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If you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere... but getting to New York City from Charlottesville by air is about to get harder. Good thing the folks at luxury bus service Starlight Express are stepping it up with some major changes that could convince you to pack your bags for the big city sometime soon.

Weed whacked
After spending almost six months in jail for pot possession, Jordan McNeish emerged an activist on a mission to change laws. His message resonated with Charlottesville City Council, but change, he knows, will take time.

Fighting aliens
It's been 15 years since Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones played Men in Black the first time, and Roger Ebert says he wasn't looking forward to the latest installment. Fortunately for him, and for moviegoers, he says the third time's the charm with an "ingenious plot" and a surprising end.

Perfect sidekick?
Mitt Romney has the slick hair of a superhero, but with the Republican National Convention looming– and the election less than six months away– he needs a VP sidekick, and quick. Who should it be? Fox News analyst Juan Williams insists that adding Condoleezza Rice would be more than just nice– it could win the election.

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