What should happen at UVA?

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Entire BOV should resign.

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The Progress is reporting that Mark Kington, Vice Rector of the BOV has resigned

Face it, Pres. Sullivan's not going to come back. She's going to go elsewhere and do great things. The Rector and Vice Rector need to resign. That's probably not going to happen, either, but I would devoutly hope that Gov. McDonnell will at least not reappoint Ms. Dragas July 1. Dean Zeithaml will try to pick up the pieces (by most reports he's a good guy), but it's going to be hard to restore the university community's confidence. The BOV should, and I suspect will ,be reconfigured to include more non-MBA types, but this horse is already out of the barn. Unless we end up with a celebrity appointment like Hilary or Condoleeza, I can't think that any self-respecting administrator will touch the UVA presidency for quite some time. And the issues that Prez. Sullivan outlined so well in her report to the BOV (just last month?) will continue to be problems.

Well, this is a start:

And the Daily Progress is reporting that Vice Rector Mark Kington, a.k.a., Darth Kington, has resigned both as a vice rector AND as a visitor.

Link to his letter:

The interim President should work to re-instate Dr. Sullivan. And that is assuming she would even consider withdrawing her resignation. She has been mistreated horribly by the BOV. I am disappointed, disillusioned, and disturbed by the shady events that created her resignation. Shame on the BOV. Shame on all of them.

Oh well, it was a good run, but U.Va.'s 15 minutes of fame are up. And the university didn't stand for democracy after all, finally the truth is revealed. It was in fact a mediocre money driven institution like so many others. Students and faculty never really did have any governance rights! A few of the students proclaim 2012-2013 to be the year of the Virginia Spring Uprising but they are considered to be hopeless idealists who don't live in the real world.
Incredible. U.Va. Board of Visitors reinstate President Sullivan and give her a five year contract and an extra year of salary. Dragas, following Kington, submits resignation and leaves the country to an undisclosed location in her family homeland in Transylvania. Faculty gains voting rights on the Board. Students pretty much remain the same as they were before.

The sad thing is, there is no one for Dr.Sullivan - or anyone - to actually work with who is trustworthy. The entire BOV - with the exception of two or three who were not contacted - at the very least colluded in this dishonorable conspiracy. Not one among them resisted or bothered to speak to the President about what was going on behind her back.

I would not advise any client to return; I would not advise any client of mine to accept an appointment as president of UVa. I would advise them, on the contrary, to run like the wind.

I never liked the way the University was run. Now that we all know the focus is on money, God help any student who becomes the victim of a crime on that campus. The Board will not want any matter of sexual assault addressed because it could cost even more donors than this debacle already has.

Ms. Sullivan's husband should resign in protest..........