New sketch: Harrington suspect gets digital treatment

With evidence growing colder by the day, police are hoping the Monday, June 4 release of a new composite image in the Morgan Harrington case will generate a tip to help solve the mystery of the young woman's disappearance and death.

Two-and-a-half years after her daughter's life was snuffed out, mother Gil Harrington says she's "very excited" by the release of the new visual, which digitally depicts the suspect as he might appear with and without facial hair and which she believes is "more recognizable as a person" than the previously released hand-drawn image.

While Harrington admits frustration that the case remains unsolved, she says she doesn't doubt law enforcement's commitment to tracking down the perpetrator.

"They want this guy off the streets as badly as we do," says Harrington, who has made dozens of public appearances in an effort to keep her daughter's case in the public eye and who, along with husband Dan Harrington, has launched the nonprofit ad campaign Help Save the Next Girl.

As extensively reported, Morgan Harrington disappeared October 17, 2009 after she left the John Paul Jones Arena during a Metallica concert and was denied reentry. The blond Virginia Tech student, wearing all black, was last seen hitchhiking that night around 9:30pm on the Copeley Road Bridge. Her remains were found three months later on an Albemarle County farm. The biggest break thus far is the forensic evidence that links Harrington's case to a brutal assault and rape of a young Fairfax woman in 2005 as she returned home on foot from a grocery store.

Hundreds of tips have been called in over the past two and a half years, but thus far, none has led to an arrest. Gil Harrington says she believes the people who know the killer may have had suspicions about his involvement in these crimes even if he may seem harmless.

"We are expecting the face of evil to have bulging red eyes and smoke coming from the nostrils," she says, pointing out the sketch's innocuous appearance.

"He looks like a normal person," she says. "He is normal– except that he abducts, rapes, and murders."

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Why only the face ? Can't they add a digitally composite which also includes a body ?

Put a Nike cap on him...we've found our man.

I hope when they find him he tells us where it was that Morgan wanted to go, if he's the one who picked her up hitch hiking. And why she left the arena in the first place. Maybe he ran into her later, after she'd been picked up on the bridge by someone else. Amazing how nothing has leaked out locally if this was such a local crime.

OMG it's Fiddy Cent !

Maybe this guy and the old 2005 guy are the same? Anybody see a resemblance between all these sketches??

There's some pretty stupid, flip comments posted here. I'm so ashamed to be part of the human race sometimes. Theinsensitivee people who wrote a few of the comments above should consider the horror Morgan went through before making asinine jokes about the composite. Could just as easily have been you or one of your beloved.

I always wonder if the cold calloused remarks are made by the perp himself ?

I'm so glad to see a new updated sketch composite . The FBI does not usually randomly update sketch composites , so I am hoping this computer generated sketch composite will spark something in a person who looks at the picture & recognizes him . We need a Name for this Face & DNA Profile !

I like the reimagined visage with the smug "I got away with it" look on his face. Maybe this campaign will wipe it off for good.

I hope this will end the persistent doubt over whether the authorities think this is the bad guy. Clearly, they do. I realize the naysayers probably maintain that position in defense of their blunderous idol who probably jeopardized the investigation by trying to scoop the legitimate press by releasing it before the police were comfortable to do so.

My theory is this guy is someone out there others know and perhaps have noticed the likeness to the sketch but thought to themselves, "Oh, not him." I think he has blended in where ever he is. Monsters like this usually live a deul life. I also believe he has extensive knowledge of the area.

I just hope someone steps forward - families and the community need closure to this. We have to make sure there are no more "next girls" from this slime.

If they did a composite including full body and aged the number of possible person's fitting the description would be narrowed considerably. It would make it much easier for a citizen to determine if someone they were aware of should be considered . The Fairfax description must include particulars of height,weight,structure,posture,clothing style . An attempt to depict his current likeness from head to toe shouldn't be very difficult . The past effort to locate him via the first sketch has failed . No one recognized him and come forward from the past. Those potential sources have been tapped out .Current witnesses of who this person is would be the best route . They need to update his likeness and put his description on Interpol . Interpol found the Crazy Canadian Canabol within a week who was one ocean and two countries away from the crime . This Magnotta fellow was adept at changing his appearance but he was spotted dead ringer by a stranger . It is harder to change a person's body than what their face might look like . The Fairfax rapist would have likely gone balding,wears glasses,ear rings,some lip work, etc.

The Daily Mail posted a story on this. Perhaps he will be apprehended in the UK.

Good chance with the slave connection he might be caught sitting in an internet cafe reading stories about himself in Sierra Leone .

Frank Speaker, that is a great idea! The Northern Va description did have ht wt description but dont know that they actually described body type. Good suggestion.

Zxactly . Hard to change his height and physical stance. Add a few pounds on . He is likely chock full of male hormones so he would be balding , likely gets hair totally wizzed off . Wears a gold chain maybe ? They need to try to get someone from the group that knows him now as the pool of people that knew him 7 years ago has totally failed to produce him . They are no help but maybe the current ones will do better .

Maybe versions where he's wearing a sombrero, a fez, a turban, a burka -- in case he's hiding overseas or in a different country. Maybe with a cheese hat in case he's in Wisconsin.

If he is 1/32 Indian he could be hiding out as a white man and running for The US Senate .

Out on the internetz, a silly blogger is suggesting that the FBI is waging or is at least in on this whole campaign just to support the civil suit, which as we all know is going to magically reveal key evidence the police and FBI could not obtain. Such twisted thinking never fails to amuse!

Did you even read Ms. Stuart's article? She never says murder. She will get it, as best she can. My opinion is that the Private PR firm and FM did more do hinder this investigation than anything. The Doctor's scorched earth policy caused some much harm, are they just out out for inflicting pain? Well they have to hundreds. Moragan was a woman, not a girl or if so the parents did a misarable job. If you know anything she was not shinny. Not blaming the victim, personaly I admire the love of the Mother. But her poems and statements, even the choice of "Save The Next GIRL" are denial.

This is a fact! The t-shirt was displayed a long time before the body was found. Overlooked cby media explortes. Why, would some one give access to a t-shirt of a missing person? Flys in the face of any rapest that had aluded arrest for several years.

Just ponder that!

The man in the sketch is, if found going to face a rape charge of a victim in 2005, no doubt! But, My information is that Morgan was not abducted, guess what! VSP agrees, she volunteery got int a vehihicle.

You cannot connect the dots unless you just look at the dots without the Dan PR firm. There were multiply encounters, she was under the influnce and had done this before. The reports soon to be released, which are not leacks will show a lot of unconfortable things. First, she was not a shinny girl. Not a problem, she was an adult, responcible for her choice of who to party with.

She chewed her finger nails like a beaver chews wood. Think there is DNA there?

I told all of you, wherer the metalica shirt was months before anyone, just asked Amy. Simple. For weeks people said prove it, well, guess what, no need to prove it. Just as FBI and VSP do not need to prove a damn thing to anyone unlless it leads to an arrest.

Amy is not stupid, amy even has photos of her. Morgan and others in a golf cart. Why you don'r see them? Well I am sure Ms Stuart has them, it is because they add nothing to the case and would help the money making bloogers to advance their goal, get kibbles and bits. $$$$

Call it self serving all you want, I use my real name and the FBI with Reader's approval came to my home. Why? Beccuase they then wanted the truth. They still do. It takes time people, the will get it right. They are not forced to due to a civil suite. They do it because it is their job, my opinion a good job!

Ms. Stuart does it because its her job and she wants the truth, That much, I am sure of.

There will be things coming out, if taken in entirety will aid Ms. Stuart, I dare say not to many others. Taken slice by slice will do nothing but add to speculation.

I have read the word murder, ten looked to the source quotes. no mention of murder by the source. It is sensationalism, driven by a Father hiding under the skirt of a woman. Now thats my opinion. He had the receipts fo the parking place. yet he forgot, aafter 3 months of telling people his daughter's car was never there. Now, really, a PR firm asking every single person in C'ville for help never looked at the recept? Flys in the face of wisdom, but that is not malice, it is just denial.

He was told on numerus occasions that Morgan took out her cell phone battery to avoide Daddys as she called it snooping. That just throws out the entire case for a time line to any defense Attortney.

This is so stupid!

Now Kenny, who I really do like and admire, says he believes she had a serious fall. Maybe not him but others suggest thats where the chin was craped. Others suggest the camera was lost. Well, what if some ribs were broken? Now this is where i have discussed with reporters, you can twist that. So, maybe she wasn't swaggering do to drugs. Maybe it was her injuries. Twist it. Maybe thats where the ribs where broken.

But this much is fact, some her hair was at the location where the body was found. Now anyone knows, that drugs taken that week would be hard pressed to find. But, over a long period of time, perhaps some legallt prescribed "Learning Inhance" drugs would sow up.

I don'y know, but say someone taking meedication to help in improving test scores, taking any drug may have some extra powers.

See, I don't know? Point is you don't either. When I saw I don't know, it is because i wasn't there. But, and I cannnot prove it, I strongly believe there where drugs in her sytem.

To say this C'Ville man murdered my daughter is just wrong! He can denie it as long as as wishes.

You know Dan, just sit down with a real reporter. And Say, I work for the UVA sytem, tell them what you do. Just be honest and say, maybe the fathere of a child should not let people quote him or his wife as experts. Just say, we made mistakes, we hopw you learn from it. Do not refer her to as a shinny girl. you have many students the same age that i hope you treat as young women.

Then, maybe, just maybe be. Something that no PR firm or your employer can ever do will happen. They will see to parents that say, we should have done better and we accept that reponcibility.

Then read this Quote:

Fro Ms. Stuarts's article "The new digital composite of a suspect forensically connected to the Morgan Harrington case and to 2005 Fairfax rape"

Coonected to the case.

You did attend a University, correct.

Just try it, because I have a glymps of what is coming, if you can take the truth, you just may find the truth. Maybe not what your expecting, but it will help you.

Just remember these words. "Inconclusive" " "do not over charge".

God's speed.

Thanks ms Stewert!, I am surely not as versed as you, but, never questionmy quest for the truth, that to th you, not to the readers!

Dan, I just lost my Dad during the Hugeley verdict, Fathers Day is coming. There are no winners! But we can well....

Certainly try be better men! One thing there is no doubt of, your daughter loves you!

Just when I thought people couldn't be any dumber, I read Michael Sutton's novel; or should I say I tried to comprehend it.. First off it makes no sense bc you spell for s*^t..Secondly it makes no sense bc you're all over the place speaking nonsense. People like you should just zip it, bc you don't know anything about this case.

6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18 is an adult! Not a girl, thats a fact!

A Doctor who addresses 20 year oldsas a girl is infact degrading them. A doctor who receives money from the UVA partialy funded hospital that is a giving mental advise is sueing {or his wife is} the very entitiey, along with the V-tech money.

Now would you buy a cook book from Jeffrery Dahmer's father?

She hitchiked. She was not abucted. If there was semen how many different men , or maybe none?
Wait and see, what comes out, get back with me when you count to 99.9984563.

Then tell me that is was semen, or just what Forensics Links to what object, or more than one object.

Then tell me, could he afforded a new cell phone for his dayghter. He claims, the phone had a history of the battery just falling out.

As far as what i di know, is that if he wasn't as worried about her image, he would have recieved cooperation with a much higher level of truthfullness.

Is this a C'iville man, where did he say the car was parked, was she studing on the ROAD TRIP? It is denial, he is a doctor, 2 and half yesrs. He gives advise to people?

Like, watch this, a PR firm offered to help,. Da, a PR firm offers help because it is good PR for the firm, except not this time.

Was she taking cough medicine that day and night? Did she drink any alcahol?

In his mid she had been a good little girl fo 7 months compaired to what she been doing before. So he used a carrot on stick. Her little girl I'll charge the tickets and parking for to metallica is you keep up the work. Here, liitle girl here little girl. And this man gives advise to others?

Was there a precription bottle in her purse, who wrote the script. Did it state anything about interactions? I mean he's a Doctor right?

Every read her facebook and ithe pages, his shiiny little girl, may have been lit, but that complexition without make up shows a frail, unhealthy woman.

So, people go missing for months and people that want the truth will tell the truth about drinking or suicide attempts and the police work just as hard, But not his PR firm it was a shrine. She hitchhiked, oh no, oh no, oh no. Not the shinny girl.

She was an adult, she can drink alchol. Cannot buy it, nor drink in public. But how many pictures can I produce of her drinking, not just holding a beer. But hats ok, because the people that cared about finding the truth, could careless if she was having problems, perhaps even identified with the family more.

But, no, he did not chose that. He chose a PR firm to protect his job, who do you think offered 80 percent of the reward? Do I know anything, well lets watch it unfold and see what I know.

He is playying the pity card, fine for 9 months, but after this long get real. The poems, JFK, all of the point blank speaking of the villagers going after the animal. Thats what his PR frim with he and his wife did. They provoked men to chased down, accused of being sex fends. Invvited every person that had never faced their metal heath to come on FM and incite hate! In name of his shinny girl.

These should be read, then ask VSP did the PR Firm haelp/ Ask exactly why he closed the forum?

Then ask, why use the word murder? He knows how the mind works. the word provokes animal instincts and thats what hw wanted to do, damn the hundreds that had their intitials or address posted. Well a hundred, may if it had worked, that means he accused 99 innocent people.

Do I know about the case, well ask around. Ask the very people that have bake sales and have sites. Then, ask, how did I know where the metallica t-shirt was and stated it!

Then, ask, how many others that could have helped and would have helped felt like they were seeing a dog a pny show?

Ask, why the FBI was looking at bicycles, think of the East Coast rapest. Thnk of the sketch and the Pham case.

You think VSP liked that PR firm?

And ask, about the preacher.

Then ask this, did atip from FM find the body? Did FM find the florensic sample. Did FM help save any body?

The FBI and VSP worked this case, never stopped and they are prpairing you for some info, then get back to me about my comments made 2 months after the body was found. Then I could carless what any of you anonomous posters say. I worked and many worked, but none worked harder than VSP< FBI and the labs. The PR firm interferred with the progress!

With out a confession, there will never be a "MURDER TRIAL"

Every on that ever posted on FM or other sights will either lie or not be allowed to sit at a negligent homicde case. And if they lie and do sit, believe me, every one will be known. You think your ananomous, get ready. Court can protect he sources but not those who post.

Lets see about this case!

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, when the VSP and FBI say so! Then, in your wildest dreams a trial. Watch the poems, the lies, and the names of the posters as they sit on a stand. I wrote a long time ago, this PR idea that ole grieving Dan created will make changes, and Morgan's name will go down in history due to him has a daughter of of a man who who only wanted the turth that he wantedd, not the real truth, thw whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Do you what pulling a harrington means, now. Well, thats what his PT firm has done and he ran it. Also asked about the early fund raising and missing funds for braclets. Just ask him. and that person has every emial address and every ISP.

So think about what I know about the case.

You really can't spell?You still haven't proved you know anything about this case.Metallica shirt? Do you mean Pantera shirt? That's what she was wearing.I think you still know nothing about this case except the obvious things about her old man,captain obvious,eh? Of course info is going to come out that hasn't been released bc of the civil suit.Nobody cares if she was a whore dude as most 20yr old chicks who's parents keep them under a microscope usually are easy. Everyone knows she was on something other than having a few drinks that's obvious to anyone who's done drugs before. I have no clue what you mean by half of the 2 letters short hand you're using either.Bottom line there was DNA that matched another assault and she's dead. It wasn't suicide or the corner would have released that.Anyone with a brain knows if the battery is out you can't ping the phone, I highly doubt the battery was taken out bc of dad,that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.Prove to me beside berating her dad that you have info about what happened bc we both know you're full of it!!! I'm listening

How do I know what your comments were 2 yrs ago?LOL,you keep saying ask this and ask that who am I supposed to ask? I live in PA oh maybe I'll ask that blink lady,huh? I want to hear all your hidden info you apparently have which is none BTW. So she dud drugs who cares if she was pale.Was she a coke head?I say she was a pill head which explains being pale and being so parched at the Metallica concert she had to drink a strangers drink. Was she a pig?

You know, 12345 I do not know if you understand a compliment. But you, seem to be one that just may have not read enough as that it would make you to be a good jury member. Thats good, that you do not know the drama, so that you could sit and hear the facts, me be damned. I am all for it.
But, I will tell you this, I received informattion that discribed in detail of the sketch and white male and a black male long before anyone on FM had ever even thought about. To their credit, they gave be the number to the local FBI agents office. I reported it whithin 2 hours and gave permission for the FBI to trace any and all info.

Maybe to you this sounnds self serving, but this was way away before the thought of a black male not in college had ever once been mentioned.

Now, this is the irony, as reported to the FBI, the black male and white male were with Morgan UNDER THE BRIDGE. NOW THIS WAS BEFORE A SHETCH, WAY BEFORE A LINK, EVEN JUST AS BEFORE THE T-SHIRT {PANTERA} HAD BEEN RELEASED.

These are facts that I reported it, all three FM people know that. Point was my info said they were together, she was having fun, they had to turn in for work and she continued after the rain to do her own thing.

Now, I am using my real name, FBI has been in this home. Strange when you look at it, because it is consistant with the fact that a older than usually college looking student with a white male, not involved in securrity. LE or a concert was given to me.

Time lines. just ask those that do remember.

Now, I am a citizen. I did give a tip, months before anyone ever mentioned the race of the link. Months! Certain FM people knew this, it is not a matter of who claims what, Dan can take the 100 grand in 1 dollar bills and cram them down his mouth!

It is about the truth, she was higher than any kite that flew at night. And you know what, there is nothing wrong with that! She was a free spirit an adult and I do not blame her, the victim. But, the people that had contact with her were not the last, so see, there is the delimia.

I got it, I gave it to FBI, do you think I do not know what it would be to print a falsehood? Now, problem is, VSP and the FBI followed up on it. They did tell me these were confirmed facts, the follow up.. They did say thank you. So guess what, my info is second hand info. But, look at the sketch, go back to the time, if you have acess, the thought of this never accured to anyone before I told the FBI.

There were metallica shirts prurchased, and a blooger and a member of FM's Staff suggested that the woman, Morgan may have been wearing the Metallica shirt after she discarded her other shirt. That she has in fact posted on face book ! That in the past she has left her upper garments while in the prescence of waking up after a Exstacy fling. Just get the heck out.. Shinny, no, a woman with issues yes.

Shinny, no. But the truth is it happens, and It is no excuse to judge her. It's her words: 12345!

She wrote them unless someone a year prior had a diabialicle plan to set this up on a new moon at a CONCERT.


Dan was was wrong!

A jury if it come to it, will be compelled by the instructions of a Virgina Judge to decide the fate of who ever may be charged.,

The PR firm with Dan and his wife have done more to damage this case than any one has ever done, Shame on Dan, not to mention the outbreak of racial actions mentioned on FM by posters asying, I saw a N_____, I followed him as he turned. Inciting of raciall warfair done by FM and Blink taken by his PR firms seragates.

So many musicians, roadies, security people, LE and students have suffered for the lies of the PR firm.

Artist, farmers, daughters, ex LE, even simple witnesses hounded.

Folders kept and FBI records of two FM mods to someone who committed susicide. Dan did know this was being done, he a health care proffessional. Scorch the earth, damn everyone becouse of the image he wanted to maintain of a shinny girl. Not to save the next victim at all, to hide his own guilt and denial.

Morgan is not going to come back from the dead to point to who or what happened.

Let the FBI and VSP and Labs do their job. Dan and Gil are not experts on this science, yet the PR firm implies they are.

They are not and and they are not helping the next victim. Straight Male, Gay Male, Straight woman or all inbetwwen. Morgan was a woman!

Let the facts come out, damn a shinny image, becaose those two and two of the mods and a female blogger are self serving media W____S.

So, lets wait and see. I suggested a civil suite in writting 20 months prior to Gil filing one. I was called a sue happy freak, now look!

She waited too long, and the people that sign her husbands checks, no matter what pocket it comes out off, better understand. He ai'nt no doctor. He does not live by the oath and he is a very very sick man.

This case, this PR firm just may someday gearn the Hook the highest award, The Hook can do it! And just for all's info, I have a recent posting by Hawes, he knows the different screen names, he called that person out. He knows, and he also knows, I only use my copyrighted names.

So get ready! Read the Hook! And yes, there is a woman invilved, a ex or one that is scared sh_tless due to the villagers like from Shelly going to burn her up! The PR firm lost! Dan is a Losser!

He needs help, she needs to stop trying to elavate a Ex, unicorn, party girl to the level of JFK!

Now, find the truth, here is the out! You live in the State, call the FBI and yes yes yes they will listen. Find the man who raped that woman in 2005. Then, let the FBI do their job!

Remember Ms Pham and the pain that Blink caused!

I'm not a fan of Blink's either..Actually if you go to her website and follow her thread from when Michael Horne was arrested I called her and others out on there about a month ago. Her and her cult members didn't take to kindly to it,but Forget them. Blink does seem shady and unreliable in her reporting to the point it's comedy.

Michael you still are pretty vague with what you know and are all over the place. I think you should explain more. I know this case very well but only from the info that's been made public. Like I said I live in another state about 4 hrs away from Northern VA. I worked in NOVA for 10 months and loved it down there, I think that is primarily why I started following this case plus this happened when I was down there.I read the Hook when something new happens in this case. Courtney does a very good job, plus seeing her on Morgan's Disappeared episode she's kinda hott,lol.

Explain more of what you know....

My , what can I say to all of this ? Perhaps a golden example of a person who loves to bloviate , and I would say attempts to pontificate ... but then one would need to be able to spell or use spell check 1st .