Black hole: Third installment sucks in audiences

MEN in Black III comes 15 years after the entertaining original and 10 years after the sequel laid an egg, and the surprise is it's better than the first one. Given the passage of time, the entire concept may be new to some audience members, but it still does service: There is a secret agency assigned to keeping track of all aliens on Earth, and there are as many of them as makeup expert Rick Baker can possibly devise. I am not sure how undercover an MiB agent can be when he dresses exactly like the Blues Brothers, but never mind, they get the job done.

The story until now: Veteran Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and his younger recruit Agent J (Will Smith) are under the supervision of Agent O (Emma Thompson) when there's an emergency. The hideously ugly alien Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) has escaped from a maximum security prison on the moon. He is the last surviving member of his race and still angry because Agent K shot off one of his arms. His plan: Travel back in time and kill Agent K before that can happen.

An arm like his, you don't want to lose. Its palm apparently serves as a condo for a nasty little insectoid creature that will leap over and take chunks out of you. Indeed, Boris is one of those aliens whose entire body seems to contain openings from which unappetizing things can forage on his victims.

Time travel can become very complicated. To make it simple: Agent J (Will Smith, you remember) tries to travel back in time to prevent Boris the Animal from killing K. This results in a young K existing in the same time period as J, who is the same age he started as, so the old man and the rookie are now contemporaries. Full Review

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It was a very good movie, and Josh Brolin as a young Tommy Lee Jones was amazing.

Me and my fiance went and saw this movie over the weekend and I thought it was a pretty funny movie and we both enjoyed it. I would recommend it.