Who do you want to be the new president of UVA?

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I think a good choice for the next president would be Teresa Sullivan.

I second that ! I'll bet the question of the week for the BOV is - How are donors feeling about our decision ?

from Virginia Business

"The real issue here, in terms of how it will impact fundraising, is how will the donors react to the resignation? Are they okay with it? I know there are some concerns within the faculty about the decision, but how are the donors going to react?”


Yes, I think the next president should be Teresa Sullivan. And Dragon Lady should not be reappointed to the BOV.

Definitely Teresa Sullivan - and as to the BOV, changes need to be made by Gov. McDonnell.

Not that two-faced, double-dealing, underhanded, lying douche-nozzle, Kiernan.

Hillary Clinton fo shor!

Theresa Sullivan is the best qualified, and should remain at the helm. BOV's members appointments should be revisited.

Peter Keirnan

Jerry Lewis for sure. A proven fund raiser

Welcome back, Ed Ayers!

I think the Board should do another nationwide search and pick Teresa Sullivan. I hear she is available.

Don Draper

It should be given to someone rich white and attractive. Maybe they drink too much. Maybe they have anger issues. This would be indicative of the student body and most appropriate. That last lady was just plain butter face no wonder she did not last!

Lil blondie in the photo is my kinda girl. DIRTY

Lance Armstrong.

Get over it.............. UVa is bigger than any one person.

Barack Hussein Obama with Rosie O'Donnell as Veep.

It is time to modernize how the board of visitors gets selected. Cronyism at its worst. Many rich people with little knowledge of higher education. Dilletantes. Egotists. Ugh.

I'd suggest Larry Summers. Perhaps he'd like to return to academia after having received a vote of no confidence from the faculty as president of Harvard. He might get along fine with the BoV. Sorry for the gallows humor.

Ms. Dragas has assured us that we'll be so thrilled with the next president, that all this turmoil will be forgotten. Since the BoV is so business-oriented, and they're looking for "strategic dynamism," may I suggest that they appoint Donald Trump? I hear he has a house in the area now.

If UVa is too large for any one person, then I recommend 1) RUSH , there are 3 of them.
2) staff of Cavalier Daily, they could take turns, and they know alot , for undergrads
3) Hold a lottery everyday, and the winner takes the next day.
4) hold a raffle too.
5) sell to highest bidder for 6 month stretches.

overhaul the BOV. it should be representative of both academia, medicine, business and community members. the entire process needs changing.

Ken Cuccinelli

"Revisit" (as the snobs say) the decision to dump Pres. Sullivan and rehire her. Then "revisit" the qualifications of the BoV to see if their actions promote UVa or their own interests. The there should be a new BoV hired in on an "interim" basis.

RUSH dammit. They still tour and make big money. Think about the exposure.....""ladies and gentlemen of Tokyo, straight from UVa, lets welcome RUSH!!!"
Big bucks too. Star power, the whole thing!
or maybe Paul McCartney, he still puts on a good show too.

We really need to get past this "academical " thang.

and last, but not least:

Tom Farrell
pros: he has more natural gas than anybody
he is an important business leader and UVa law grad
he can afford to donate his salary to the University
he is chairman of Altria group
cons; he has more natural gas than anybody
he is an important business leader and UVa Law grad
he can afford to donate his salary to the University
he is chairman of the Altria group.
and working on the best obituary of all times.

Tom Farrell?

Does it make sense to promote tobacco companies (Altria) when our health center works hard to encourage people to stop smoking? What would his new policies be? Get rid of the smoke-free campus and medical center and install cigarette vending machines?
We could certainly increase pt volume by encouraging tobacco use, but is that what we really want?

Talk about a conflict of interest!

Does anything really make sense now?

Altria just spent $40 million in California......on advertising.

Colin Powell.
The Dalai Lama.

I probably won't get invited to the party.

Katherine Harris

How about the Three Stooges? or does UVa have them in already Ms. D and the 2 others that voted to remove Pres. Sullivan? Maybe some eye-gouging, face slapping or head-banging is in order to make those see the mistake of their actions.

Oh mother of God.
Barack Obama will be unemployed in 2013.

PS You heard it here, first.

PPS we stoop, we conquer.

I had suggested Bob Gates during the last search. He is very wise man respected by people of all political persuasions with ties to Virginia. He is not getting any younger though. Condeleeza Rice has also been mentioned as someone with obvious star power but some baggage( ie the WMD driven war in Iraq). Who is the President of UC Berkely? They have the samestruggles as UVA but are a research powerhouse.

Tom Czech is a Nobel laureate in chemistry,president of the Howard Hughes medical foundation and was a finalist for the presidency of Harvard. He spent the bulk of his career at the University of Colorado which has an incredibly strong science faculty (5 Nobel laureates and 20 NAS members) and could immediately beef up our science/technology reputation

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Helen Dragas has gone from Rector to Rectum