Another stuck truck at the 14th Street bridge

The taller-than-10-feet truck wedged under the 14th Street bridge is a perennial mishap. This one occurred shortly before 9am July 18.

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Enough's enough: This "perennial mishap" need never happen again. Surely one of the bright children in the E-school at UVA could devise a height warning system on each side of the bridge: a laser at the right height, the triggering of which could set off an alarm and cause the 14th street traffic lights to turn red.and start flashing -- with a klaxon thrown in for good measure, or a loud recorded voice saying: Stop! Stop! Stop! Your truck! The bridge! Stop! Stop! Stop!

Have you never been to the corner? Have you never heard the incredibly annoyingly loud bell that goes off when trucks that are too high approach the bridge? This exists now and has existed for YEARS (more than a decade?). The drivers of the trucks ignore the warning bell and always think they can slip underneath.

It needs yellow striping, etc too dark.

Raise the bridge? Lower the street? Hire cheerleaders to applaud?