Sullivan returns... to Beta Bridge

We saw a multi-aged group of fans of UVA and Teresa Sullivan laying down the orange shortly before dusk on Tuesday, the 26th of June, not long after the Lawn erupted in joyful noise over the President's reinstatement which followed nearly three weeks of turmoil.

While the statement on the east side of the bridge was pure affection, the one on the west spoke to what Sullivan said near the end of her remarks to the Lawn crowd after reinstatement: "I am not good enough, or wise enough, or strong enough to do everything that needs doing at UVA on my own, but you have shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am not alone. I believe that, together, we can do great things for our University."

updated 3:08pm

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I am delighted that the UVA community united in the way it did to right the horribly misdirected thinking of the BOV. Dr. Sullivan is the president we want and the president we need. I don't think I can say the same for the BOV members and I trust the the Governor will respond to that general sentiment in the near future. Also, this episode has focused attention on the sinister influence that some big donors expect to have on UVA affairs-- that has to stop. The university should not be an academic prostitute, and Mr. Jefferson would be appalled to think that it is.

I believe Dr Sullivan's reinstatement is justice served. As for Dragas, and other members of the BOV, I support getting rid of Dragas and weeding through the BOV. Let the university have members on the board who understand education and not corporate greed.
The university will regain its stature with Dr. Sullivan's presidency and a BOV willing to
work with her, vs. against her.

What does the bridge say.....the biker blocks my view from here!

I wonder if they took this pic out a car window. You really think they could have waited for the bike to go by or have taken a second unobstructed pic.

In times like dis, we always look to my mane Thomas Jefferson - who first said "Da blacka da berry da sweeta da juice"

@Snoop and @Logan: Mea culpa on the lame photo. We updated the story to attempt to make sense of the weak pic.--hawes spencer

Jefferson was OG.

F'in cyclists...always getting in the way...

So when do you think the governor announces BOV appointments--about midnight tonight?

The update doesn't actually say what is written on the bridge, but based on the update i am pretty sure it says, "Sullivan you are not alone"