How do you get to New York?

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G6 from CHO


I try not to go to New York.

I used to fly, back before the wonderful Northeast Regional train.....

Why would anyone from Cville, a place considered by many narrow minded folks to be the center of culture and the planet, want to go to that hill billy place called NYC? LOL

I used to drive, but the last two trips were on the Northeast Regional, for sure. I much prefer the train. No "airport time", no airport transit hassles and waaay more comfortable. Timewise, it probably takes a little longer, but not much, and the comfort is worth it. I still drive if I'm passing through, but I don't miss the NJ Turnpike or getting over/under the river.

Who leaves a "WORLD CLASS CITY!" like go to New York?

I mean, we've got more theaters, more art museums, more restaurants, more stores, more architecture, more history, more land mass, more excitement and more people then New York will ever hope to have.

Truly boggles my mind.

Who repeats an unfunny joke that was written a mere two posts before her own and goes to the trouble to make it even dumber?

A smart person who isn't delusional about CVille!

Drive west on Rt 250. Turn left on the old Afton road. You are now in what was the town of New York, Alb. from 1790s-1850s.