s a “class society”

Frankly speaking, being at the bottom of the class pole, I'm ecstatic that some of the "Elite alumni" FINALLY had the %*#@$ to publically step up to the plate. Don’t you think that Thomas Jefferson would be smiling at the “Rotunda 14” and saying, well done, my graduates, well done!

Imagine what would happen if ALL current UVA students, UVA graduates, CURRENT AND FORMER faculties, administrators, and STAFF members proudly stepped forward and WROTE their own letter to the UVA BOV. No Facebook posting for me.

As a former staff member, I served the University proudly, took my responsibilities seriously, and I do have a dog in this fight. The BOV slinked away from their responsibilities to the people that they promised to serve (I’m one of those people) and I am still in the dark. I AM “entitled” to know the facts.

BOV, I want to know:
What did you know, when did you know it, what was your role in the ouster, what were you thinking and why?

Wow, that alumni open letter is remarkable. Bravo!

The main problem was that Sullivan wasn't up to the task of raising funds . Is she any better at it now than a couple of months ago ?

I think Dragas re-appointment was a message from the governor that Yes Sullivan is back but she is not being given a blank check to do everything her way and you got Sullivan back but that is all you are getting. IE: That is major change on BOV is not happening.

This situation reminds one of the turmoil within the Eastern Bloc Communinst parties . Cult of personality , purges, oblivious to the natural requirements of basic economics . Sullivan family is sucking an embarrasing yearly amount of cash out of the budget . Huge expense to get rid of effective staff and replace them with someone who might be more loyal to incompetance. Sullivan is good for business for The Hook .

Haven't looked in here for awhile but have been watching an associate of Sullivan's from a distance . Elizabeth Warren , co-wrote a book with Sullivan that is getting them both lots of mention of misconduct . Warren is being parachuted into the Mass. Senate race , she will be speaking at The Democratic convention . She is totally off her rocker , just a sleezebag with absurd lies , in my opinion ... For Sullivan to be a close associate of that character should be instructive .

@Bemused observer, maybe this will make more sense to you. It appears three governors have a different opinion of her than you and others do. Do you really think that a governor cares about emotional tweets from people he knows nothing about? http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/virginia-politics/post/u-va-rector-h...

@ Frank Speaker, you're actually wildly incorrect if not attempting to spread misinformation. Fundraising increased by over 6 million dollars per month during Sullivan's tenure before the BOV's misguided attempts.

@CvilleEye -- You asserted that the Governor probably re-appointed Dragas to dampen the controversy. The controversy was not brewing among the small club of former Governors but among thousands of faculty, staff, alumni, and students. If you are going to characterize this response in support of President Sullivan and against Rector Dragas as a few "emotional tweets" then you obviously don't have much respect for the University community ... And yes, I do expect the Governor to pay attention to what people he doesn't know are saying, or is the Governor only supposed to care about elites and friends?

@Frank Speaker - Dr. Sullivan is quite competent and the UVA is fortunate that she didn't leave after Dragas' attempt at firing her failed. Dragas failed the University. Dragas must resign.

Please refer to : "Examiner.com", June 12 2012 article: "Faculty Senate Statment on President Sullivan's Resignation: "unsatisfactory"

"Widely esteemed as an active scholar – as well as an effective administrator – Teresa Sullivan is the co-author, with Elizabeth Warren and Jay Westbrook, of "The Fragile Middle Class: Americans in Debt;" and "As We Forgive Our Debtors: Bankruptcy and Consumer Credit in America;" (which was the winner of the American Bar Association Silver Gavel Award); and of "Marginal Workers, Marginal Jobs: Underutilization of American Workers."

Please spread your venom elsewhere.

@Frank Speaker
Doesn't the UVA Athletic Department give a head coach FIVE years and a hefty salary (ridiculous to say the least) to turn around a sports program? I don't hear anyone bitching about those numbers.

President Sullivan was on the job for 22 MONTHS and inherited enormous problems. It takes time to settle in, meet the students, faculty, alumni, staff, and the various local and business communities; identify the problems, find solutions and strategies; find and hire brilliant trusted key players; identify and dismiss the incompetent; meet alumni and the big donors; raise more money faster than the speed of light; reply to phone messages; pack suitcases AGAIN, maintain some kind of a relationship with the family AND THEN, on occasion, plan and cook a special dinner!

I’m certain that I missed something!

Oh yeah, wasting her summer with the likes of Dragas.

What have you done lately?

ME? I’m going to take a nap!

Reference: Collegiate Time database 2008, 2009, 2010 (collegiatetimes.com)

Check out the salaries for all the Football, Men and Women Basketball, and on and on...together, their salaries and perks (avail. for years 2008 - 2010 because of legislation) are far greater than Sullivan. What are these coaches' wives and husbands also bringing in? What jobs were they given. Gym memberships...Larry Sabato is bringing in $260,000 as of 2010...

Name Position Department Salary

Arthur Jr (Tim) Garson Executive Vice President and Provost Ofc of Exec VP & Provost $706,800

Steven T DeKosky Vice President, Dean and Professor DMED School of Medicine Adm $650,000

R E Howell Vice President & CEO of the Medical Center Med Ctr $618,000

Irving L Kron Professor 10 MD-SURG Surgery $561,100

Robert F Bruner Dean & Charles C Abbott Professorship in Business Admin Deans Office $518,900 (is this ABBOT PHARMACEUTICALS; MAKING MORE THAN THE PRESIDENT OF UVA?)

John T III Casteen President President's Office $487,000

Leonard W JR Sandridge Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Exec VP/COO $462,800

Paul G Mahoney Dean Law School Central $450,000

Brian H Annex Professor INMD CV Medicine $420,000

Robert D (Bob) Sweeney Senior Vice President for Development and Public Affairs VP Office $413,900

Robert M Strieter Professor 25 MD-INMD Int Med $411,000

Carl P Zeithaml Dean and F S Cornell Professor of Free Enterprise Dean's Admin $408,000

Sharon L Hostler Professor 25 MD-PEDT Pediatrics $401,300
Larry Fitzgerald Lecturer Health System Support $397,800
Harry Jr Harding Dean, Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy Frank Batten School $370,000
George A Rutherglen Professor Law School Central $334,300
Kenneth J Cherry Professor 10 MD-SURG Surgery $329,000
William B. (Bill) Harvey Vice President and Chief Officer for Diversity and Equity Diversity Office $327,600
Bruce J Hillman Professor RADL Thoracoabdominal $324,000
Robert L Chevalier Professor 25 MD-PEDT Pediatrics $322,600
James L Hilton Vice President and Chief Information Officer CIO Office $320,000
Craig K Littlepage Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Programs AD Office $320,000
Meredith Jung-En Woo Dean, Arts and Sciences, Buckner W Clay Professor Govt & Foreign Aff $320,000
Joe C Campbell Professor Elec/Computer Engr Dept $319,600
John C Jr Jeffries Professor Law School Central $316,700
Roberto Ariel Gomez Professor PEDT Nephrology $316,100
Stephen S (Steve) Rich Professor PBHS Public Health Sciences Admin $312,000
Richard J Bonnie Professor Law School Central $312,000
Robert M Carey Professor INMD Endocrinology $306,300
Barry M Gumbiner Professor CELL Cell Biology $306,200
Gerald L. Baliles Director of Miller Center Miller Center $305,000
Deborah A Ryan Head Coach, Women's Basketball Women's Basketball $301,500
Anthony Guy Bennett Head Coach, Men's Basketball Basketball-Men's $300,000
James H (Jim) Aylor Professor, Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science Deans Office $300,000
George A Beller Professor INMD CV Medicine $300,000
Michael J (Mike) Lenox Associate Dean and Executive Director, Batten Institute Deans Office $300,000
Albert M II Groh Head Coach, Football Football $291,700
Vincent A Blasi Professor Law School Central $291,500
Dan Theodorescu Professor 1255 MD-UROL Urology $289,500
Michael P Dooley Professor Law School Central $289,100
John T Monahan Professor Law School Central $288,400
Kenneth S Abraham Professor Law School Central $288,200
Craig A Peters Professor 1255 MD-UROL Urology $288,000
William A JR Petri Division Chief, Infectious Disease INMD Infectious Dis $286,000
Frederick Schauer Professor Law School Central $285,000
Thomas J Braciale Professor PATH Research $283,000
James E (Jim) Ryan Professor of Law Law School Central $281,700
Dorothy K (Dorrie) Fontaine Professor Nursing: Faculty $278,000
George K Yin Professor Law School Central $276,200
Barry J Cushman Professor Law School Central $275,100
Gregg Brandon Assistant Coach, Football - Offensive Coordinator Football $275,000
Yoke San L Reynolds Vice President and Chief Financial Officer VP&CFO $275,000
Thomas C Skalak Vice President for Research VP for Research $275,000
Colette Sheehy Vice President for Management and Budget VP/Mgmt & Budget $275,000
Kenneth L Brayman Professor 10 MD-SURG Surgery $272,900
James R Freeland Sponsors Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Deans Office $272,500
Paul B Stephan Professor Law School Central $270,800
Pamela F Cipriano Lecturer Med Ctr $270,300
Robert S (Bob) Harris Prof, Charles Stewart Sheppard Profship in Grad Bus Admin Deans Office $270,000
Bruce Schirmer Professor 10 MD-SURG Surgery $267,800
George E White Professor Law School Central $266,700
Daniel R Ortiz Professor Law School Central $265,400
John C Harrison Professor Law School Central $265,200
Mary E Magill Professor of Law Law School Central $265,100
B J Lancaster Professor of Nursing Nursing: Faculty $265,000
Karen C Johnston Professor NEUR Neurology $264,500
Douglas A Bayliss Professor PHAR Pharmacology $264,300
Lillian R Bevier Professor Law School Central $263,500
A E D Howard Professor Law School Central $263,400
Haydn N Wadley University Professor Mat Sci/Engr Dept $263,000
Michael G Collins Professor of Law Law School Central $262,200
Robert C Pianta Professor and Dean Deans Office $260,000
Kodi S (Ravi) Ravichandran Professor MICR Microbiology $260,000
Larry J Sabato University Professor and Director of the Center for Politics President's Office $260,000
Michael J Weber Professor and Director, Cancer Center MICR Microbiology $259,300
James C Turner Exec Director SH-Administration $258,700
Stanley H Benedict Associate Professor RONC Radiation Oncology $257,600
Karin Wittenborg University Librarian Univ Librarian-General $256,800
Jody S Kraus Professor Law School Central $256,100
William L Walker Professor of Law Law School Central $255,200
Jonathon D Truwit Professor INMD Pulmonary $255,000
Patrick J Concannon Professor BIOC Biochem/Mole Genetics $255,000
Susan Carkeek Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer Human Resources $255,000
Alex M Johnson Professor Law School Central $254,500
Barry M Horowitz Professor and Chair Sys/Info Engr Dept $252,600
Gary K Owens Professor MPHY Mole Phys & Biophysics $250,300
Richard D Pearson Professor of Internal Medicine INMD Infectious Dis $250,200
Lawrence W Gimple Professor INMD CV Medicine $250,000
Paula M Fracasso Professor INMD Hem/Onc $250,000
Gordon C Burris Senior Assistant to President President's Office $250,000
Elizabeth M (Beth) Snyder Director UVIMCO $250,000
Robert W (Rob) Freer Director UVIMCO $250,000
Kim M Tanzer Dean & Edward E Elson Professor of Architecture Deans Office $250,000
Billy K Jr. Cannaday Dean Deans Office $250,000
John T Parsons Professor and Chair of Microbiology MICR Microbiology $249,600
David A Leitao Head Coach, Men's Basketball Basketball-Men's $249,000
John A Stankovic BP America Professor Comp Science Dept $248,200
Donald F (Don) Hunt University Professor Chemistry $248,000
Jonathan Z Cannon Professor of Law Law School Central $247,900
Robert E (Ed) Freeman Olsson Professor and Director of Olsson Center Deans Office $247,000
Barbara S Baldwin Lecturer Med Ctr $242,760
Randall R Smith Chief Technology Officer Deans Office $242,400
Joyce L Hamlin Professor BIOC Biochem/Mole Genetics $241,600
Peyton T Taylor Professor 60 MD-OBGY Ob & Gyn $241,500
Karen Van Lengen Dean & Edward E Elson Professor of Architecture Deans Office $241,500
William J (Bill) Wilhelm William G Shenkir Eminent Scholar Professorship Dean's Admin $241,000
Erik Hewlett Professor INMD Infectious Dis $241,000
Kim A Forde-Mazrui Professor Law School Central $240,300
Stephen E Plog David A Harrison, III, Professor of Historical Archaeology Anthropology $240,000
Syed Ali Gowher (Gowher) Rizvi Vice Provost for International Programs Ofc of Exec VP & Provost $240,000
David A Martin Professor Law School Central $239,800
Paul Gregory (Greg) Mitchell Professor Law School Central $239,600
Edmund W Kitch Professor Law School Central $239,500
Dennis J Templeton Chair of Department of Pathology 00 MD-PATH Pathology $239,300
Jeffrey T Corwin Professor of Neuroscience NESC Neuroscience $238,900
Teresa S de Guzman Associate Dean for Finance & Administration Deans Office $238,600
Yacov Y Haimes Professor Sys/Info Engr Dept $237,900
Simon P Anderson Commonwealth Professor of Economics Economics $236,300
Kevin S Lee Professor NESC Neuroscience $236,200
Anne M Coughlin Professor of Law Law School Central $235,000
Patricia M Lampkin Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer VP Office $235,000
Susan E Kirk Associate Professor INMD Endocrinology $235,000
Richard C Schragger Professor Law School Central $233,700
Margo Andrea Bagley Professor of Law Law School Central $232,800
Thomas B Nachbar Professor Law School Central $231,700
Mark F Abel Professor ORTP Pediatric Ortho $231,700
Herman H (Hank) Shugart William W Corcoran Professor Environmental Sciences $231,200
Steven D Walt Professor Law School Central $230,000
David J Neuman Architect for the University Architect-Uva $229,400
Darryl K Brown Professor Law School Central $229,200
Tomiko Brown-Nagin Professor of Law Law School Central $228,600
Martin A Schwartz Professor MICR Microbiology $226,700
Donald E Sundgren Chief Facilities Officer CFO Office $226,700
Richard M Hynes Professor Law School Central $226,100
Paul W Farris Landmark Communications Professor Deans Office $226,000
Robert E Spekman Tayloe Murphy Professor Deans Office $226,000
Robert L Carraway Assoc Dean for Degree Programs Deans Office $225,500
Christopher P Holstege Associate Professor EMED Emergency Medicine $225,400
Eugene J (Gene) Barrett Assoc Chair for Research and Dir of Diabetes Center INMD Endocrinology $225,000
David L Brautigan Professor MICR Microbiology $224,200
David W Breneman University Prof & Newton & Rita Meyers Prof of Econ of Edu ol Studies 31165 CU-Leadshp $223,800
Mary Lou Soffa Owen R Cheatham Professor and Chair Comp Science Dept $223,100
Paul J Forch General Counsel General Counsel $222,800
Richard G Netemeyer Ralph A Beeton Professor of Free Enterprise Dean's Admin $222,500
Nettie A (Ann) Woolhandler Professor Law School Central $221,500
Anindya Dutta Byrd Professor BIOC Biochem/Mole Genetics $220,800
Marcus L Martin Professor EMED Emergency Medicine $220,000
Richard Scott Myers Senior Associate Dean for Administration and Planning Office of the Dean $220,000
Barbara E Armacost Professor Law School Central $217,400
Ian G Macara Professor MICR Microbiology $216,200
David A Borbely Assistant Coach, Football Football $216,000
Mark Kirk Associate Professor EMED Emergency Medicine $215,200
Sidney M Milkis White Burkett Miller Prof of Govt & Foreign Affairs & Prof Govt & Foreign Aff $214,400
Shu Man Fu Professor INMD Rheumatology $214,000
James M (Milton) Adams Vice Provost for Academic Programs Ofc of Exec VP & Provost $213,900
Kent JR Sinclair Professor Law School Central $213,500
Margaret A Shupnik Professor INMD Endocrinology $213,200
Elizabeth Hutton (Beth) Turner Vice Provost for the Arts Ofc of Exec VP & Provost $212,000
Gertrude J Fraser Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement Ofc of Exec VP & Provost $212,000
Charles B Fitzgerald Senior Associate VP for Principal Relationship Development Principal Relations Development $210,600
Robert M Conroy J Harvie Wilkinson, Jr, Professor of Business Administration Deans Office $210,100
Stephen Telford Parr Associate Dean, Management and Finance Law School Central $210,000
Anda L Webb Vice Provost for Administration & Chief of Staff Ofc of Exec VP & Provost $210,000
Alan F (Rick) Horwitz Professor CELL Cell Biology $209,700
Sankaran Venkataraman MasterCard Professor of Business Administration Deans Office $208,700
Kenneth M Eades Professor Deans Office $208,000
Raymond F Morgan Professor PLSR Plastic Surgery $207,939
Gerald R Donowitz Professor of Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease INMD Infectious Dis $207,800
Susan J Chaplinsky Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Scholarship Deans Office $207,400
John Norton Moore Professor Law School Central $207,400
Michael R (Mike) McPherson Associate VP and Deputy Chief Information Officer CIO Office $207,000
Sarah E Turner University Professor of Education & Economics ol Studies 31165 CU-Leadshp $206,700
Lloyd R Harriott Virginia Microelectronics Consortium Professor and Chair Elec/Computer Engr Dept $206,700
Nicholas J Garber Professor Civil & Env Engr $206,200
Richard W Miksad Professor Civil & Env Engr $205,500
Caleb E Nelson Professor of Law Law School Central $205,400
Theresa A Guise Professor of Internal Medicine INMD Endocrinology $205,000
James H Jr Harrison Associate Professor PBHS Public Health Sciences Admin $205,000
Jerome J Mcgann University Prof & John Stewart Bryan Prof of English English/Eng Lit Ops $205,000
Barry W Johnson Senior Associate Dean and Associate Dean for Research Academic Pgrms $204,600
Kathryn C Thornton Associate Dean STS Dept $204,000
Deborah E Mcdowell Director, Carter G Woodson IAAS & Professor English/Eng Lit Ops $204,000
Thomas S Bateman Bank of America Professor Dean's Admin $202,500
Craig L Slingluff Professor 10 MD-SURG Surgery $201,800
Donald E (Don) Brown William Stansfield Calcott Professor Sys/Info Engr Dept $201,400
Robert J Davis Professor Chem Engr Dept $201,000
David S Cafiso Commonwealth Prof of Chemistry & Prof and Chair of Chemistry Chemistry $200,900
Karen S Rheuban Professor PEDT Cardiology $200,700
Mark R Conaway Professor PBHS Public Health Sciences Admin $200,200
William A Wulf Professor Comp Science Dept $200,000
Christopher M Kramer Professor RADL Non-Invasive Cardio $200,000
Dennis R Proffitt Commonwealth Professorship of Psychology and Chair Psychology $200,000
Benjamin (Ben) Peeler Associate Professor 10 MD-SURG Surgery $200,000
Michael D Moxley Associate Professor 60 MD-OBGY Ob & Gyn $200,000
Albert M III (Mike) Groh Assistant Coach, Football Football $200,000
William R Johnson Georgia S Bankard Professor and Chair of Economics Economics $199,700
Abhinav (Bobby) Chhabra Associate Professor ORTP Hand Surgery $199,200
David G Mick Robert Hill Carter Professor of Marketing Dean's Admin $199,000
Luann J Lynch Assoc Professor Deans Office $197,500
Robert D Landel Henry E McWane Professor Deans Office $197,200
George S (Yiorgos) Allayannis Associate Professor Deans Office $197,000
Julia D Mahoney Professor of Law Law School Central $196,800
Richard P Gangloff Professor Mat Sci/Engr Dept $196,800
Joel M Linden Professor INMD CV Medicine $196,700
Frederick G Hayden Professor INMD Infectious Dis $196,700
William M Scheld Professor of Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease INMD Infectious Dis $196,500
George M Cohen Professor Law School Central $196,300
Risa L Goluboff Professor of Law Law School Central $196,200
Douglas L Leslie Professor Law School Central $195,800
Stuart A Wolf Professor Mat Sci/Engr Dept $195,700
Michael J Schill Associate Professor of Business Administration Deans Office $195,500
Jon K Oliver Executive Associate Athletics Director AD Office $195,300
Mildred W Robinson Professor Law School Central $195,300
Kevin A Kordana Professor Law School Central $195,100
Mark D Okusa Professor INMD Nephrology $195,000
Brandt R Allen Professor and James C Wheat Pro Administrative Deans Office $194,800
Charles A Holt A Willis Robertson Professorship in Political Economy Economics $194,800
John P III Mugler Professor RADL Rad Research $194,700
Richard L Guerrant Hunter Prof Int Med/Head, Geo and Int Med/Dir Ctr Global Hlt INMD Infectious Dis $194,200
James C II Garrison Professor PHAR Pharmacology $194,100
J H (Rip) Verkerke Professor Law School Central $193,300
Anita K Jones Professor Comp Science Dept $193,000
John L Colley Almand R Coleman Professor Deans Office $192,300
Eric Van Wincoop Robert P Black Research Professor of Economics Economics $192,300
Marian C Moore Professor Deans Office $192,200
John K Setear Professor of Law Law School Central $191,500
Peter C Brunjes Commonwealth Professor of Psychology Psychology $191,500
Bankole A Johnson Chair of Psychiatric Med PSCH Psychiatry and NB Sciences $191,300
Marc L Lipson Associate Professor Deans Office $191,000
Ming-Jer Chen Leslie E Grayson Professor of Business Administration Deans Office $190,100
Scott A Snell Professor Deans Office $190,000
Glen Wesley Jack Associate Dean for Development Development $190,000
David T Lawrence Assistant Professor EMED Emergency Medicine $190,000
Nancy A Rivers Chief of Staff for the President, Assoc VP for Admin President's Office $190,000
David Carl Smith Associate Professor Dean's Admin $190,000
John C Herr Professor CELL Cell Biology $188,400
Mark E Haskins Professor Deans Office $188,300
Christine M Peterson Associate Professor SH-Gynecology $188,100
Leigh B Grossman Professor PEDT Infectious Diseases $187,600
William G Teague Professor PEDT Pulmonary $187,500
Helmy M Siragy Professor INMD Endocrinology $186,600
Richard H. Rice Deputy Chief Facilities Officer CFO Office $186,500
Coleen A Mcnamara Professor INMD CV Medicine $186,000
Gaynell P Matherne Professor PEDT Cardiology $186,000
Kenneth G Elzinga Professor Economics $186,000
Karen B Rendleman Associate Vice President for Health System Development HS Dir Admin Services $185,500
Alison E Traub Assistant Vice President for Development AVP for Development $185,500
Barry L Parkhill Associate Athletics Director for Capital Campaign Capital Campaign $185,400
Margaret E Mohrmann Professor 25 MD-PEDT Pediatrics $185,400
Elliott N Weiss Isidore Horween Research Professor in Bus Admin Deans Office $185,200

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Police make arrest in explosion investigation Aug 3rd
Greenberry's Coffee Co. closes Aug 1st
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College students must read more in free time Aug 1st

If anyone wants to complain about Dr. Sullivan's pay; get educated before you land on this post. Jeepers, she is working 7 days per week and hours that you could not comprehend.

Many thanks to President Sullivan and her family for working through these times at UVA. We should be so grateful!

President Sullivan should be given a raise, and Dragas should be fired. The General Assembly of the Commonwealth need to explain what is going on here. President Sullivan should be paid far more than anyone at the U.

President Sullivan's contract should be modified and include the removal of all individuals who had a hand in her ouster. Transparency is the only way out of this mess. What is the U thinking?

What is the Governor thinking. This fiasco will haunt Gov. McDonnell for the rest of his political career. I don't care what party you are faithful; this is absurd to the nth degree.

What is the best way to communicate this information to the Governor? Does anyone have a link? Can the link be posted on facebook et al? Twitter? There must be a strategic programmer at UVA who can build an APP for that? Come on...

Governor McDonnell must step down from office. Recall!

How does the UVA stand a chance with this type of information?

Remove the Rector. Recall the Governor.

We do not want to pay for daughter's graduate studies (out of state/country) if UVA does not know what it is doing.

We do not care about the contemplative sciences @ UVa. We care about her medicine study. Education in medicine was our daughter's desire. Yoga is nothing to her. She practice in private. Why would you send information to my child from India, emphasizing such practice. Yoga is personal and not to be confused with United States commercialism/capitalism. This is wrong. Yoga can be practiced at a local park, home, work, and/or on sidewalk. Your multi-million dollar studio is only promoting a commercial enterprise. Offending at best.This is not what yoga master envisioned. This is for commercial enterprise. Another reason to attend California school for our daughter.

Balance among faculty, alumni, donor, BoV perspectives. We see divisiveness at best. We choose not to be part of this culture clash. Democracy and transparency is what we believed the US to be the epitome. Not so.

Why have you not been forthright?

We will not be writing checks to our daughter's preferred graduate school, UVA, until we see some transparency. We are parents who want best for our child. Simple request. Peaceful request. And, based on your posts and those concerned for UVA, we have no choice but to postpone any funding for our daughter's graduate studies at UVA. She will attend another school in California.

We wish you well, and hope for peaceful, congruent outcome.

Cohesive atmosphere where President is regarded as guiding force for U is main priority. We encourage friends, and many others to seek higher ed elsewhere. You realize significance? We do not think so.

@Bemused observer, you have great expectations.
"The controversy was not brewing among the small club of former Governors but among thousands of faculty, staff, alumni, and students." I know you won't believe this but these people have little influence in Richmond. You also won't believe that there are many in that community that would love for UVA to compete head-to-head with Stamford, Harvard, Yale, MIT, etc. There are many others, especially the super rich that would love to use UVA as part of their business such as Kirk and is willing to spread their wealth and true influence around to see that it happens. It is by no mistake that UVA has billionaires circling about.

@@Bemused observer, the people of whom I speak make their fortunes from ScienceTechnologyEngineeringMathematics, business and law. They do not make a dime in literature, music, theater , French or anthropology. Those were the areas Dragas seemed to be ready to discard (liberal arts) as having no place in her future vision for UVA and I would not be surprised it sometime in the near future enrollment in the liberal arts at UVA will begin to decline. The school can make money on STEM and that is what she's counting on to help fund the school down the road. Of course the State will probably suport that move.

@Benused observer, "And yes, I do expect the Governor to pay attention to what people he doesn't know are saying, or is the Governor only supposed to care about elites and friends?" You are getting so warm. And people who can do something for their circle of elites and friends and family. Why do you think Kaine gave a state park to Albemarle County when it didn't want one? Hint" Craig. And all of the faculty, staff, alumni and students couldn't stop it.

The Governor does not care about UVA students, faculty and alumni. If they don't further his political career, why would he care? McDonnell is a has been. He has nothing to lose. Big problem with the 1 term governorship in VA. The one term gov-ship should be addressed along with the Dragas vs UVA situation.

Virginia is the ONLY state that legislates one term for governor. Why?

Appears as if UVA is operating via a yo-yo methodology.

You are becoming a laughing stock in the view of most other states. You deserve who you vote for & the singular-ship of governor. No governor in VA has to claim responsibility for problems due to the single term. SWEET.

We have one-term governors because we usually can't stand them after that. Any longer term will just allow them to profit more through corruption. Other states with longer terms usually end up with scandal surrounding the governor. If other states wish a laugh they can laugh at themselves. Besides most Virginians don't appreciate career liars (politicians).

nar·cis·sus: [nahr-sis-uhs], noun, plural
1. any bulbous plant belonging to the genus Narcissus, of the amaryllis family, having showy yellow or white flowers with a cup-shaped corona.
2. the flower of any of these plants.
3. An institution of post high school education in central Virginia.

@Do well and prosper, If you feel as you say, and I believe you do, I encourage you to call and/or write UVA with the same message. Comments here are not without worth, but your voice will really be heard through direct contact. Advocacy does work.

All Hook Readers: See Cavalier Daily post regarding Rector Dragas trying to resign back in June, are you kidding me? Dragas states:

"Emails show Dragas had plans for one term:

Newly released emails show Rector Helen Dragas considered discontinuing her role as chair of the University’s Board of Visitors during the leadership crisis in June which brought the institution to a standstill.

On Tuesday, June 19, at 6:18 p.m., Dragas received an email from John Ullyot, an employee of the public relations firm the Board hired to help calm the growing chorus of dissent from students, faculty and alumni about the forced resignation of President Teresa Sullivan.

The email contained two numbered statements, which Dragas presumably asked Ullyot to pen for her.

“Today I have asked the Governor not to reappoint me to a second term as Rector,” Ullyot wrote as the second point. “As much as I’m certain that changing leadership will clearly improve the strategic direction of the university, I simply believe that the actual selection of U.Va.’s next President should go forward under the fresh perspective of a new Rector. I deeply appreciate the opportunity to join so many others in service to this great University, and look forward to remaining engaged in the community going forward.”

The emails were released Friday under a Freedom of Information Act request by The Hook newspaper.

The first statement contained remarks about Vice Rector Mark Kington’s resignation, which had been announced earlier that afternoon, the sentiments of which Dragas did release publicly. The remainder of the release was filled with hundreds of emails calling for the rector’s resignation and Sullivan’s reinstatement.

Dragas wrote in an email Friday that she was unsure at the time whether a reappointment would best serve the needs of her family. “That day, my middle child celebrated her 16th birthday, sharply reminding me how much time I’ve spent away from all three of my children and the impact that continued vitriolic attacks on their mother might have on them,” she said. “After considering all options, as thoughtful people do, I decided to stay because I believe the issues at stake are very important and I want to work with the President and others to find solutions that will benefit U.Va.”

Why didn't Dragas resign like her fellow UVA bov members?

Dragas should set a better example for her children.

And she must have known the Governor would reappoint her or she wouldn't have humiliated herself by not resigning, that tells me without a doubt, that the Governor was in on the project to oust Sullivan all along.

We need to get the Governor and others on the stand in hearings, and the General Assembly needs to do what the Governor could not - force Dragas off the BOV.

When you think of the pain and suffering she has caused UVA and her family, by being in such a negative spotlight, one needs to wonder what her motivations are for not resigning .

She has a BIG EGO!

@NancyDrew August 12th, 2012 | 8:08am
Absolutely, but it will never happen. Members of the General Assembly will conduct business as usual; walk around the chamber, pat each other on the ass and share stories about how wonderful they are. They are too busy trying to up one another. What a waste of talent!

As for the Governor...
8/11/12 The Washington Post headline reads “Romney makes Ryan his VP pick….” What happen Governor McDonnell?

Did the Dragas chaos, created at UVA, burst your political balloon? Did the VP “investigators” find that you were indeed knee deep in dodo and your hands weren’t so squeaky clean after all?

University of Virginia students, faculty, administrators, staff, alumni, and Virginia communities are madder than hell and are entitled to know WHY? What was the motive? What was the hurry? Why the secrecy?

It’s time to OWN it.

I am a UVA undergrad and Penn State Grad student; sheesh, what makes me believe I will be employable after 2014? Right now, I am a loser. My folks don't know what they are paying hard earned cash for; me either.

Today's Penn State Board was not cohesive; UVA's Board is not cohesive. No apology for the child rapes @ UVA, just full investigation into the NCAA sanctions and other legal proceedings. Not once did the board apologize to the children raped. Unbelievable. Not once has Dragas apologized for ousting the President. Ouch!

UVA board of visitors is not cohesive; I am so screwed as a student. Wish all of you making our decisions had my predicament. This is sooo terrible. UVA should be better at PR and solving this problem. After all this is a first rate institution. Do you believe the students have suffered enough?

Dragas, when do you believe enough suffering is enough?

Dragas, when do the students matter? Please let me know because my little world is looking brim. I would not want your children attending UVA based on your decisions. Your choices make us laughable and unemployable based on state 8/2012. Thank you for that.

We students do not understand the power of the University. We try to move on but the nature of boards prevent us from seeing what is true. Where do we go for facts? Where do we go for questions regarding the U? No where because all decisions are based on the board of visitors/trustees.

My parents ponder the same questions. Any answers out there?

@UVA and Penn State Grad

It is obscene for you to compare the atrocities against children by and covered up by Penn State reps to the governance issue at UVA.

Please keep these absurd thoughts to yourself.

His point is that the Penn state brand is blackened . Is the UVA brand as strong as it was prior to the arrival of Sullivan ? From reading the press the answer is no isn't it ?. Lots of noise is being made to obsecure the problem . Blame can be put on others for sure as the damage is overflowing .Wasn't there simply an error made on hiring ?.. Elizabeth Warren a close collaborator of Sullivan should be an indication of what the problem is . She is so wacky her opponents in Boston want to pay for extra air time for Elizabeth . Elizabeth is supposed to be a Law prof at Harvard and i believe she was a top advisor in the Obama administration . Two classic examples of The Peter principle demonstrated .

While 10 of you here pass around conspiracy theories, the rest of the University is doing what it always does, and the only damage is circulating among those who keep talking about damage. Just because you imagine it does not mean that it's real.

if this school( UVa ) cannot require transparency in it's administrative structure ( BOV) and day to day operations with a one of a kind honor honor code that all are supposed to understand and adhere to -then I have little hope for the rest of acadmia to get it right. Why can't competing ideas be discussed in the open. What's wrong with public input in a public institution? I don't think anyone is asking for anything in the above postings ( for the most part) but honestyso that trust can be rebuilt. Open dialogue is desirable in the classroom and in the public square. Closed door proceedings imply that there is something to hide. Is there?

UVa rankings improved in Forbes over a year ago(significantly)--rankings stay high in other publications, application numbers at an all-time high, fund raising rebounding--I would say 'the brand' is doing just fine. The ages old Elizabeth Warren association smear is not going to be very successful here--it is old news and there are alot of folks who like Warren just fine in this crew.

Instead, the fact that the faculty, alumni, and board itself reversed a bad decision may strengthen the UVa brand.

Yes i liked Elizabeth Warren also . She seemed to make sense etc on topics she was addressing during the depths of the financial meltdown . However, the stuff she has come out with regarding her obvious false claim to be a Native North American was a game changer . A few more revelations about this bogus claim and how she and Harvard benefited from it was a dissapointment ..Her connection to Sullivan and the dubious merit of their joint ventures certainly raises legetimate questions . It is good for people to move ahead and up but using false credentials to claw themselves over actual worthy individuals is just not right . There is talk of having Warren as the Democratic Presidential candidate in 2016 . Does your local love of Liz go far enough to have her set up as the leader of The Western World ? Aren't these two already in over their heads ?

@Frank Speaker - Better to have Warren as Presidential material than McDonnell as VP running mate any day. I am so disappointed in McDonnell, and his choices regarding the BoV at UVA. McDonnell knows how to lower the bar in politics.

Further, if transparency existed at UVA, FOIA would not be required in order to gain access to the simplest of communications from the BoV. I understand that many individuals who will be named in upcoming FOIA email releases will be completely embarrassed with their involvement related to the ouster of President Sullivan. They should all be exposed. This process should be over and done with so that the University can move on.


You state: "It is obscene for you to compare the atrocities against children by and covered up by Penn State reps to the governance issue at UVA."

It's not obscene to compare the mass rapes, also atrocities, of young women at UVA to the Penn State scandal. The national stats are 25% of the female populations in US colleges are sexually assaulted each year. Lets assume UVA has a better record and it's only 10%. That means 1000 girls are statistically assaulted each year. We also know very few report assault (because little is ever done). Lets say 5% report. That equals 50 reported assaults. I believe over the last 10 years the range has been from 8 to 35 annually have been reported. UVA according to their own stats has never expelled one student for sexual assault in over 10 years. If you are a young lady in UVA and you are raped and someone gives you these stats why would you go through the humiliation of reporting the assault if the rapist will not be expelled under any circumstances?

Even Harvard and Princeton have expelled rapists over the years but not UVA! Jefferson thinks very highly of rapists but not of cheaters! How many students have been expelled for cheating in the last 10 years? hundreds? not one rapist?

This is a school that preaches women's equality on paper but treats them like trash. The people at UVA that treat women like trash are mostly other women. UVA's President talks the talk but have totally fumbled on the walk.

Eventually this will come out in the wash and it will catapult UVA to the level of Penn State. We are talking about tens of thousands of girls over the decade that have gone through this terrifying experience at UVA blaming and judging themselves. These girls are scarred for life and it will affect and damage their future relationships with spouses and children. What is this cost to society? I truly wonder how this has affected our society and the demise of the family. I don't care if you are on the left or right of the political spectrum this problem affects all of us much more than anyone can imagine.

So as ugly and disgusting as Penn State was it involved a dozen boys. Nothing will ever make raping young boys acceptable but in my mind the mass rapes of young women ages 17-21 is a much bigger problem and UVA actively engages in covering this up. It is not UVA's official policy but the statistics clearly show that UVA does not punish rapists. By the way the Cville Commonwealth prosecuting student on student rapes in same 10 year period is also very troubling.

Let's not forget how UVA failed Yeardley Love!?! Yes, I know they had candle vigils in Penn State for their victims too.

If you haven't already, please take a moment to show your support for the letter written by 14 Alums by adding their signature to this petition http://www.change.org/petitions/board-of-visitors-university-of-virginia...

For more info check out: http://www.facebook.com/United4Honor

Sullivan to the BoV on the Yoga effort: "In the last 20 months, I have sought to implement strategic programs to develop such academic programs, where there is significant buy-in and ownership by the faculty. The Center for Contemplative Studies, for which we had a soft launch over Founder’s weekend, is an example of a cross-Grounds program that brings distinction to the University. This was an area in which we had great individual excellence, but now are able to realize a footprint that is larger than any one of the contributing colleges/schools. Without diminishing any existing program, this new Center allows us to combine faculty strengths in new ways, and our students are already greatly energized by the prospects. I believe that there are similar initiatives that would simultaneously help us make progress simultaneously on several of the strategic issues identified above."

"The Board of Visitors will continue to be the most highly sought-after position in the Commonwealth." http://www.virginia.edu/bov/Press%20Package%20-%20Orientation.pdf

@ Watching from California August 10th, 2012 | 10:51pm

Thanks for the posting....here's more!

Reference: Richmond Times Dispatch


(missing information? the perks: cars, gas cards, sport tickets, concert tickets, meals, endorsements, sport camps?)

Considering those state staff members who have two and THREE jobs to just make ends meet, this information is obscene to say the least.



Virginia football coach Mike London has won a two-year contract extension and a raise, increasing his

annual salary to $2.1 million.

News of the contract restructuring came Friday from Atlanta, where London is preparing the Cavaliers for their first bowl appearance since the 2007 season. Virginia faces Auburn in the Chick-fil-A Bowl on Saturday.

The two-year addition will extend London's contract through 2016. The raise increases his salary by $400,000 annually. London's extension also includes a longevity bonus effective January 2015.



Mack Brown, shown celebrating the Longhorns' Big 12 title, is at the top of the heap according to most recent published reports. Average annual salary, in millions, listed (sources: USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, AP).



Mack Brown

Texas football


Pete Carroll

USC football


Urban Meyer

Florida football


John Calipari

UK basketball


Nick Saban

Bama football


Bob Stoops

OU football


@Considering those state staff members who have two and THREE jobs to just make ends meet, this information is obscene to say the least." What employees are these? Are their spouses unemployed? Are they paying off college loans?