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Dragas shrugged
In a stunning coup that many believe threatens the fabric of Jefferson's historic university, the UVA Board of Visitors has overthrown popular president Teresa Sullivan. The Hook has comprehensive coverage from the billionaire donor who influenced the decision to the board's late-night installation of an interim president over the boisterous protest of students, faculty, and alums.

Starlight, star bright!
With the owner of the sprawling Frank Ix property stepping up to offer parking and pick-up space, Starlight Express manager Dan Goff says he can now act on plans to slash his rates in half and expand his routes to New York City. Big Apple, here we come!

Skeleton no more?
With exposed steel beams reaching toward the sky, the shell of what would have become the Landmark Hotel has been an eyesore for years. That's all about to change with the auction of the site to an Atlanta developer.

Focus on murder
Two of the biggest crime cases in this area are receiving new scrutiny as the FBI unveils a new billboard campaign in the Morgan Harrington case and Dateline airs a two-hour special on the murder of Justine Swartz Abshire.


President Teresa Sullivan walks toward the Rotunda as she prepares to meet with the Board of Visitors for what may have been the last time.
–photo by Tom Daly


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