Positive Latitude


Bruce Willenburg & Patricia Vaughn to Noel & Nefret Hanna Stringham & Sawsan Said-Hanna, 926 Henry Avenue, $180,000


Joseph Allan & Melissa Allison May to Amy Sherman, 200 Todd Avenue, $206,000

Octopus Property LLC to Dierdre & Mary Regan, 755 Walker Square, Unit 3B, $214,900

Brookwood Investments, LLC to Li Jin & Xudong Lin, 139 Brookwood Drive, $208,000

Franklin Hardy to Anne L. McKeithen, Trustee, Anne L. McKeithen Amended & Restated Trust, 233 E. Jefferson Street, Unit #17, $440,000

Patrick L. & Sandra G. France to Sheila M. McMillen, 1636 Mason Lane, $298,500


R.L. Beyer Construction, Inc. to Cynthia Ann Gibson, 230 Huntley Avenue, $364,730


Joseph W. Richmond, Jr., Executor of the Estate of Virginia F. Davenport to Brian M. & May V. Casterline, 103 Warren Lane, $292,500


Dickerson Homes & Development LLC to Megan C. & Peter J. Yaniglos, 817 Altavista Avenue, $312,650

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Thomas Donne, 621 Altavista Avenue, $156,000

Mark Joseph & Lynda Ardell Tenhundfeld to Jennifer W. & John N. Roach, 1309 Wertland Street, Unit D-11, $132,000

Rhea Demory to Lee Ann Kolbe, 802 Monticello Avenue, $269,000

Patrick Moon & Associates LLC to Emmanuel Brown, Andy R. Clark & Ernesto V. Deomampo, Trustees, Covenant Church of God, 345 11th Street NW, $125,000

Octopus Property LLC to Josh & Rick Hueslein, 775 Walker Square, Unit #4D, $183,000

Paul R. & Robin L. Hylton to Tina R. Smiley, 405 Moseley Drive, $215,000


Federal National Mortgage Association to Frank F. Bergland, 127 Birdwood Court, $130,000


Atman LLC to Stanley Chung, 200 E. Water Street, Unit C-216, $225,500

Mark E. & Sharon L. Larson to Michelle Elizabeth Bolding, 1000 Park Street, $257,800


 Anna M. Faris to Amber L. & William H. Reichert, 243 Monte Vista Avenue, $186,000


Michael A. Bickers to Estes Street Partners LLC, TM 30-55, 30-59, 30-60, 30-61, 30-62 at the intersection of Estes Street & 9th Street SW shown as Lots 1-17 & Common Area, McGinnis Row, $918,000

Octopus Property LLC to Hunter, Ken & Mary Ann Walker, 801 Walker Square, Unit #4B, $182,000

Octopus Property LLC to Jerry A. & Alexis Parker, 720 Walker Square, Unit #2B, $138,000


Mary Katherine Harper to Gary D. Eisenberg & Ina Marie Helenius, 711 Belmont Avenue, $450,000 

Tisha S. & F. Hugh Colvin, Jr. to Clinton Canada & Danette Wei-Yin Hensley, Lot 1, Block C, Carteron Subdivision, $255,000

Russell H. & Wendy K. Thatcher to Andra H. James, 730 Walker Square, Unit #3A, $149,000

Christopher John & Brooke Cousineau Arnold to Gina & Brian R. Langford, 1208 Agnese Street,  $218,000

Latitude 38 LLC to Camilo L. & Lisa J. Bearman, 123 Riverbluff Circle, $450,000

Arch Bay Holdings LLC to Meredith B. & Mitchell F. Hayes, 228 Sunset Avenue, $108,800

Daniel Jason Potter to Linda & Kenneth Lee Coogle, 2219 Center Avenue, $292,000

David A. Waldner & Elizabeth F. Thompson to Daniel Gioeli & Debra McMahon, 111 Perry Drive, $360,000

David M. Heilbronner & Lynn Ellen Valentine to Andrea Larson, 534 Park Street, $950,000


PJB 1521 LLC to Neighborhood Investments-VA LLC, 1521 Virginia Avenue, $1,200,000

P. Douglas & Patricia B. Jensen to Sue Ellen C. &  John R. Aguilar, 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue #907, $155,000

Dana P. Johnson, Trustee, Dana P. Neidley Living Trust to Homer Ruffin & Elaine Walker Johnson, 1717 Essex Road, $335,000

Donald D. & Valerie W. Long to Catherine E. Fraleigh & Kathleen M. Quinn, Trustees, Catherine E. Fraleigh & Kathleen M. Quinn 2010 Revocable Trust, 1716 Yorktown Drive, $482,000


U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi, you ugly, eh eh, you ugly!

The whole development is ugly. This one had to be to fit in. Alibi enough?

These houses always remind me of 12 Grimmauld Place.

$450K used to buy you a nice crib, but evidently not anymore

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