Deck the Mall: Fancy Fleurie adds space for 22

Fleurie, the compact and upscale restaurant on the Downtown Mall's Third Street NE, will finally get its own café, as these images from May 3 indicate. The restaurant, owned by chef Brian Helleberg, won permission last December

from the powerful Board of Architectural Review to install a wooden deck just outside its front door. Designed by Zoé Edgecomb, a former Fleurie waitress-turned-architect, the 22-person deck will include tall benches and an unusual iron-and-wood wall to define the space. Facing the Paramount Theater, Fleurie has become a popular spot for theater-goers, and the semi-secluded nature of this pedestrian side street has been the site of some outdoor parties.

So when will the deck open?

"As soon as we finish it," laughs Edgecomb.

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And let the hundreds of comments begin, from all the people who arguing and fighting about petty and inconsequential local Charlottesville happenings....


I heard they're going to use imported French nails on the project, so the workpeople look extra pretty for the passers-by. scandal!!

watches a tumbleweed roll by....."pretty busy here," he remarks. "yaaaawn"

This is an outrage, for some reason!

Makes it easier for Cvilles elite to pander to the clientele.

Submission and cheese on the deck how nice.

I am in! What are we fighting about?


there, started...

Yeah I can agree with that Billy. It's not a "permanent" structure, but it's nearly so.

oh wow, another deleted comment.... either way, I don't think any restaurant/store should be able to have any "structure" built in the mall whether it's temporary or not

ans it's going to be enclosed "iron-and-wood wall" really?

Let's turn the mall into a boardwalk!! Like Atlantic city!! Woot woot!!