What's the best change to Charlottesville's landscape within the last decade or so?

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The Downtown Mall -- a Corner for the rest of us.
And also, the food scene, which existed mainly as a pipe dream 25 years ago.

If you're talking political landscape, I'd have to say voting Nancy Periello out of office.

I'd say the downtown mall improvements, the "Art in Place" pieces are amusing as well.

A lot of bad changes too, with the Pantops and 29N sprawl, Meadowcreek nonsense, music venue turmoil, YMCA in the park, and people itching to develop the Rivanna riverfront property.

UVA hospital construction and the South Lawn.

Definitely the Downtown Mall. Think of the improvements!
1) An architecturally-blended nTelos Pavilion. A shining example of the Jeffersonian style as approved by the ARB.
2) Million-dollar bricks which have stood the test of time.
3) Overpriced restaurants to provide residents and visitors alike the illusion that they are dining in "world class" and unique eateries.
4) Lee Park (adjacent to the Mall) becoming Ground Zero for such desirable cultural events as Occupy and the pending LGBT fistfest.
5) Vendors peddling incense to give the Mall the aroma of a NY or Philly subway station.
6) Faux-homeless panhandling.
7) Megan's Law pervs staring at children a la "Aqualung."

What a unique treasure we have here. In all the cities I've visited, I have never seen a downtown as vibrant as ours!

R.I.P.: Cleavon Little

@Liberalace, you aren't usually quite this unpleasant. If you don't like it here, you could move to Omaha or someplace more to your liking....your critiques often are at least amusing, but this one is just...nasty.

We could probably all do without 20 identical copies of the same vendor on the mall ....

Council got rid of the others by continuously raising the fees for an assigned spot.

That reminds me of an old bumper sticker that used to circulate in the late '60s-early '70s: America, Love It or Leave It.

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I think Liberalace is on point. Why ask for more cowbell? give me more flannel and birkenstocks!

Hey, what's wrong with Omaha? The World Herald is a great newspaper ...
but why are all of the vendor slots occupied by the same identical exact store, selling the same identical exact wares - and I, for one, have never actually observed any sales taking place. Those vendors are hardly selling stuff that might apeall to Tri-President tourists ...

Shouldn't this article be followed up by another asking "What's the worst change to Charlottesville's landscape within the last 20 years or so?"