Pub hub: Mall burger bar set to open Friday

This Friday, June 8 the Citizen Burger Bar makes its debut on the Downtown Mall. Owner Andy McClure has been busy renovating the space formerly occupied by Siips Wine & Champagne Bar. In addition to the extensive, historically sensitive remodel, McClure promises to serve up burgers and such with ingredients sourced from local farms.

“Our prime ingredients will be sourced from the best places we can find,” McClure says. “Most of these sources are right around Charlottesville, so we have spent a lot of time talking to farmers, brewers, and wine makers to make sure that we are serving the right items for our guests.”

Beef will be sourced from Timbercreek Farm, cheese from Mountain View Farm, poultry from Davis Creek Farm, and you'll be sure to recognize many of your favorite local beers and wines.

McClure also hopes it will be a comfortable, unpretentious place to simply hang out and watch a game, have a drink with friends in a quiet corner, or enjoy a great meal.

"Every single person involved in this project has been working their butts off to make this quintessential American experience happen," says an excited McClure. "From our farmers to our welders, everyone is looking forward to the doors being open."


This sounds like it's gonna be a great place. Looking forward to the opening.

That looks like a fake tomato. Pinkish and forced to grow to satisfy a store shelf space but no substance or taste.

That's a much better tomato! Thanks

I can now say the burger looks delicious!

I don't like sandwiches that are taller than my mouth will open.

that is a really terrible picture

It's nice to see the wine bars on the mall being replaced with something more interesting.