Craig no Riverbend boss; Dragas says no bullying

• While an investor in the project detailed last week under the headline "Big box bonanza: Hunter Craig lauded in Wegmans deal," Hunter Craig is not a principal in Riverbend Management, the firm overseeing the development, according to Alan Taylor, Riverbend vice president.

• Also, as a clarification, one that arrived too late for presstime last week: UVA Rector Helen Dragas did send along a dispute to the allegation raised in the story headlined "Leadership fitness: Did Dragas engage in plus-sized bullying?" Through an assistant, Dragas said, "Your assertion is ridiculous, and the question is highly inappropriate and offensive."


I think the plus size story was reaching. I believe Ms. Sullivan's achievements and career far exceed the pettiness of her so called weight problem. If she didn't have a self esteem issue before that story you guys sure gave her one. Shame.

What's ridiculous is that Helen Dragas is still on the Board of Visitors. But the fat story was ridiculous too.

Der Angriff!!! Watch out Hunter Craig! Cville's finest and most talented writers are after you on a weekly basis.

And another example of the Hook's journalistic prowess. Baffling.