The players: BOV experience revolves around business

Helen E. Dragas - Virginia Beach
President and CEO of The Dragas Companies, developer of affordable homes and condominium communities in Tidewater.
Appointed: Kaine. Term expires: July 1, 2012
Connections: xxxxx
Connection to the controversy: As Rector, she's the supreme leader. She co-engineered with now-departed Vice-Rector the effort to dismiss President Sullivan and, with words purchased from Hill & Knowlton, has defied widespread calls to resign.

A. Macdonald Caputo - Greenwich, Connecticut
Longtime executive with Morgan Stanley in New York, he now serves the company as an advisory director.
Appointed: Kaine. Term expires: July 1, 2013
Connections: xxxxx
Unlike two other two Greenwich-based participants in UVA's crisis, Peter Kiernan and Paul Tudor Jones, Caputo seems on Sullivan's side. He abstained from the vote installing an interim president, and he was one of the three Board members calling for the reinstatement vote.

Hunter E. Craig - Charlottesville
This real estate developer has had a hand in everything from house-building to the now-rising Stonefield shopping center to his controversies that include suing the state for tax credits and a recent (and unsuccessful) effort to oust him from the board of Virginia National Bank.
Appointed: McDonnell. Term expires: July 1, 2014
One of the trio mustered on a Sunday afternoon to accept the President's resignation, Craig– with public comments and as a caller for the Tuesday vote, has become a leader of the reinstatement effort.

Alan A. Diamonstein - Newport News
A former legislator and chair of the Virginia Democratic Party, the 80-year-old is a senior partner at the law firm of Patten, Wornom, Hatten & Diamonstein.
Appointed: Kaine. Term expires: July 1, 2013
A man hailed by Sullivan fan Larry Sabato upon his appointment seven years as "consistently pro-higher education" during his time in the General Assembly, Diamonstein has offered no public clue to his stance.



Timothy B. Robertson of Virginia Beach, and one of the trio who accepted the resignation in a bizarre Sunday afternoon meeting June 10: Charlottesville's own Hunter E. Craig.

The source also indicates the key strategist on the Board pushing for Sullivan's reinstatement is Roanoke-based W. Heywood Fralin. The only person casting a "no" vote on the appointment of the interim president on the morning of June 19, Fralin denounced the process behind the ouster in comments to reporters after that vote.

Fralin (pictured here) is the immediate past Rector of the University as well as a trustee of both the real estate arm of the University and its athletic scholarship foundation. A 1962 UVA grad, he's the chief executive officer of Medical Facilities of America Inc., a nursing home operator in Virginia and North Carolina.

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