Made in Louisa: Unique Asian near Walmart

If you're ever up near the Lowe's or Walmart at Zion Crossroads– and you should check both out for the sheer drop in prices compared to Charlottesville locations– you might want to check out a little place called Made in Asia. Dish stumbled on this little gem a week ago, and we can report that you'll find Thai and Chinese offerings you won't find at ordinary Asian places– especially out that way. For example, the seafood treasure platter, steamed dumplings, and egg and spring rolls are deelish and served with great presentation too. There's also a full Thai menu, and you can add scallops to your Pad Thai. They also have happy hours and a nice little bar selection of drinks.

"Our food here is mixed popular Chinese, Thai and Japanese," says owner Jennie Guo. "The menu is not huge, but the dishes we select are the ones we think are the best."

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Don't fool yourself this place is a chain, the food is just ehh and the service is dreadful. My wife and I have tried it at least 3 times each time hopping for better. No such luck. We've tried when they first opened, after 6 mos and again about 9 mod later it is not memorable.

Our family has enjoyed their take out as well as eating in the resturant. Our waiter was very polite and our meal was served promptly. The decor is also very nice. Maybe foodie works for the competition?

Nope, I sell insurance. That said my grandfather owned a restaurant for 40 years. My uncle owned a restaurant for 15 years. I've worked in catering for a dozen years mostly as a cook. I enjoy food and I like good food.