Church ISO new home

The historic Pleasant Grove Baptist Church is a fine example of a rural church type that is fast disappearing from the county’s landscape; the last chance to preserve the structure is running out. If you are interested in helping to save this structure, please contact Preservation Piedmont at or contact Bill Pahuta at CHO directly at 434-973-8342 x103.–Preservation Piedmont

Preservation Piedmont recently documented the structure and has been in contact with leaders of the congregation and Charlottesville-Albemarle Regional Airport (whose safety zone expansion necessitates its removal) to try to locate a new owner who will assume the responsibility and expense of removing it from the site. As the parishioners of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church have recently moved to their new facility, the new owner would be free to repurpose the historic structure.
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Of what does the airport's "safety zone" ?? Is this related to terrorism or to tourism? Or is it a newly-enacted height restriction. Why couldn't the church get a variance?

The airport bullied those folks for decades. Fly Dulles or Richmond!

Got to have a big airport in Charlottesville -- not only to transport the ghosts of three presidents, but also so the Pig'wigs can transport from there to the Magic Mountain in case of Apophalypse! Now!

I'd be willing to torch that church for free..Just get the fire dept. there and we can make a fine training video.End of problem...

why would burning it make it less memorable ??
I mean, it's hardly like it will ever be a church again -- not even renamed as something like the shrine for St. Giraffe of the Airports ....