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I know this guy. He was in college then dropped out or was kicked out and now begs at the DT Mall for cash. Sad he is a nice kid with ALOT of issues

Love how the photographer exploits this bum. Uses black & white to make it look artistic.

@ John: Did you ever hear this ... There but for the grace of God go I? If your comment is any indication of a lack of insight, I do hope you will learn compassion. You disrespect yourself by being mean and judgmental.

Makes me sick how cruel these first two comments are.
Have we lost sight of love completely?

I also know the young man sitting on the ground and know him to be a kind and tenderhearted person.

I doubt he would judge you as you've judged him, in this case, I'll follow his example.

Since all the bleeding heart liberalts seem to know this person, why is his picture being shown here. Why haven't you taken this "nice kid" and "tenderhearted person" home with you and given him a nice meal and then let him use your bathroom to shower, shave and anything else he may need to do??? Why don't you introduce him to your boss and help get him a job. If you are going to talk the talk, then you better be ready to walk the walk...
Instead you toss him a buck and feel good about yourself for the rest of the week...get a reality check up......

I'm confused. Isn't this a picture of eric cantor before his sex change?

Funny gg. Great point. Is someone a little upset by Eric Cantor? Also, why aren't you tolerant of transgenders? Let this kid play his crappy music in your home or next to your table when you are trying to eat a meal on the mall. Then let's talk.

gg and John, take a break from your talk radio addiction, seek help.

Just Curious, let me guess. In your next comment are you going to blame George Bush?

Look, this picture tells you nothing except that Cville is the same as all other cities. There will always be the downtrodden and indigent among us; we just disagree on how to fix it. Many of them--and who knows about this kid--are mentally ill and/or substance abusers. Libs want to toss money at it; conservatives want a more private approach (churches, Salvation Army, other private safety nets.
Hate to be cynical, but if we get this dude help, there will be someone right there to replace him. Maybe that indicates more than touchy-feely love is needed to solve the problem.

R.I.P.: George Harrison

Libs want to use taxes to save the guy. Conservatives give money and time to provide a path for him to follow, if he chooses.

The gifts of time and treasure are kind and honorable. Confiscating property by taxation is the cowardly way to just let government do it. Lots of graft and corruption are created in and around government.

Everyone with so much political mumbo essence this photo reflects that the youngest and brightest can also be the most down trodden....Wake up people, its a new world and poverty and homelessness is on the rise.... whether a teen or a family of 4 its everywhere

Nice chello and hardshell case for such a "downtrodden " fellow.

Maybe its just his schtick....

Well, actually it is "cello." But it might be the other person's instrument. And, yes, in this town it could be anything from schtick to social experiment to mental illness. Or maybe he is just their roadie.
Are those rose-colored glasses on the ground in front of him?

R.I.P.: Jim Hutton

He's not down-trodden...he's just contemplating the lint in his belly-button.