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Jury's power
Just seating a jury for pot possession trials in Charlottesville is difficult, as a growing majority of Americans consider the laws unjust and that pot should be legalized and regulated like alcohol. But while a jury last week found Philip Cobbs not guilty of growing two pot plants on his property, they could have gone a step further by utilizing a little known right seemingly enshrined in the Constitution– if they'd only known about it. Have you heard of jury nullification?

Surprising legacy
When Kyle Thomas died in 2010 at the age of 29, his grief-stricken parents were shocked to find that their son, a talented musician, had left behind never-before-heard recordings. With help from prominent local musician John D'earth, Thomas' compositions are now helping his parents heal and, they hope, will help others who are battling addiction.

Closing up
Just five months after opening, Calypso on Emmet Street shuts its doors for good, and it's not the only restaurant on 29 North that's went dark. What went wrong?

Movie's magic
In the aftermath of the horrific mass shooting in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater, film aficionado and Charlottesville native Carroll Trainum pays tribute to the magic of movie theaters in hopes that the recent tragedy won't cause people to forgo the experience of the big screen.

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