Body discovery: Death on Observatory Hill likely a suicide

The body found early Friday morning on Observatory Hill at the University of Virginia has been deemed a probable suicide by officials. The deceased person was described as a 33-year-old white female found at approximately 7:54am on June 8. Police believe the woman was formerly a student.

The case got widespread attention after UVA Chief of Police Michael A. Gibson sent an e-mail to students and faculty Friday afternoon, alerting the community to the discovery of the body and noting that while the cause of death did not appear natural there was no perceived threat to the community.

The body was found on a trail in the woods, a popular site for area hikers and mountain-bikers, according to UVA Police Captain Michael Coleman. He says that additional details may be released once medical examiners complete an autopsy report.

corrected 7:02pm; original version of this story gave wrong month due to editing error

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June 8th, perhaps, rather than July 8th?

My bad. Thanks.--editor hawes spencer

Yeah, that's the important thing here, not the young ladies's death....prayers going out to her family.

Will they/have they made an identification?

R.I.P.: Will Geer

omgitspaul, were this my friend or loved one, every inaccuracy posted or printed would be another dagger. My comment was meant as a kindness and a service. I've personally encounted suicide twice before: once an employee, once a family member. Pragmatic assistance in its wake has value & expresses caring. If we narrow our definitions of a proper response to another's sorrow to only one allowable phrase or action, we lose the value of having many skills & responses in our community. We lose our community. At a time like this, friends & family need more community, not less.

However, there is a proper way to correct someone, which you managed to avoid. Plus, expressing sympathy after being called out cuts back on sincerity.

how does anyone know it was a suicide? was there a note?