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Big Easy bound
Former Charlottesville Mayor Maurice Cox has left Charlottesville behind and headed for New Orleans where he'll help lead rebuilding efforts as an associate dean in the Tulane School of Architecture. He looks back on the changes to Charlottesville since he climbed on board the City Council in the mid-1990s, from more bike lanes to taller buildings, and he makes some suggestions for what he wishes would happen next.

Unlawful entry
What could prompt a third-year UVA Law student to break into his school's records room after-hours and plant a spy-cam? Joshua Gomes' attorneys say the basis of his bizarre behavior might be medical, but his dreams of practicing law may now be out of reach.

Whoa, pho!
Charlottesville gets its first dedicated Pho restaurant thanks to Zinc owner and chef Vu Nguyen. What's up with the name? Does Moto Pho Co. mean something?

Mirror, mirror
She bought the "good" lightbulbs and doesn't take hour-long showers, but Janis Jaquith has nonetheless come to a painful conclusion: she's an addict, and you probably are, too. Can you guess the drug?

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Photo of Maurice Cox by Courteney Stuart; photo of Joshua Gomes by Lisa Provence; Photo of fraternity house by Hawes Spencer; photo of chainsawing by Tom Daly.

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