Market research credited in Bellair sale



James H. & Sandra R. Price to Brett Darken & Anne Marshall-Darken, 34 Acres, TM 126-25C3, $60,000

Belvedere Station Land Trust to SHR9 LLC, 1415 Butler Street, $120,000

Jason King & Heather D. Newman to Jon F. & Shannon T. Shoup, 301 N. Bennington Road, $232,500

Stephen S. & Karen E. Saulle to Audrey Allyson Athay-Barnes & Don William Barnes II, 328 Starcrest Road, $280,000

Scott J. & Kristine E. Pringle to Christopher & Stephanie Pitt, 2005 Kemper Lane, $417,500

Bank of America to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, 3501 Buck Island Road, $434,247


Matthew C. Lee to Angel Dreamers LLC, 122 Yellowstone Drive, Unit 8, $75,000

Natalie Parker to Scott S. Webster & Catharine P. Pent, 102 Mansfield Court, $130,000

Thomas F. & Susan V. Leroy to Amy S. Clements, 6 Ridgeview Circle, $177,000

Catholic Diocese of Richmond; Reverend Walter F. Sullivan & His Successors to Robbie A. Oberholzer & Bailey L Ocker, 2414 Commonwealth Drive, $225,000

Anna A. Boeschenstein to Ashley E. Holden, 832 Reas Ford Road, $241,000

Deveta & Robert M. Shepard, Jr. to Prathima Talamanchi, 1035 Somer Chase Court, $259,698

NVR, Inc. to Douglas & Christine Walters, 5568 Summerdean Road, $275,410

Rebecca Hand to Federal National Mortgage Association, 2332 Austin Drive, $295,922  (foreclosure)

David P. & Emily L. Luebke to Andre A. Hakes &  Catherine P. Gillespie, 1912 Lynchburg Drive, $365,000

Chadwick W. & Kate Ann Hawk to Deric M. Park & Julie K. Chung, 2948 Catlett Road, $450,000

Piedmont Realty & Construction LLC to Anthony J. & Karen L. Nikischer, 1113 Cambridge Hill Lane, $725,000

 John O. & Martha M. Watson to Joel A. & Patricia M. Haling, 30 Canterbury Road, $750,000


Jason Davis & Matthew S. Smith to Emily Whitlock Truslow & Helen Collinson Truslow, 5381 Burnley Station Road, $185,000

Charles W. Hurt & Shirley L. Fisher, Trustess, Advance Mills Farm Land Trust to Nancy J. Lemmon or Successors, Trustee, Nancy J. Lemmon 1996 Declaration of Trust, 5.2 Acres, TM 20-6G, Lot 2 Phase 1, Advance Mills, $240,000

Gina L. & Early H. Cornette, Jr., Trustees, Earl H. Cornette, Jr. Trust to Jonathan J. Lee, 1003 Glenwood Station Lane, $375,000


Carl, E. Hollar, Jr., Trustee, Carl E. Hollar Irrevocable Trust to Dominick & Joanne Paradiso, 1172 Rose Arbor Court, $154,500

Shirley C. Hall to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1002 Ridgeley Court, $165,696 

Fred Wayne Shifflett, Executor, estate of Ruby Belle Shifflett to Tina M. & Anthony F. Laplaca, Jr., 4851 Rolling Road, $206,000

Frederick H. & Jane R. Boissevain to Jesse Bejar & Anna Ahern Boeschenstein, 5489 Secretarys Sand Road, $274,000

Craig Enterprises, Inc. to Mac-Frazier, Inc., 5633 Upland Drive, $335,000

Robert A. & Marie E. Rodgers to Hunter L. Beverley & Lisa M. Schuetz, 7993 Langhorne Road, $343,000

Dennis G.  & Paige E. H. Poletti to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 8150 Dick Woods Road, $381,650 (foreclosure)


Arliss D. Patton & Amy Danelle to Quintin W. & Maxwell R. Corle, 3.78 Acres, TM 62-36C, $120,000

Glenmore Associates Limited Partnership to MGR Development Corporation, .44 Acres, TM 93A3-N-7, Lot 7, Phase Ii, Glenmore, $130,000

Belvedere Station Land Trust to Southern Property LLC, 723 Cole Street, $185,000

Eric Leonard & Tennille Sorensen to Midatlantic Ira LLC FBO Larry Sidwell Ira #10223, 2935 Earlysville Road, $249,000

David B. & Donna E. Appleby to Matthew S. & Stephanie P. Wright, 2712 Southern Hills Court, $485,000




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Does this mean the feds bought it ?

" Bank of America to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, 3501 Buck Island Road, $434,247 "

Basically Nance but at the same time not really? cause the feds bailed out BOA However!@!!! They did pay it back and the gov't and taxpayers both made out because of it... Anyjhop just wanted to ask about the market research since the market is %^&* How did ersearchin a )*(& market help? Like the market is sheet and this was cheap so maybe in four years you can be lined up with your numbers.