Paradox Pastry opens in the Glass Building

Paradox Pastry, the sweet shop whose owners encourage you to sweat as well, opened bright and early on Tuesday, June 12.

"It's been nice and steady," says owner Jenny Peterson behind the cash register, a Cordon Bleu cooking school grad and a personal trainer (hence the paradox). "Everything wasn't perfect, but we decided to just go ahead and open. There's been a lot of well wishes and good vibes."

On display? Chocolate fat-free cookies, New York style cheesecake, chocolate torte served with creme anglaise, and a rich tasting almond pave cake with marscapone. Great smell of coffee, too.

"We're having fun," says Peterson. "A little girl came in to pick up a cake for her dad, and there was nothing on it. So we had her help us decorate it. "


So where the heck is this "Glass Building"?

The bakery's website doesn't provide an address either. . .

^ That's the 'Paradox' :-)

Go to the FB page and " like" Paradox Pastry....its all there....but for now 313 Second St. SE. ....and BTW it is NOT a bakery....but a Pastry SHop!

Awesome. I like pastries and my wife likes shopping. A pastry shop sounds like he perfect place!