Resignations begin: Esteemed computer science prof pulls plug

Professor William Wulf began his career at UVA in the early 1960s as the first Ph.D. student in the school's then nascent computer science department. On Tuesday, June 19, he ended his UVA career as the first– but, he hopes, not last– faculty member to resign in the wake of what he calls " the worst example of corporate governance I have ever seen."


In his resignation letter, emailed to soon-to-be-installed interim president Carl Zeithaml, currently the dean of the McIntire School of Commerce, and copied to the entire faculty, Wulf, who served as CEO of a tech start-up and has served on boards of several for-profit and non-profit corporations and was president of the National Academy of Engineering for 11 years, minces no words in condemning the conduct of UVA's board of visitors, helmed by Rector Helen Dragas.


"A BOV that so poorly understands UVA, and academic culture more generally, is going to make a lot more dumb decisions, so the University is headed for disaster," writes Wulf, who holds the highest ranking title UVA offers, University Professor, and who urges fellow faculty to follow his lead.

"The BOV," he writes, "needs to understand that there are real and immediate consequences to their actions."

There are real and immediate consequences to Wulf's action as well. Although he had cut back to half-time several years ago, he says he has continued to earn a six-figure salary from UVA– something he's willingly giving up in protest of the harm he believes has been done by the Board's secretive and poorly explained dismissal of Teresa Sullivan.

In his office at his Free Union-area home, the phone is ringing off the hook with well-wishers, reporters, and family members. Between taking calls, Wulf explains that his decision was made after thoughtful consideration.

"I considered two alternatives," he says. "One was resigning; one was going on strike." While the latter would have preserved his paycheck, Wulf says, the answer became clear.

"Going on strike," he says, "is not enough of a statement."

It's not that he wanted to leave the University either.

"I'd planned to do this 'til I dropped," he says with a smile.

Wulf says he has no plans to teach elsewhere, and says he will miss teaching the class this fall that he designed, a cross-disciplinary course on the intersection between technology and public policy.

There is, he says, one way he'd reconsider staying on.

"Every member of the Board of Visitors would have to resign, and they'd have to change the way visitors are appointed," he says, hours before Vice Rector Mark Kington announced his resignation, describing his feelings as "a mixture of sadness and anger."

"They're so out of touch with UVA," he says of the board, "and their actions show it."

This story is a part of the The ousting of a president special.


We admire you Professor Wulf.
The BOV's sickening arrogance will come back to haunt faculty leave and donors don't write checks. We'll see very shortly how many donors cut UVa out off their list.

How low will they sink? They talk of trying to force Sullivan to the Classics Department and the German Department in favor of starting a presumably more profitable Yoga Center? What's next? Music? History? And now this? Money has corrupted this whole process and has caused irreparable damage to a wonderful institution.

Mr. Wulf is to be congratulated on taking such a principled stand. No one should think that his stand is without significant consequences to himself as he resigned and did not just retire. I trust that once this outrageous BOV has been cleansed he will be asked to return.

Academia in the US (and possibly elsewhere) has been under attack by the corporate-minded for many years now. The idea that a well-educated populace is necessary for democracy, and that reductions in education quality or funding have detrimental effects on a free society, have long been forgotten. Today, education is viewed as nothing more than vocational training, and our 4 year colleges and universities are being hijacked for this purpose. This fallout is a public display of a trend that has long haunted academia.

Bravo Professor Wulf . I and my friends feel we have just experienced a hostile corporate take-over . With Dragus still at the helm and the other important Virginia alums running the show behind the curtain, the brain drain from UVa will continue as will donations from alums.

Bravo! Maybe UVA will take this chane to diversify and hire a black professor to replace this white one who was going to hold his job for ever. Maybe we'll have a black president next? HAHAHAHA Naw dawg, just kidding, one Obama has been too much for y'all.

This is all just roosters coming home to rooster

Faculty Senate Executive Council Statement in Response to Board of Visitors Appointment of Interim President on June 18, 2012...........

Late last night, the Board of Visitors approved Dean Carl Zeithaml of the McIntire School of Commerce as Interim President of the University of Virginia. While we have the utmost respect for Dean Zeithaml’s work with the McIntire School and his years of experience with the University of Virginia, we disagree with the Board’s decision to approve an interim president without faculty consultation.

We fully stand behind all statements we have made thus far. Given an appointment made without faculty consultation by a Board of Visitors that has overwhelmingly lost the confidence of the Faculty Senate and the faculty as a whole, we remain deeply concerned that any interim president will find it difficult to succeed in leading the University.

Nevertheless, Dean Zeithaml has graciously offered to meet with the Faculty Senate Executive Council this week, and we have agreed to meet with him. We stated that we look forward to working cooperatively with him in the best interests of the University. Throughout this crisis, the Faculty Senate Executive Council has sought a calm, rational, and constructive dialogue and has tried at all times to act in the best interests of the University. We intend to continue that approach.

Until this point, faculty have been united. We understand and expect that the coming days and weeks will bring a much broader range of views and differences of opinion about next steps. We have already been receiving numerous suggestions and we welcome input from all faculty. From our meeting with the Rector, we understand the Board’s stated position to be one of acceptance of shared governance and the faculty’s decisive role in programming and other decisions that affect the academic mission of the University. We intend to insure that the Board’s actions match its words. We were also assured that the Board’s decision concerning President Sullivan had nothing to do with her principles and practices of transparency, open discussion, and faculty consultation and involvement. We expect the Board to adhere to these principles as well. We heard and appreciate the call at the Board meeting last night for voting faculty representation on the Board. We will continue to pursue that change by pushing for appropriate legislation.

In short, the Faculty Senate intends to continue its role of giving voice to the concerns and interests of the faculty and to preserve, protect, and expand shared governance, open and honest communication, and faculty control over the academic mission of the University.

he was getting six figures? if he really was in it for education and the students he would stick around since he isn't planning on teaching. silly to make yourself a martyr for a rich white person problem.

Exactly silly! We're paying one white guy six figures to work part time yet diversity is swept under the rug. So much needless mastication....

This whole thing was obviously all about money. And money talks. I think a fitting and symbolic gesture on the part of the community would be to boycott all events at JPJ arena. Thank you Mr Jones for this lovely arena but perhaps you should take your money elsewhere. I'm sure the donations and potential donations lost because of this debacle is huge and could well be close to or over the $100 million you were or are donating. So if people really want to be heard they should speak with their pocketbooks, just like Mr Jones did, and boycott the JPJ arena.

Has there ever been a situation so badly mishandled by a board of trustees/regents/visitors of a major university? Not talking about firing a popular coach or professor here. Tempers flare but life goes on. Here, the stewards entrusted with oversight of the University have declared war upon its basic mission and status as a place where intellectual inquiry and academic freedom reign supreme. Has there ever been a single act, like this one, that has inflicted such severe and long-term damage upon a major institution in such a short amount of time? There may be, but I'm having a hard time coming up with any.

If Kington were sincere in his "let the healing begin" drivel, he would have resigned prior to Monday's meeting of the BOV. This might have provided the momentum for a victory by the Fralin-led Board members (7, I'm told) and resulted in reinstatement.

My prediction is that McDonnell will appoint 5 new members July 1 (letting Dragas move on to her next 'project' and filling Kington's term). The new members will still share the Dragas/Kington agenda; and; unless there's continuing scrutiny and action, the selection of a new president will track that agenda.

Dragas apparently plans to appoint a search committee very quickly, probably prior to the end of her term since I don't think she's going to be enjoying a second. The Faculty Senate should demand voting members representing the Faculty, undergraduates and graduate students. Also, the Faculty Senate should demand voting membership for the alumni; and there could be no better choices than outgoing Board member Heywood Fralin, and former members Buford Scott and Syd Dorsey.

Agree with everything Professor Wulf has said. His action is the principled thing to do. Hope the Faculty will follow suit as we cannot expect any honourable behaviour from the BOV. BleedOrangeandBlue has pointed out, Kington's action belie his words. The proper time to resign was prior to Monday's meeting or never to have participated in the whole dirty process in which he seems to have been a ring leader. Has he children? What a terrible example to set.

The CD is tweeting some of the contents of the Dragas/Kington/Strine emails. No question Strine was a Judas.

Meanwhile, Sullivan takes the money and runs! A resignation from someone who has something to lose might mean something....

Well done, sir!

I think Bill Wulf is a great man. Thanks for standing for what you believe.

I know this high-profile resignation will feel like a small victory....but only consider for a moment what his decision--and ill-advised call for other faculty to depart--will have on the University. Is it anyone's goal to further erode public and academic trust? To have top-notch instructors throw up their hands and leave students holding the bag? While I commend Wulf for his integrity, I beg other professors and staff to stay the course, keep on protesting and show students that you stand your ground and fight...not give in to the evil Cabal. The entire BOV needs to go...not professors and instructors of quality and integrity.

Forget qualifications, hire a professor because they are a minority. Just like VSU and VUU (aka. "the thirteenth and fourteenth grade"). UVa has enough dead weight without bowing down further to affirmative action hiring.

UVA Mom, it appears one or the other goes. And it also appears the professors and instructors of quality and integrity are the ones going.

The resignation of a septuagenarian who apparently only teaches one class (and whose wife also teaches at UVA but has NOT resigned) is not exactly deserving of a profiles in courage award. If this was such an outrage, I eagerly await the resignations of the highly-paid faculty in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock..

All my love to Prof. Wulf, but he was retiring anyways. This is not a statement of anything.

@ UVA Faculty: If you know the reputation of Professor Wulf in the world of computer science I can tell this is indeed a statement. It is not nothing.

So he's making six figures working part time. Would that would make him a 1%. With fewer professors like him I bet UVa could pay the little people a living wage.

Let me tell you something, you wouldn't even be using a computer if it weren't for men like Professor Wulf. Some people deserve a high salary when they have a remarkably brilliant career as hard working trail blazers. And believe me his salary isn't even high. He could have gone corporate or to Harvard or MIT and made a heck of a lot more money than at UVa! (That's true of a lot of UVa professors.) But Professor Wulf believes in teaching the next generation of computer scientists so that we will have a world of ever evolving computers and public policy. Simplistic responses aren't productive.

Its all about money! Until the pompous elitists are hit where it hurts then they will continue to run over their friends, customers and employees. I agree that we little people should avoid all venues where Jones has an interest. In my twenty years of living in this town, Sullivan exhibited traits that I feared had been lost. Integrity and accountability. Too many, in power, either blame someone below them or say and do nothing at all.

There are 13 Professor Wulf's at UVA: eliminating them ain't gonna lift the groundskeepers out of a less-than-living wage. Professor Wulf isn't the 1%: Jones, you know, one of the two guys who have large checks to write if they get their way behind the scenes with Dragas, is.

I adore the fact that an engineer (you know one of the nerds who can't speak clearly to the 'real' people) has written the most cogent, get-to-the-point missives of this debacle.

Zeithaml was chair of the search committee that brought Strine to UVA. Strine appears to have been part of the plot to take down Sullivan. Coincidence? Based on the tweets I've read, it seems like this is all about online education and marketing the UVA brand. Sullivan was just an obstacle to be overcome.

When you ask for faculty representation, remember to ask for teaching faculty--lots of people have faculty status but have been professional administrators, etc., almost their entire careers.

Doyle Hargraves, typical Charlottesville, afraid to embrace diversity because of his fear of black culture.

It appears Strine was part of the plot, and I bet he was set to be the interim President until it all blew up. There was no way the BOV could appoint him after this debacle. I am guessing the BOV had to come up with a back up plan. Strine's been very quiet ever since his initial letter cosigned by Simon. Interesting how Simon has distanced himself from Strine.

It would behoove the BOV, Strine, Kiernan and Jones to study the Classics. They are playing out the perfect Greek tragedy.

@Bond Analyst - Strine, Zeithaml, Dragas , Kingston, Kiernan and YOGA --what a team !

I also heard Strine was told to leave the Dean's meeting last Monday after he told them he worked for the BOV.

I am hearing that donations are now running 1/3 of what they normally are this time of year. One development officer said that some donors are refusing to honor pledges. This looks like a massive blunder. If it causes a downgrade in UVa's bond ratings, the blame lies squarely with the BOV. Borrowing costs will go up substantially.

Based on 2009 data if you are an individual making over 115K a year you are a 10%. The article says Professor Wulfs wife is still working and I would think combined income would make them 1%. We don't know for a fact what proffesor Wulf is making the article just says six figures, that could be 1 thru 9K. Let's assume 1K. Working part time, let's assume 20 hours week that's $96.00 an hour. You could give 30 employees a raise to the so called living wage and according to UVa there are less than 100 employees making less than that now. So yes, eliminating 13 professor Wulf''s would more than pay a living wage to the employee's under that threshold now. I do want to thank professor Wulf for being able to turn my computer on as well as thank Al Gore for inventing the internet.

Are you following the CD's tweets of emails between Slytherins Dragas and Kington and their inside men Strine and -- sorry to say -- Simon plus others on the board. All together now: I will not tell lies, I will not tell lies, I will not tell lies.

Mr. Zeithamel, if you are serious about healing wounds, please call for an investigation of these actions and request the resignation of Strine and Simon immediately.

can you post a link ?

Simon is clean.

Pay attention to Strine.

This would all come to a grinding halt if Dragas would resign, now. She is putting her ego ahead of every other aspect of this, ahead of every other current and former member of UVA and we are all carrying the burden as a result.

Professor Wulf seems like the perfect person to take Hunter Craig's seat on the BoV. Of course, if Craig was serious about vacating his spot to make room for a faculty member he'd resign to let that happen. Is he waiting for the governor to run some names by him?

Bravo Professor Wulf. Hope The Hook will publish the names of the other profs who have just resigned.

I took Prof. Wulf's class in the Spring of 2011, and he was struggling with his health then, shaking and unable to stand- often cancelled class. He is a great man and has accomplished so much! His lectures were enjoyable. But as he said, "I'd planned to do this 'til I dropped', he was teaching one class per semester. It was also the EASIEST science class in The College. I actually feel bad for all of the Drama and English majors who were counting on this course for their requirement next semester. I understand that he's trying to prove point, but he didn't exactly jump ship with this decision- he was already on his way overboard.

If Dragas resigns prior to her term's end, does Heywood Fralin become acting-Rector as the only member to have served in the post?

Perhaps this is why she lingers on.

Yes, anything is possible - if people really stick together we could take back power from moneyed interests in a very real way - a sustained coordinated boycott of JPJ arena would in a matter of months cause owners to default on their bank loans. A new buyer, and perhaps the state would take control ata much lower cost basis.

Black Culture? You mean like Detroit and Sierra Leone? Go for a ride Ty, in your luxury SUV you can't afford but you bought anyway to compensate for your low self esteem. It's ok you can show up for work whenever tomorrow, because the man is to afraid you will play the race card if he says anything about it. We all work with someone like you, we just put up with you because it is easier. We laugh at your jokes and pretend we like you, when in reality we all hate you anyway. Just keeping it real my friend.

Chickens coming home to roost.

I've never understood the "chickens coming home to roost" metaphor. Where else would they go? The night is dark, the foxes are on the prowl. Home roost is safe. Home is where the eggs are.

@ Doyle Hargraves - 1) you don't make any sense 2) go away.


I understand the animosity betewwen the university and the AA community and the history. There are some faculty at UVA who are working to imporve things. See the UCARE report:

I hope you also realize that the same people who want to undermine the university want to defund all public programs that support underserved populations. The chickens coming home to roost in this case ends up supporting a common enemy.I hope there is a niversity to apologize and make reparations to the AA community, there may not be a chance for that to hapen if things go the way of the BOV. The UCARE vision for repair may become much more difficult to obtain.

Giving up the old $200k (2010) part time job way to go.

I bet no one at Darden resigns They have gotten what they wanted - the removal of a president who would make the university more equitable which meant Darden no longer be one of the elite

yes but the article should also headline "Resignations End"..Wulf made an important statement, Wulf was also probably near retirement. Will Simon retire?Anybody else? Nope, faculty will not give up their jobs over this whatever their fine sentiments.(Ok,I wouldn't either).

It's no doubt true that few UVA faculty members or staff will out-and-out resign over this, without any alternative job plans. In real life, you don't just bail out on an income unless conditions are intolerable, and the immediate effect of the BoV's actions is not going to change most UVA folks' day-to-day lives all that much. But unless there is substantial reversal in the BoV power structure and attitude, you're definitely going to see problems in recruiting and retaining faculty. People will "resign" by taking job offers elsewhere, or not coming here in the first place. Consider what it would mean for UVA if Larry Sabato got lured away, for example--something whose odds are a lot higher today than they would have been two weeks ago.

Simon is a good man....honest and with integrity. Strine was the insider for Dragas. Kington at least began what I hope will be two more resignations that have to occur in order for any hope of trust returning between the University community and BOV. As long as Strine and Dragas remain, the dishonorable and the financial thugs remain in charge.

Given the latest developments the Faculty Senate must refuse to meet with the BOV appointee. The Senate must insist that Dragus resign and that all the others that supported her as well. Then the new members including Fralin should revote to reinstate Sullivan.

There are NO grounds to fire Sullivan . There are multiple grounds to fire all the BOV members but Fralin.

We are depending on the Faculty Senate to hold the line and represent the honor of this University.

From a Faculty Senate email today:

Dear Colleagues,

We are gratified by the resignation of Vice Rector Mark Kington yesterday. We agree that this was the right thing to do in the best interests of the University. However, we renew our call on Rector Helen Dragas to follow the Vice Rector's lead and resign immediately.

We are still fighting for the reinstatement of President Sullivan.

We will honor our agreement to meet with Dean Zeithaml.

At the same time, we will push forward strongly on other fronts. We appreciate your comments and your continued commitment. We have already made a difference and we will not back down from fighting for our principles and for the University we love. We have work to do. Let's get to it.

Maybe they will ask CZ to resign?

Dragas has no plans to go anywhere she must be forced off the Board. The Senate has everyone behind them students, faculty , community, alums do not give up your power to do the right thing for this University --bring back Sullivan !

Dragas thanked Kington for his service.

“It’s unfortunate that Mark Kington personally felt the need to resign over an action that was a board decision, and at a time when we are excited at the appointment of Carl Zeithaml as interim president,” she wrote in an email. “Mark’s service on our board was outstanding, and he will be missed.”

Thanks citizen. If the Faculty meeting with Zeithaml is to say Dragus must resign, and that Zeithaml should resign as well given the new developments of how this transpired, and support a revote of the Board to reinstate Sullivan, then I support a meeting.

What is the significance of the FOIA email to Dragas about whether or not the University had ever had a non alum rector?

From Wash. Post today:
[...] Zeithaml, one of 11 deans at U-Va., cut short a trip to Europe and flew home after the board’s vote. [...] Humm. Wonder why he was in such a hurry if all the BOV decisions were confidential? This was all set up from the get go.

Plea to Faculty Senate:
Demand that Dragas resign. Demand that Zeithaml step down since his appointment was part of the scheme. Don't give up.

Good grief. The emails. Dragas misses a day's delivery of her Wall Street Journal, doesn't read some balderdash op-ed, and Sullivan stays.

How pathetic is this?

And I see that the PR firm has written an op-ed for Dragas's sister to publish in the Pilot.

@Ken Ballard: First, Professor Wulf's work has been required reading for CS majors for decade. It may not be trendy or flashy, but it's essential. Yes, like all of us, he's slowed down with age, and yes, like many of us, he's not in the best of health -- but he's still a brilliant man and this is a devastating loss for UVA. He's put a huge amount of his life into the institution and its students when he could have quite easily made a hundred or a thousand times more working elsewhere. His genius and his dedication are admired by all of us who work in the field; if I can finish my career doing even a tenth of what he did I'll count my time as very well spent.

Second, re the "Al Gore" snideness: please see as well as for a complete debunking of this. (Short version: an incompetent journalist made it up.)

Rector Dragas said don't believe what you read in the papers, but what your read in the emails is pretty enlightening - go to Amazingly it is pretty close to the papers. Emails with Mr. Investment Banker Walker with a big interest in online education. Requests for research on if there is precedent for non-alumni rectors. Micromanaging conversations on constructions/renovation projects - and how rejecting one would send a good message. Finding building costs excessive because they are more than Kington's house addition costs. Clear links to interests in merging/selling the Medical Center. Explains the Hopkins (former) interim prez choice and the statement about Dean CZ's knowledge of healthcare. And references to the President's ouster as "the strategic communication project" - sounds like Kiernan's "project" that had nothing to do with firing her. Why so secret???? And who is Alison - could it be Alison Traub, architect of the UVA fundraising campgain? And who is Tim? And BTW -- why have we heard absolutely nothing about the extremely sudden retirement of VP for Finance & Administration Yoke San Reynolds, a stellar financial performer who the emails show received a by the way thanks for serving from the Board? And Mr. Strine is copied quite a lot. It seems clear that he is a primary if not the person who fanned the fire. I could have sworn the President hired him. Why is he now saying he works on behalf of the BOV (first) and the President?

Ty Cooper and Doyle Hargraves deserve each other.

Nancy, what's your affiliation with the University?

Maybe the research into non-alum rectors was part of the deal. Hunter Craig supports the ouster and Dragas and Kington make him the next Rector?

Alumni of UVa ( 200,000) could end this tragedy by joining together to inform the BOV that they are withholding all donations until

1. Dragas is gone from the BOV
2. President Sullivan is reinstated

She cares about UVa and understand that the draconian treatment is coming from a very small group
And that the only way to salvage the University is her return.

"Looking through the emails, however, it becomes clear that the donors weren't even offering good business sense. They've called for a leap into online learning, but demonstrate no understanding of that field. They use the popular language of disruption theory without understanding any of its mechanisms."

Folks, reality check. Fight on but don''t get fantastic.This is Virginia.Who is gonna not only appoint his 4 year reg quota but any new ones after any resignations from the BOV? That great humanitarian and advocate of liberal virtues,Gov McDonnell (GOP). Sullivan is toast.

As wonderful as Dr. Sullivan is, as much as everyone loves her and as much as I would want her back as well...why would she want to stay now? She would be looking over her shoulder and constantly second guessing herself as to whether she were meeting the "BOV's approval". Dr. Sullivan is too good at what she does for that. I am sure she has had MANY calls from other Universities that are willing to take her on. However, I do support the continuing fight to relieve the BOV of the current members, rector etc. and change the way they are appointed. It's way too easy for the high giving alums and politicians to dictate policy. Not very democratic in my opinion.

I have heard if Dragas is fired she would return. She cares deeply about UVa and this coup involves a few misguided individuals - the majority want and need her back as the only way to restore funding and stability .

Alumni have the power to do this now and withhold all donations until
1. Dragas is gone
2. Sullivan is back

We owe it to the students and faculty to


Doyle, white people have gotten so used to not doing any work that they don't know how to reacted when the roosters start roosting. You're fear of diversity betrays your malistince.

I can see one narrow and winding path by which Terry Sullivan could be reinstated and agree to return with the confidence that she could fulfill her duties in the exceptional manner she's already demonstrated.

It would require Bob McDonnell to display great leadership and look beyond partisanship and petty politics. It would require him to take a stand on behalf of the University and its community. Come to think of it, this might just be the type of action he needs to reverse the horrible year he's had.

First, Helen Dragas must immediately resign.

Second, Heywood Fralin would call an emergency meeting of the BOV and working with the other honest and capable members (Mastracco, Diamonstein, perhaps Key - I think she left the meeting early out of total frustration wtih Dragas/Kington) reinstate the President.

Third, Governor McDonnell would agree to work with Fralin to fill the 5 BOV seats that will be vacant on July 1 in a non-partisan manner in which excellence is the only criterion. Two candidates come immediately to mind: Buford Scott, the former BOV member who has repeatedly demonstrated his good sense, honor and generosity; and Ben Davenport, the former Virginia Tech BOV member and Rector. Both are business leaders and Davenport was a significant supporter of McDonnell; but both have also proven to understand how a BOV should operate and have made great non-monetary contributions to the operations of great universities. Certainly, there are other such individuals around the Commonwealth.

Fourth, Hunter Craig's resignation would be accepted and his seat would be filled by George Cohen.

Fifth, President Sullivan would agree to return.

I'm not sure if this is narrow and winding, or completely fanciful, but the results would be extraordinary. The entire University community (maybe 2 exceptions) is overjoyed and reenergized. A wrong is righted. And, Bob McDonnell gets a huge win which he would much deserve.

I heard some rumors this morning that Dragas may have had a financial interest in an online education company that president sullivan did not want to use. again this is a rumor but may be worthy of some investagative journalism. BOYCOTT the JPJ!!!

I can't believe there is an uproar over a man who makes a 6 figure income to teach ONE class a semester submitting his resignation. This is one good thing that came out of the botched Sullivan presidency. Or the only thing.

How can UVA hire top talent with people like this taking up space in the limited budget? Imagine what they could get for less than six figures - a FULL TIME professor!

And people think we should put this guy on the BoV? LUDICROUS! How about a current faculty member who is earning 100% of their pay and slaving away among the worker bees?

People on this board amaze me.

Teaching one class and talking to The Hook from his $988k home.

I'm crying for you Bill.

perchance Ted Genoways be now oppointed a vacated chair on the BOV

Amen HA! We will reach true equality and diversity when people of color are able to get paid that much to do so much little work. With Doyle's permission of course. HA! Na dawg, I'm just playing, I'd be worried two if my undiverse empire was crumbling around me.

Roosters coming home to rooster dawg.

What a poorly written resignation letter from Professor Wulf despite the motivation behind it. An embarrassment.

It would be funny if Ms. Sullivan's husband resigned in protest............

"Although he cut back to half-time status, he still earned a six - figure salary that he is willing to give up.". I think that statement right there explains why there is need for a little corporate governance. At least now it isn't a mystery as to why I get 4 times as many donation requests today compared to a few years ago.

The comments on the salary for Bill Wulf are amazing. He is not getting his salary solely for teaching a class. He is paid because he can be a mentor and guide for the department and he brings prestige to the school and department. His status based on his academic, government and private sector work leads to UVa attracting highly qualified students, faculty and in winning research grants. If many of these comments are from UVA students, it is just another reason to weep for the academic reputation of the University.

Does he get reinstated too?