The week in review

Least surprising win: Former senator and governor George Allen gets the Republican nomination in a June 8 primary and will challenge former governor Tim Kaine for Allen's old Senate seat.

Latest on Michael Hash: Special prosecutor Raymond Morrogh, who has until August 28 to decide whether to retry Hash, who spent nearly 12 years in prison and was released in March after a federal judge set aside his murder conviction because of police and prosecutorial misconduct, asked for a continuance in a Culpeper court June 18, the Star Exponent reports. Hash was convicted for the 1996 murder of 74-year-old Thelma Scoggins

Most disturbing numbers: A DNA study supports the innocence of 33 people convicted of sexual assaults between 1973 and 1986, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports. Then governor Mark Warner ordered the study in 2005.

Most surprising decision: The Virginia Board of Health votes June 15 to exempt existing abortion clinics from the more stringent hospital standards mandated by the General Assembly, according to the Times-Dispatch.

Worst domestic dispute: Ramona J. Etheridge, 45, is charged with malicious wounding in the stabbing of a 48-year-old male in the 600 block of Bolling Avenue around 4am June 17. The man received a wound to the abdomen, the DP reports.

Worst alleged high-school soccer-biting incident: Fluco soccer player Katrina Ditta, 18, is charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly biting a Western Albemarle player at a May 23 game, NBC29 reports. No reports of the incident were filed with the Virginia High School League, and Ditta's parents say a videotape of the game proves her innocence. She goes to court in Albemarle July 16.

Worst chicken fire: Up to 17,000 are killed in a June 13 Shenandoah County poultry barn fire, the AP reports.

Biggest case involving bear gall bladders: David Tracy Davis, 71, of Nelson County pleads guilty June 18 in federal court to one count each of illegally selling wildlife parts, roosters for fighting, possessing hawk talons, and distributing marijuana. Davis already was in trouble for selling moonshine while possessing a firearm and for animal cruelty.

Biggest Ponzi scheme: Michael Todd Crosswhite, 42, of Forest pleads guilty June 13 to money laundering and wire fraud for bilking clients out of nearly $1 million in his role as financial adviser, according to the U.S. Attorney's office. He faces up to 30 years in prison and up to $500,000 in fines, and has agreed to pay $943,684 in restitution to his victims.

Lamest counterfeiting scheme: Christopher Martin, 28, of Virginia Beach is convicted of selling fake Wintergreen ski lift tickets, sentenced to three years suspended, and ordered to pay Wintergreen $5,360 in restitution, according to a release.

Speediest bridge repair: The Shadwell bridge on U.S. 250 opens June 15, three weeks ahead of schedule, according to VDOT.

Most penalized by early completion: Several employees for bridge contractor Fairfield-Echols are laid off, NBC29 reports.

Most discrimination complaints: Charlottesville's Human Rights Task Force holds its first public forum June 13 and says it's gotten 50 allegations of discrimination since March, Graham Moomaw reports in the Progress.

Most dangerous dog: Waynesboro Mayor Frank Lucente's golden retriever Luke is declared a menace June 15 for biting a man on Memorial Day, the News Virginian reports. Former Albemarle commonwealth's attorney Jim Camblos, now working in Waynesboro, prosecutes the case, and three other witnesses testify that Luke had aggressive tendencies. Another Albemarle judicial alum, retired Judge Steve Helvin, presides over the hearing.

Worst recreational boating hazard: Boating under the influence– BUI– is the leading factor in fatalities, and the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries launches Operation Dry Water 2012 June 22-24. Officers will be patrolling waterways, holding BUI checkpoints and breathalyzing boaters to bring attention to the issue before the July 4 holiday.

That reminds us: Starting July 1, ABC stores can be open Sunday afternoons from 1 to 6pm.