Stealth bus stop

Through sensitive selection of signage, appurtenances and plantings, this Charlottesville Area Transit bus stop fits comfortably in a rural central Virginia neighborhood.
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I love this picture. Does anyone know who's responsibility it is to take care of things like this. Property owner or CAT?

There not a location in town that the CAT beats me to. They are too busy driving in circles to maintain the stops while the fancy fancy bus barn on Avon gets all CAT's cleaning attention. The bus stops get the rider trash- the drink cans, the chip bags, the multiple cigs butts smoked while waiting, the expectorant.

Its just not the bus stops either. Pay attention on the rural roads around here and you will notice signs covered by overgrowth everywhere. On Monticello Ave heading south, at the intersection of Carlton Ave. The view of the stop light on Monticello Ave is blocked by a walnut tree limb(s). I've seen several folks run that light because they either didn't see the light because of the tree limb OR they ignored it.

you get what you pay for