Lost groundhog

This adolescent groundhog (aka woodchuck, whistle-pig) lost his/her home and family. Small comfort that it was to urban density and not to a percussive extermination tool like the Rodenator.
Commentator Bill Emory puts up a new photo nearly every day at billemory.com/blog.

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The terminex pest control ad at the bottom of the photo caption is priceless. Well done.

Groundhogs are the worst vermin. They can kill a good horse (if the horse breaks their leg by stepping in one of their holes), they destroy home gardens, commercial property and have truly no use. If a dog tangles up with one it can be deadly for the dog. They carry all sorts of disease and you would not want one close to your house yet there will be people here screaming about the environment. Groundhogs, ticks and fleas - have no use in any ecosystem.

@Native - I dunno, my dogs mix it up with the groundhogs, as have my neighbors, and the dogs come out on top...the groundhogs, not so much. Three kills so far this year. They are a pest, but I guess they have as much "right" to be around as anything else...they certainly don't seem endangered.

He didn't "lose his home and family". Young hogs are kicked out of the den to find their own way. Many will show up in odd places and on the move. Animals are not humans, much as it suits your agenda to write about them this way.

@ life res. Yup, he def lost his home and family. When a D9 makes a 8' deep pass on your underground place, it is gone.
What is my agenda?
What is your point with the statement "animals aren't human"?

Charlottesville is a ground-hog sanctuary city...

Wait till I get back in July, me and Mackie will line up on him with some Varmageddon hollow points and give him a hot lead cocktail.

In a show of solidarity with groundhogs and a hatred for human society, Bill Emory and I will both destroy our own homes. Well maybe not. It's only bad for OTHER humans to build new houses; ours should be grandfathered in.

You all should take a cue from 'Idiot' and use monikers that are more fitting for your comments...

Not alot of sympathy for the lil g hog. City g hogs are rabies vectors Bill an his girl are lucky they ain't get bitten.

I smell varmint puntang !!!

My backyard is full of these critters. Recently the family seems to have grown and there's 5 little ones running around eating our garden. After a few weeks of cursing them I decided to try sprinkling used cat litter around the garden. This has kept them out of the garden so far and I can resume enjoying them from afar and not cursing them for eating our veggies.

@non-resident taxpayer - your dogs are very lucky, please consult your vet about dogs and other animals that tangle with groundhogs and the horror stories of contracting mange and other disease, never mind if they happen to be able to swipe and break skin with their claws.

@casual reader - wait, they can tunnel under your cat litter line and get to the goods, and will when they want.

The majority of the commenters here show why so many animal species are going extinct. Well done selfish masses!


Groundhogs are not going extinct anytime soon. If the people who will live in this home are selfish for doing so, then I'm afraid you have set a bar that's too high for most of us to meet.