Message to the Rector

A passerby gives two thumbs up to a statement painted on Beta Bridge.

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it is time for you to step down ,your own city va.beach has asked you to resign you are now a ruined lady dragass

Used this picture in my request for her resignation. Says it all

Maybe the same people who painted GREEED on the Rotunda would like to copy this statement and put it on the Rotunda or, perhaps, a road trip to Virginia Beach and paint it on the headquarters of Dragas Inc. :-) ONLY KIDDING! Please don't deface the Rotunda.

When your hometown newspapers tells you to quit, it's time to do it. I have not read an editorial in a Virginia newspaper or the Washington Post that doesn't suggest it is time for the Dragon Lady to exit stage left.

The letter in the Daily Regress from her sister was pathetic. Does her sister write to the legions of people who have issues with the Dragas housing. I doubt it. Maybe her Mommy should write and tells us how wonderful her daughter is! NOT!

It is time for this circus to pack up tents and left town. Bye bye Ms. Dragon Lady.

Ms. Dragas: You probably do think that you did the wrong things for the right reasons, but the vast majority think you did the wrong things for the wrong reasons. How can you justify actions that catapulted you from being a relative unknown to one who is so widely disliked, resented, and held in such low esteem? We should thank you, however, for creating a firestorm that allowed us to show how supportive we are of President Sullivan and an indomitable spirit and strength of purpose that would make UVa's founder proud.

Rector Dragas is to be congratulated for turning UVa into a laughingstock. It will take years for the University to recover from this. 'Moving forward' is narcissistic nonsense at this point---the University is simply dead in the water, and will be for the forthcoming year.

Heckuva job, Dragie.

One wonders whether the housing "developed"by Dragas is of any higher quality than her BOV decisions. . . .

Let us count the ways we can say goodbye! Suggestions?

Dragas......Tick tock.....!

Ding dong . . . .

Dragas.....DUE PROCESS!

Dragas.....return to sender....address unknown!