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Death defying summer
Letting kids drive? Taking a cliff dive? The fun and danger never ends this summer if you follow some of these ideas. But if you're the more cautious type, we've got plenty for you, too, from berry picking to skinny dipping (if you dare) to staking out a hot spot to watch the sunset. And if you're the really cautious type, we'll help you obsess over summer's most terrifying menaces. Then see how much you enjoy swimming in that warm, stagnant water...

Pantops just got a little cooler with the arrival of a new self-serve frozen yogurt shop. And while Sweet Frogs has already leaped into the hearts of children with their candy toppings and multiple flavors, the owners of the brand new Bloop claim their sweet treats are the healthiest in the land.

Dictating laughs
Sacha Baron Cohen is back in character, this time as the titular dictator of an imaginary Middle Eastern country. Roger Ebert confirms that, as usual with Cohen's films, there's something to offend everyone. But could it be the Dictator is a little kinder and gentler than Cohen's previous roles?

Minor's mansion
Add another property to the list of beleaguered internet millionaire Halsey Minor's assets that are up for sale. His hometown estate, Fox Ridge, is quietly listed for $12 million according to real estate sources. At $8 million over assessment, however, this could be a tough sell.

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