Patricia Kluge's new job

The story.

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What a tasteless cartoon. The editor displays his childish sophmoric mentality in printing this garbage.

and I thought it was funny. it's tough to explain the wonders of humor.

I think the Hook should be considered for a Pulitizer Prize for your reporting to date on the UVa situation. Perhaps this was meant as comic relief. If so, it turned out badly. Why make fun of someone who helped fund a children's hospital? You are better than this.

What is the Hook now? The New York Gossip Pages?

It is actually quite good; the only missing element would have been a bubble coming from Kluge yelling: "Get me some towels to clean my feet, servant!!" And a cowering Bill Moses saying: "Yes, dear, anything you wish."

Note the detail Ms. Sherman provided: Kluge is blingless. Nice sublminal message there.

And wasn't the children's hospital done whilst John was still around? If she "funded" it, it certainly was not with her own money. You did not mention that awesome Aboriginal Art Museum. I am still waiting for "The Wiggles" exhibit to be brought there from Down Under.

BTW, remy, it is actually "sophomoric." And we call them "second years" in this town.

R.I.P.: Wilbur Mills

You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig. Madame Kluge is not the source of the bucks for the Children's Hospital at UVA. John clearly gave the money. Madame Kluge's fall from grace relates to her hubris and her gold digging.

She is the Helen Dragas of the wine industry!

After reading your comment George, I have determined that you probably can't read and have the I.Q. of a small rodent. Pulitzer?!?!?!?!?!? (notice the spelling)

While enjoying a chilled Chardonnay, with the subtle nuances of a buttery finish on the nose and palate from Malolactic fermentation, thinking of someone's big toe smashing the grapes spoils the moment.

Like the humor.

Patricia Kluge has been good to the down trodden citizens of Albemarle County, to include the challenged students in the southern portion of the county. She has done much with little, if any, fanfare. Though it can be a kick to make light of the misfortunes of the rich and powerful, any public ridicule in this instance reveals either a lack of knowledge, or an envious heart.

It's not funny, it's just mean. The Hook can do better.

She is the model of altruism and philanthropic good, indeed! And she certainly does shy away from the fanfare.

R.I.P.: Jim Backus

I agree that it is just a mean cartoon. In reprisal for sins not comitted by her. Whether her were good works were authorized by her or her husband is immaterial. This cartoon is just penis envy reprisal. And the editor must have a lot to say about this cartoon.

Can someone Photoshop Doug Wilder in there???

Culture Vulture is never funny.

Are you kidding me......... this is priceless !! I have heard how she "was" working for Trump, well less say less than polite to others who work with her. She gets what she gets, NOTHING !!!! .. Too funny....

A true follower of Pamela H. The Wamsutta method of success. Patricia missed one of the key chapters. How to make round heels pay gigantic dividends, ambassadorships etc.

Petty. Mean. Silly. Envious.
She's had what you wish you could get closer to than the servants' entrance.
And we call them "second years" in this town. How snobbish of you, snob. Some call it one thing, others another. Some don't call it anything at all because it's not important.

@Cville Eye...Mr. Jefferson, the man depicted supervising Patty Moses's squashing of the grapes, insisted on calling them Second Years. So, Mrs. Moses cannot have it both ways: flaunt yourself all over the place, then you die by the proverbial PR sword as well.

I admire Donald Trump and Steve Wynn and their ilk. They took risks, lost a lot but also marketed themselves brilliantly and gained a lot as well. I have little time--except when satire is involved--for people who leech from others and waltz around putting their names on things, mistreating people, and spinning their ineptness to what is mostly (save for The Hook) a blind, drooling press.

A check of old newspaper cartoons (early to mid 1900s) would show much nastier stuff (with thanks to my old journalism history professor, the great John Lent of Temple University).

R.I.P.: Nora Efron (a great talent, but don't start on the "she gave women a voice" feminazi BS).

With love,

Welcome to Charlottesville...where we eat our own....

Linda Sherman - no class.

@Liberalace, maybe "freshman" etc. hadn't been invented by then. Besides, Tom is no longer Rector and can't control what people say because he's dead.
Do you think Donald Trump is getting into heaven on his treatment of people?
As for risks, Trump took some good ones and Kluge obviously took some bad ones.

Mrs. Kluge did a good job on the UVa BOV. No news is good news.

Good Lord, yall are tripping for real !!!!!!! LOL

She is dead to me