Pub hub II: Mall burger bar's new opening date

The new Citizen Burger Bar on the Downtown Mall was all set for its grand opening last Friday, but alas, Andy McClure and company couldn't quite get to the finish line. No worries. They've been hustling to renovate the space, getting permits and stuff, and McClure says they just weren't quite ready. The good news is they are set to open this Friday, June 15. For sure.

"Although we came very close, we have decided to delay the grand opening by one week," says McClure. "There is no question that we will make this new date."

So get ready, pub and gourmet burger lovers. Looks like there will be a party Downtown this Friday.


Hot damn, can't weight to gain more wait!

This is going to be a new favorite along with whoever the guy is cooking up Mexican food at the old Boyd Tavern Market in Keswick. BEST IN TOWN!!

All I know is Citizen's Facebook page makes me hungry everyday! MMMmmmm!

I walk the downtown mall and I am amazed how many fat people are eating in place they should not be eaten at..This place will not help them but of course they should know better???......I do not need a restaurant to cook my hamburger, I can make it better at home (yes I can).

It is so sad to see people stuffing themselves with burger and so much of my tax money will be used to there fucking habit.

Great culinary team at this spot. I heard the head chef had to eat hundreds of burgers to test recipes!
That's dedication!
It's gonna be a great spot to eat and drink downtown.

yawn. like who cares, everybody sells hamburgers.