Watch the "Rally on the Lawn" at UVA live!

Broadcasting live with Ustream

'Hoos across town and across the country will be watching this afternoon's rally on the Lawn in front of the Rotunda, thanks to the folks who set up this live feed.

This story is a part of the The ousting of a president special.


Here now, this is a bigger rally than the previous.

Love the coverage of this event, thank you for that! Have to say though, that the peppering of ant-Mitt spots, every so often, takes away from the gesture. Couldn't that have been left for another time & let this be a focus on President Sullivan, supportors & the UVa Board of Directors?

Thanks! The Hook just is amazing!


I agree! The spots are very annoying to say the least.

Later, Can anyone provide a complete list of speakers for this rally? Also, wonder if we can obtain a tape of this event. I would like to share it with some members of my team.

The Live stream goes down at 4:20? Hmm a college event interrrupt at exactly 4:20- what could that mean??

Some dope smoking liberal had to go for a session?

The ads seem to come from another source. In Sweden, I get toothpaste ads in Swedish.

Deepest gratitude to THE HOOK for this coverage. Those of us who live out-of-state appreciate being more connected to the activities on Grounds. Looks like the citizens need to get rid of that toothless VIrginia Governor as soon as possible.

Proud to be a UVA grad and hoping that this horrible event will force reform in the entire BOV process -- from selection of members to all operational processes.

It is what it is! Thank you "The Hook"!

WOW......three people! What a crowd!


Rally ended at around 4:20pm...

enough of the rallys and the protests and the talking ....somebody needs to get something done on Tuesday. my money is on Dragas, as she is a complete and utter nazi, but she will make sure she wins. the theology professors are no match for this woman's focus.

I am a UVA alum and attended today's rally with my family. I can honestly say that this was perhaps the best event I have ever attended that truly shows the ideal that UVA has historically touted.

Although marred at the end by a local politician clearly seeking personal fame and face time, each of the other speakers came across as driven by intellectual competence and heartfelt belief.

@ WayToGo : We were there too and we disagree with you about the Vice Mayor. She was representing very important UVa's partner......the City of Charlottesville. She raised an important point about how much this debacle is costing UVa and the City and that if it is not fixed on Tuesday it could cost both big time bucks. She did a good job and we did not have impression she was out for "face time". She also read important statements from our elected representatives....legislators and judges.

Are any steps being taken to ensure that the "open" session component of Tuesday's meeting will be held in a manner that actually makes it accessible to the public? It should not be held in an unreasonably small room in a building that is closed to those seeking to observe.

Why not demand that the BOV allow the meeting to be livestreamed, just lile today's speakers at the rally?

Without the dollars and intellect that UVA brings to our community, Charlottesville would be a very different place, so I think it was good to have someone representing the City at the rally. There are a lot of "working stiffs" whose livelihood would be affected if enrollment declined or a focus on on-line learning reduced the dollars coming into this community. Our Governor, who is supposed to be so pro-business, appears to have no clue about the financial havoc some of these ideas might create for our community. Somebody ought to be speaking up about the fact that the students and staff at UVA support our small businesses by renting our apartments, buying our food, buying our tires, and getting their hair cut at our salons. On-line students don't do that.

Chuva has a point. A fair-minded governor would have replaced Dragas for discussing personnel actions outside the board for starters. No comment from the governor at all on all the deans signing a letter requesting that Sullivan be reinstated; instead just an order "to stop".

Goldman Sachs has lost $800 million on the Educational Management Company (EDMC) since the stock offering. EDMC is a for-profit post secondary group of schools that is second in size to the Phoenx University.
They are trying to go more and more on-line. They are also facing fraud lawsuits in eleven states from the States AGs. Goldman still owns 54 million share of the stock which has gone from $22 in October 2009 to $6.65 at close Friday.

Peter Kiernan, who with Kington and Dragas tried to knife Sullivan in the back, spent 18 years with Goldman.

I hope she remains the President. Rough times for a person that represents 52% of the population, hey? Why should be a fund raiser any way? She is an educator, right?

We may never know just what exactly happened, I suspect she confronted many with different views. Maybe, fund raising, maybe athletics, just maybe safety for all, not just girls on campus and off campus?

I don't know, bu I will always read The Hook. Maybe their not perfect, but they and all of you should be proud to have such a ethical, professional, journalistic team and editors. Money is tight, but we, or should I say you loose "The Hook" now that would be a shame! They do not even charge to get the hard copy. They have never asked for money from an online reader that I know of.

But to stay on topic, it was a live feed! Thank you Dave!

grlygirl June 24th, 2012 | 6:50pm

I agree with you! Then think of the ethical decisions Hawes and the Editors keep.

Seriously, those same people that you mention, rightfully so, are Hook Readers. And then there are the people that place ad's.

I just do not see how people do not recognize just how special "The Hook" is.

Live feed, I mean who could argue!

re chuva: UVA doesn't have a theology dept.

I attended the rally this afternoon. All the speeches were excellent. The vice mayor's was particularly important as she emphasized the economic impact that the devaluing of UVA's reputation will have on Charlottesville. This is very important.
There is really no need to have another vote by the BOV. The decision to request the President's resignation was flawed, the resignation was not obtained honestly, & was not the result of a fair vote. If the BOV has behaved reprehensibly why trust it to change its ways?The Governor could dismiss the entire board for malfeasance, and apologize to the President and request her reconsider her resignation since it was dishonourably obtained.. Then there should be an investigation into why The Rector was such a great hurry to act. Where is the fire? Why is the Rector occupying the Kluge mansion? Was the estate put on the open market? Is the Rector buying a piece of UVA real Estate without public disclosure, and without it being offered to the general public? Is this a serious conflict of interest? Is all of this also with the "governor's assent"?

Here's what will happen this week: On Tuesday, the BoV will have the votes to reappoint TS. By or on July 1, however, Guv Bob will reappoint HD to a second term. TS said she would return as U.Va. president only if HD is no longer on the BoV. Thus, Guv Bob quietly helps HD dump TS. This governor is passive aggressive -- didn't you read the letter he sent to the BoV on Friday? Settle this mess on Tuesday, he said, or I will dismiss you on Wednesday, but he again dangles his true (but secret) intent behind his tough-guy language. He lets other people get their hands dirty for him, like HD and also his transportation secretary, who negotiated with weak links on the Board of Supervisors to resuscitate and push through the US 29 bypass on a city/county that didn't want it as political payback to Southside power brokers who voted for Guv Bob. And the guv *reeeally* doesn't like it when events like what happened at U.Va. show his administration to be "out of control" and "off message."

It's all part of Guv Bob's way of getting back at the Charlottesville area for being "liberal." I actually hope I am wrong about all this for the sake of the university and the region.

All the speeches at rallies like today's won't mean a thing if you don't back up your words with action inside the voting booth.

outragedalumna is right. where is the fire? what was the hurry about? The truth is there was no fire and there was no hurry. The rector and vice rector told us there was a crisis probably so they could name one of their buddies (kiernan perhaps) as president of the university. UVA has a $4-5 billion dollar endowment. If they didn't collect another cent they could fund UVA access for another 40-50 years and give their faculty raises. In conjuring about this crisis, they perhaps have created a real one, although I think in a few weeks this will be resolved and most of us will forget about it. It does make me think about where I want to donate my money though. Certainly, it has become apparent to me anyway, that are much more worthy, needy and honest institutions that to which i can contribute.

There was no hurry by the BOV they had been working on the replacement project for several weeks . The party that ran out of the building in a fire stricken panic was T.S.

Really, really now Frank Speaker. Having a memory problem? Do you recall this email subject?
Dragas to Kington: 'Why we can't afford to wait'
Now who ran out of the building?

@Jack, re chuva -- OK, so it's called the Religious Studies department.

Re rikko: The reason UVA doesn't have a theology dept. is that Jefferson didn't want a public university associated with a seminary. He didn't want a public university to have a seminary because, as Mitch Green pointed out yesterday, dogma has no place in rational discourse. Theology runs against the principles of Enlightenment rationalism. If the philistines continue to run the show in Cville, these principles will be sacrficed. The university will be swallowed up by a mutant ignorance born of moneyed smugness and self-help lingo. Soon we won't be able to tell the difference between Religious Studies and Theology.

...or the difference between Dragas and a Nazi.