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Cabal Hall?
First came shock, then came anger, and now, questions...The UVA Board of Visitors' decision to sack beloved President Theresa Sullivan two years into a planned five-year term sent shockwaves through the university community and has many wondering if UVA's being run like the school Jefferson envisioned or if it could have more in common with Goldman Sachs.

Rural pleasures
Plenty of space, lots of natural light, and five acres sound nice, but will buyers of this Ivy home be up a creek? Nah, just right next to one.

Eyes on the sky
Big things are happening in Crozet, and for lovers of sunsets, wine and mountain views, the arrival of a skybar promises good times. Dish has the scoop.

Conservation conundrum
If you're feeling good that you swapped incandescent lightbulbs for fluorescents, or bought a hybrid car, you may not like Clive Thompson's message: the more we conserve, the more we use. So what is the answer to saving the planet?

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Darden School's Saunders Hall; UVA President Theresa Sullivan and Rector Helen Dragas. Photos by Hawes Spencer

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