Report shouldn't have noted race

I normally enjoy the Hook and the wide array of articles and opinions within.  However, I was dismayed at your comment in the article about the time capsule [June 7: "Wet capsule: Soggy city memorabilia retrieved at opening"] where you said "...a beauty queen, and an array of officials, all white of course..."

Charlottesville was once a very Southern city, and it is to its credit that it now continually strives to be a progressive city– modern obstacles aside.  Charlottesville 50 years ago was like most of America: white washed, especially in the government. Your comment only seeks to revive animosity and is in poor form and shoddy journalism. The tone of looking forward towards a more diverse Charlottesville is a noble one. However by adding your own politics to a non-commentary article, you have detracted from the story as a whole. I got to that part and stopped reading, so disgusted was I by your blatant soap-boxing.

I myself am of a liberal/moderate stance. I enjoy your paper. However, while I had previously considered it a reputable source of local news and town-happenings, your article and its commentary has made me take a second look at the Hook as an actual news source and not just a soap box rag.

Kate Downs

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