The week in review

Harshest budget cutting: The Fluvanna Board of Supervisors slashes all funding to JAUNT, Jefferson Area Board for Aging, and Offender Aid and Restoration in a last-minute deal that made the county's property tax rate 59.81 cents per $100 rather than the 68 cents the supes had advertised. According to the Daily Progress, the nonprofit organizations feel blindsided by the move.

Latest library budget casualty: The Jefferson-Madison Regional Library board chops Sunday hours at Northridge, in part because cheapskate Albemarle County refuses to pay its share to the multi-jurisdiction library, and because the library board vows to give workers who haven't had a raise since 2008 and make less than $11 an hour an increase. Aaron Richardson has the story in the DP.

Most counts of animal cruelty: Nelson couple Tracy Davis, 71, and Joyce Davis, 61, rack up 29 convictions between them May 7. Judge Steve Helvin suspended jail time and prohibited the couple from owning animals for two years, the Newsplex reports.

But wait, there's more: Tracy Davis is also convicted of manufacturing moonshine, and possessing a firearm, and faces charges of illegally obtaining bear gallbladders.

Worst spate of crashes: During a 24-hour period in which two people die on Albemarle roads [see related story], Wesley Evans, 34, of Schuyler, slams into a tree early May 11 on Plank Road, the Newsplex reports. Jaws of Life are used to cut him out of his car, and he's flown to UVA Medical Center and expected to be okay. Evans is charged with driving under the influence, and police say he didn't appear to be wearing a seatbelt. And in Charlottesville, a white Dodge hits a motorcyclist at the intersection of Monticello and Carlton roads around 7pm May 10.

Best rescue: The above motorcycle driver Jonathan Lavezzo (also an avid outdoorsman and contractor) is trapped under the white Dodge until six strangers pull the car off him, according to the Newsplex. The car's driver is charged with failure to yield.

Latest soccer coach allegedly trolling for underage girls: Matthew Dakota Sachs, 22, is charged with two counts of using a computer to solicit a minor and two counts of taking indecent liberties with an ostensible Page County minor who was actually an undercover officer, according to WINA.

Dustiest: Telecom millionaire Thomas Sullivan's offer to pave a quarter mile of Blenheim Road at his own expense is rebuffed in a 3-3 Board of Supervisors vote May 9, mainly because Sullivan's neighbors object, according to Charlottesville Tomorrow. In 2003, Sullivan controversially paved 3.5 miles of Blenheim Road. Sullivan's Murcielago Farms breed Black Angus cattle.

Biggest NIMBY: Tea Partier Greg Quinn, who lobbied the supervisors in 2011 to get out of sustainability program called ICLEI, goes before the Albemarle Planning Commission May 7 to object to New Hope Community Church's plans to build in his Piney Mountain 'hood. Charlottesville Tomorrow's Brian Wheeler has the story.

Biggest national splash: Greene County Republican/WTJU radio host Ponch McPhee's editorial calling for armed revolution if President Obama is reelected is picked up by the Huffington Post and Daily Kos, as C-Ville Weekly reports.

Best news for Type 1 diabetes patients: UVA researchers Patrick Keith-Hynes and Boris Kovatchev reconfigure a smartphone to monitor an insulin pump and glucose monitor. Local Justin Wood is the first outpatient to test the "artificial pancreas" that will automate monitoring and maintaining safe blood sugar levels for a disease that can require multiple daily insulin shots.

Best get for Monticello: Gold-medal gymnast Nadia Comăneci will speak July 4 at the historic site's annual Independence Day Celebration and Naturalization Ceremony.

Best gets for the Greenbrier Resort: Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson agree to play at the third Greenbrier Classic in West Virginia July 5-8, according to the News Virginian.

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"Best NIMBY" should have been called "Best Not Practicing What You Preach"

In the Cville Tomorrow link, Mr. Quinn is quoted as saying “My land is mine, it’s deeded in my name, and until Albemarle County or the rest of the community owns it, it’s my business what I do with my land,” Quinn told the Albemarle supervisors in February 2011. “I’m getting sick and tired of being told what to do, especially by the international community.”

@Robi Elliott,

That story could have appeared in "The Onion". A story about an anti-government Tea Party zealot asking the Zoning Board to restrict his neighbors property rights. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

what's up the recent covers? very lame!